8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster DEC 1991 Issue 17 December 1991 Coming Soon ... Apologies to all members for the absence of some software this month which I advertised last month. I have had to alter a few priorities this issue owing to the Christmas season. Unfortunately, Andrew Black has failed to produce his little article on machine code which I promised you all last month. With a bit of luck it will appear in the new year. If you are reading this Andy then please get a move on!!! I also expect to be able to provide you with the conclusion to Hugh William's sorting article provided he get's down to it and actually writes it. If you're reading this Hugh then please get in touch or I'll start a little Urban War of my own (centralised around Crickhowell in Wales I think). I am delighted to report that I have received a reply from John Harston regarding the publication of his HADFS ROM and he has kindly given me permission to put the ROM image on next months disc. Briefly, the HADFS ROM is very simalar to Acorn's own ADFS except that it does not need the 1770 disc controller and will run perfectly on a stabdard 8271 FDC. However those members with a 1770 controller in their beebs can still use HADFS without modification. The HADFS has largely been based on the popular ECONET environment used in many schools and colleges thus in my opinion scoring well over the Acorn ADFS ROM (provided John can get his password routine written). The ROM itself plus manuals and a full review will appear next month. I would like to thank John Harston for his kind co-operation and extremely helpful hints and tips he supplied with HADFS. Liverpool manager has been held back again in favour of publishing Sattar's Satelite Havac. There may even be a revised version of Satelite Havac itself with a PROCdie routine included if Sattar ever gets around to writing it (hint hint). Miroslaw Bobrowski's profile on Mozart has also been held back until next month in favour of publishing the Polish Christmas tunes (sorry Miro). Rest assured though these will appear next month with a educational text on the life and works of this excellent composer. The 200th anniversary year of Mozart's death was celebrated recently. Thats about it - Please keep your ideas, articles and software rolling in. It is pleasing to know that (with the exception of issue 15) 80% of software and articles published since issue 14 has been the work of 8BS members which I think is fantastic!