8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Issue 17 (c) Duncan Webster Dec 1991 Issue 17 Disc Magazine Help Text ... The format of the disc magazine has been changed this month. All articles appear in 80 column format just like this text you are reading now. The Menu consists of a mode 7 screen containing the menu options. In order to select the article you would like to view, you should enter the 3 digit number next to the heading. The article will then load and display. You should press the <SHIFT> key to scroll through the articles that take up more than one screen. Should you wish to send an article to the printer, then prefix the 3 digit article number with the letter P. For example if you would like the print the INTRODUCTION on this disc, then you would run the disc magazine and enter the code P101 instead of just 101 as normal. Make sure your printer is ready to print before doing this. To abandon the reading/printing of an article you should press the <Esacpe> key to return to the main magazine menu. If this fails to work, then you should reset the computer by pressing <Control> and <Break> together. Please report any problems with the use of this magazine format to me at 8-bit software as soon as possible so that any errors can be corrected with the minimum possible inconvenience. Duncan Webster 8-bit Software.