8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster DEC 1991 Issue 17 December 1991 CHECKLIST Please check the items below to check you have remembered everything before submitting your disc back to 8BS... Have you sent back all the following items ... 1. Self Addressed Envelope (no cash equivalents please) 2. 30p minimum in postage stamps (no cash equivalents please) 3. Your disc for issue 18. Have you anything to offer from the following list ... 1. Any news/information/hints/letters? 2. Any major articles about computer projects? 3. Any major/minor review of software/hardware? 4. Any Repton 3 screens for competition? 5. Any other game screens you have designed? 6. Would you like to be the PD Libraries reviewer? (you will need to write at least 1 article/month) 7. Have you written any software that could be on an issue disc? 8. Have you any comments regarding the MixEd program on this disc? 9. Do you have any computer problems/queries you would like answered? 10. Have you any software/hardware for sale? 11. Are you able to answer any questions raised in this issue? 12. Do you have ANY other relevent information/ideas to submit? Finally, I am keen to recruit some more members to 8BS for the new year in an effort to draw in some more users and programmers. If you have any friends or relatives who use the 8-bit range of BBC Micro's then please ask them to contact me. If you know of any Local and/or National computer clubs, schools and magazines who may be interested in finding out more about 8BS then please let them know. Thanks for your continued support. Duncan Webster.