8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster DEC 1991 Issue 17 December 1991 Hints and Tips User: M8M RE: Exile Hint If you go to the niche under the maggot making machine, open the door, go in & lock the door. The switch controls the horizontal door underneath you. If you hit the switch when the door opens, it will shut it. If you keep it shut, then the water level will rise, and eventually cover the maggot making machine, causing it to blow up, and causing an earthquake with a rise in water level. This will give you a free route to the destinator. BEWARE >>> Do not go anywhere near the maggot maker when it blows up or you will be killed (teleported). User: 2GJ RE: Timelapsed Game Objects are used at certain (usually obscure) blockages to movement. I think the idea is to travel back in time and clear all the blocks using the many objects then return to your own time. Keys needed for this game are ... Z = Left X = Right RET = Up SPACE = Use this in a t (timewarp) box G = Get D = Drop U = Use (an object) User: 2J6 RE: Nevryon (4th Dimension) Passwords for the above game ... Level 3 ARCHIE Level 5 STEREO Level 7 REBEL User: 2J6 RE: AMX Superart Master owners can adapt the Model B version of AMX Superart to work provided then have access to a disassembler. Simply change location &B437 in the ROM to &01 instead of &81.