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8-bit Software Disc Magazine (c) Duncan Webster DEC 1991 Issue 17 December 1991 REPTON REPORTAGE For all you Reptonites still stuck on the screens presented by Jock Smylie (L1L) on the issue 16 disc - here are the passwords for your convenience - no cheating though I trust... SCREEN PASSWORD TIME A EXTRA 7000 B CAMELOT 7500 C PLACE 8000 D MAGIC 8500 E COSMIC 9000 F RENDER 9400 G BENDER 9600 H DOGDAY 9800 Ok, get your computers ready and get the "I luv Repton" stickers out as I have a little extra bonus for you this month. Despite what I said last month about Repton Screens running out I am delighted to report that I have yet another set on the disc just waiting to be explored. These screens are headed LYRICS and are much easier to complete if you start singing some PINK FLOYD lyrics whilst you are playing. The extra screens are on side 2 of the disc under the filename "R.L1LRep" - Do not confuse the number "1" with the lower case "l". Honestly now, that about concludes all the repton screens in my Christmas Stocking. Now I hope you will all be good little members and save these screens until Christmas Day! (provided I have actually got this issue out for xmas - which would be a first!). The screens themselves were created by Jock Smylie's (L1L) sister and are all completable. Passwords should appear in January so can I have them please Jock? It looks like this set of screens will be the last to be entered into the competition. Remember the closing date is 31 Dec 1991 so if you are bored on your Xmas holidays, why not design a 1992 (euro union and all that) theme of repton screens? All screens published to date will appear in an ARCHIVE on the issue 18 disc so you can all refresh your memories before you cast your vote. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Repton Reportage columns over the past few months have all been very successful. It is due to this that I would suggest that we start a similar section for another game or game(s) etc. There must be another game out there that can be user-defined like the repton screens? Has anybody designed a set of screens for another game apart from repton? Please let me know!