8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster DEC 1991 Issue 17 December 1991 Filter Program (VIEW file to text convert) This is a simple little utility to convert VIEW files to plain ASCII, filtering out all the spurious character 26s which appear all over these files. The filtered file can be used in any application requiring plain ASCII text (including submission to 8BS). The filtered text can still be loaded back into VIEW for further processing but will probably need filtering again afterwards. To use the program, simply enter the filename of the VIEW file, followed by the filename of the text file to output NOTE: any file with this name will be overwritten (unless it's locked). The program will work through the file and filter out any unwanted characters. The program can be altered to put double CR characters into the file by adding the following line ... 95 IF byte=13 THEN PRINT#outfile,byte Please note that this program does not (as yet) remove embedded commands (such as RJ LM or PE) but I'm working on it. Michael Davis 2K3. ______________________________________________________________________ All users who submit their programmers returns and correspondence using the VIEW word processor may like to attempt running their text though this filter program before submitting to 8BS. NOTE: Please TEST that the routine has worked first though by *TYPEing the converted text.