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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster DEC 1991 Issue 17 December 1991 Introduction, News & Information Before you all start scratching your heads and wondering if I have sent you a back issue by mistake I shall put your minds at rest now. Yes, this IS issue 17 and in the older style magazine format. I have returned the 8BS magazine to the old scrolling format for this issue only as Andrew Nibbs who co-ordinates the magazine is about to undergo his mock examinations and I have no intention of affecting his study by dumping issue 17 on his desk. Hopefully, issue 18 will be in the new style format that was presented within the issue 16 disc. Exams are always a pain (especially before Christmas) and I am sure all members will join me in wishing Andy the best of luck in his mocks. Meanwhile, the disc when booted will load and run the disc magazine rather than the software menu. To get to the software menu you need to enter article code 999 from the magazine menu. This month's issue is fairly full considering it has all been fitted onto one disc and contains the usual plethera of programs and information that you are used to. Please refer to the checklist within this disc magazine before submitting your returns. Thanks for your co-operation and I hope you enjoy the Christmas Issue 17 editon of 8BS. SYSTEMS server BOUND MANUALS OFFER I suppose I have to admit that one of the drawbacks with the SYSTEMS server is that is takes a colossal amount of time and effort to get used to using on a regular basis. This is not really helped by the size of the manual (huge) and hindered further with the manual itself being saved as a text file to disc with no standard page formatting. Mr. M. Needham (6EE) has kindly provided me with a very neatly bound copy of the SYSTEMS server manual and he has informed me that he is willing to extend this service to all 8BS members upon request. Should any member wish to receive a bound copy of this manual, then please write direct to 8BS at the usual address ENCLOSING #1.50 to cover paper, postage and packing marking your envelope SYSTEMS MANAL. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery as your request needs time to get through to Mr. Needham from myself. MICRO USER DISCS I have mentioned this subject many times before so I will be as brief as possible ... A few members seem to be confused over what is and what is not PD software with regards to magazine subscription discs. The fact is that ALL COMMERCIAL MAGAZINE MATERIAL (ie. Micro User) IS COPYRIGHT AND IS NOT PD UNLESS SPECIFICALLY STATED. I am well aware that other PD libraries are distributing copyrighted software as PD which is not only highly illegal, but these PD libraries are getting their customers into trouble as well as themselves. A piece of PD software will usually advertise itself as such either in the user guide accompanying the program, or within the program listing itself. If you see no mention of a program being PD, then be very wary! PRESENTING POLAND Members will notice a small educational content on this months disc all about the Polish Christmas. I hope that you will all find this as interesting as I did, particulary of you own a Master and are thus able to play the Polish Carols after the text. It is intended to start a small series/project which will be written by Miroslaw Bobrowski all about Poland, it's land and people. I would be most obliged if all members would indicate whether this would be of interest in the issue 17 programmers returns. If you are a teacher or pupil of your local school then your comments will be especially welcome. TBI DISCS Newer members are asking questions about TBI discs. The 8BS TBI software pool is the "public domain" arm of 8-bit software. It contains a limited amount of PD discs which can be requested FREE by existing 8BS members upon production of an extra disc. All TBI software is distributed at the same time as an 8BS issue disc unless you supply an extra SAE and Postage. The TBI pool is as follows ... TBI 01 - John Lyons Religious Software - Fidei Defensor TBI 02 - TYB Mixmania TBI 03 - Small "C" compiler and notes - 2 DISCS REQUIRED TBI 04 - 6502 Macro Assembler & Manual TBI 05 - Maths Educational Software - Primary Educatiion TBI 06 - TAS BASIC Animation Sequences TBI 07 - Chris Richardson Game Cheats and Utils - REQUIRES 2 DISCS TBI 08 - TYB Sound Samples 1 TBI 09 - TYB Mixmania 2 TBI 10 - John Lyons Nutritional Software Demo Disc TBI 11 - TYB Sound Samples 2 TBI 12 - TYB Mixmania 2 Vol II TBI 13 - C. Ince Digitised Pictures - REQUIRES 3 DISCS Coming soon ... (as soon as I get time that is) ... 1. Risc - The computer Game 2. Sorcerers Domain 3. Sorcerers Domain II 4. The full MixEd program and sample discs (3 discs reqd). SYSTEMS Server Members have reported an error within the program that rears it's ugly head when in Revising Facilities. When moving backwards and forwards through the database the "Record No" field in the bottom right of the screen may corrupt and show the wrong record number. This is a known error and does not interfere with the files on disc in any way. Should this error occur then just proceed as normal and ignore the record field. BUBBLE SORT ARTICLE Those of you who were expecting Hugh Williams' final article on Sorting Routines will be disappointed to learn that I have not received the final article from Hugh yet. With a bit of luck he will be finished in time for the next edition of 8BS (he'd flippin' better be!). Apologies for any inconvenience caused. FINALLY ... Issue 18 will hopefully be out during January/February 1992. However please don't plague me with letters and phone calls if I am late as I would rather send out a good late issue rather than a poor "on-time" one (refer issue 15). If you honestly think I have forgotton you then please either PHONE on SUNDAYS ONLY between 10am and 2pm or write ENCLOSING AN SAE and STAMPS for my reply. However, with a bit of luck, I have managed to get this issue out well before the Christmas festivities start in earnest. If you plan to get ratted/blasted/smashed/sloshed/potted/anebriated/skulled/incoherent* over the next few weeks, then be sensible and leave the car at home. * = delete as applicable (except user K24 who can do all of them at the same time as boasted in his last letter). ---------------------- All that remains now is to sincerely wish you ALL a very ..... * * ***** ***** ***** * * * * * * ***** ***** * * * * * * * * * * * * ** ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** * * * ***** ***** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ***** * * * * * * ***** And a prosperous New Year! Take care ..... Duncan Webster.