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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster DEC 1991 Issue 17 December 1991 Messages / Help Wanted 348: Gary Davies RE: Assembley Langauge For some time now I have been trying to write some FAST routines for handling floating point numbers in assembly language. This has gone with a very small amount of success because my routines are generally very slow. Does anyone have any good routines which they would care to donate? 348: Gary Davies RE: Basic II Entry Points. Kind of linked to my previous message about floating point number routines. Does anyone have a complete list of all the BASIC II entry points (ie the addresses within the BASIC ROM of all the routines). I have seen lists for some of the other BASIC versions (ie. BASIC V) but nobody seems to know any of them for BASIC II the only one which I have got is for the INPUT routine which is at address &BC05. The big questions which everyone is thinking about is, what about the rest (ie. PRINT, RND, SIN, TAN etc..)? 7GE: Matthew Price RE: Gameboy Does anyone have any GameBoy cartridges that they would like to swap and/or sell? Please contact me through 8BS in the normal way. 483: D.G. Shimmin RE: Play by Mail It seems from issue 16 that quite a few members are interested in PBM. I do not have time to write a PBM column yet, but if anyone else is interested ... I think some people should try to write PBM games for themselves as it is not difficult to achieve fairly good results. Would you beleive the commercial game Crisis is written in BASIC? 483: D.G. Shimmin RE: Mixmania Discs It is mentioned that TYB's Mixmania 2 Vols. I and II are only compatible with the BBC B. Can anyone confirm that this is correct or can they be made to work on a Master 128? 483: D.G. Shimmin RE: ASCII Text Display Does anyone know of, or can easily write a piece of software to display ASCII text files in 80 column mode? It has to do the following ... 1. Work in Mode 3 (ie. shadow or SRAM NOT available). 2. Scroll UP and DOWN using cursor keys 3. Hold large chunks in memory to avoid constant disc accessing. 4. Fairly fast, efficient and User Friendly operation. From 0E7: F.W. Nevin To YJ2: A. Snodgrass I know that BEEBUG are at present advertising some 'Stiff' disc covers at 3 per 100 plus 1 postage. This may be of interest to you. 0E7: F.W. Nevin RE: VIEW Highlights When highlight 1 is entered in VIEW, text is underlined when a Printer Driver is used. I have a CENTRONICS GLP which does not like this instrucation and only underlines text if highlight 2 is used and vice versa. Can any one help in this matter please?. 0E7: F.W. Nevin RE: A&B Computing Does anyone have a copy of A&B Computing around the period 6/86 which carried a series of programmes which drew a map of the world for diferrent eras. If so do they have the series of programmes and could they let me have copies. My copies have been corrupted and I would if possible like to retore them. Needless to say A&B Computing have been of no help whatsoeever in this matter. From 2GJ: Roger Pashby To 7GE: Matthew Price Yes, I would be very keen to get involved in a football director PBM game (or indeed any game). I would be glad to read a PBM column. Editor Note: Football Director is not a computer game but a postal one (I think). All members who expressed an interest have been sent an infomation card kindly supplied by Matthew Price. 2GJ: Roger Pashby RE: Exile I have a copy of Exile plus all the accompanying material. I will swap for a copy of either the Soccer Game from Superior or preferably the 4th Dimension soccer game or Holed Out. Editor Note: I have a copy of Superior Soccer - it's rubbish and you are welcome to it for nothing - just let me know. 348: Gary Davies RE: Amx Art Packages Discussion For the past few months I've been looking at AMX ART and AMX PAGEMAKER, which are two packages I just bought cheaply secondhand etc. They seem great stuff except to my horror (and confusion) the FONTs are not transferable (seems strange coming from the same company???). To save a bit of time I figured out how the fonts are stored and wrote two programs, the first being "BF_AMX" which stands for "Beebfont to AMX ART" which converts any fonts you may have created on "Beebfont" into 3 icon files as used by AMX ART. These can then be edited and combined within AMX ART to produce a single working font file (AMX ART ONLY). The other program was "BF_PM" which converts Beebfont files to AMX Pagemaker. Funnily enough Beebfont and the AMX ART font files are almost identical so it will also convert the AMX ART font files to AMX Pagemaker etc (ie GOUDA, CHEDDA, EDAM etc). This leads on to my question which is also to do with FONTS ... I would like to start collecting a few fonts myself mainly because I am so hopeless at thinking up them myself! (plus is takes absolutely ages!). So if anyone else has any of the above with any fonts they want to donate then please send them in for future publication. Both the transfer programs can be selected from the issue 17 main menu. Alternatively you can copy the transfer routines to your own disc - the filenames appear on side 2 of the disc under the M directory. FROM: Duncan Webster TO: M8M (Peter Smith) RE: Your Letter Thanks for your long letter - ROM images actually work now as you can see by me puttin them on the disc. Keep in TUCH was a spelling mistake - it was meant to be Keep in TOUCH. Nice to learn you now have a Master 128.