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8-bit Software (c) Duncan Webster January 1992 Issue 18 Jan/Feb 1992 REPTON REPORTAGE Members may be expecting the closure of the Repton Screens competition this month. After consideration I have decided to keep the competition open for just a little longer in an effort to recruit more screen designing talent. This decision was made after I receeved a set of excellent screens from Andrew Snodgrass (YJ2) which are on this months disc under the filename R.YJ2Rep. I have decided therefore to keep the competition open as long as I continue to receive extra screens. The Archive file of all screens published to date does not appear on this issue disc, and will not appear until the competition is closed. REPTON 2 David Stillman (C83) has sent in a little hint that I wasn't aware of. Aparantly on some versions of REPTON 2, you can hold the "F" key down whilst passing though a door (or it is a transporter). Doing this will take you straight to the congratulatory screen. GAMES EXTRA Remember Micro Power's CASTLE QUEST? Keith Dunn (4RR) has recently been given a copy of this game minus the instructions. If any member can supply instructions (ie. keys) to this game then we would be grateful. Some hints/tips on the game would not go amiss either but don't give the game away totally as that would be boring! Another plea for help - this time concerning Superior's Exile ... From: 204 (C. Wheat) To: 999 (All Members) Re: Exile I have received a copy of Superior Software's Exile for Christmas and would appreciate any help from members. The problem is after a few frustrating nights I cannot figure out how to start. I manage to open the trap door to get out of the space ship, but that is as far as I can get. The mechanism or technique to open either of the next two abailable doors eludes me. SEARCH FOR SANITY As predicted in issue 17 - some of you hated this game, and some of you loved it. From one member who liked it (well - I think he liked it anyway) comes a complete solution - so here it is ... Solution to "THE SEARCH FOR SANITY" by R. Pashby I enjoyed this but found it rather easy - unlike Devil's Island where I am still struggling to map it! The object of the game is to pull up the weed in your garden, but you MUST be wearing gardening gloves at the time. Careful mapping and trying out the red-herrings (ie. lots of deaths and restarts) made this possible in just under 30 minutes. Here are the bare bones for completion. 1. Go to the lake to get the flamingo. 2. Go to the mound and dig for the worm. 3. Give Lloyd George the flamingo - he gives you a boring lecture about flamingoes. 4. Go to the science lab and get the bunsen burner. 5. Go south to the classroom and give the teacher the boring lecture - you will get a fluffy green rabbit. 6. Go to the Fire Station and burn the rabbit - you will get wet. 7. Go to the neighbour's house and you will get dried and collect a brown towel. 8. Go to the Yard and give the fat git the worm wrapped in the towel - you will get a cabbage. 9. Give the wife the cabbage - you will get the gloves. 10. Go to the garden - Hey Presto! Completo! ADDITIONAL GAMES SCREENS A rather good idea from Andrew Snodgrass (YJ2) has surfaced in my tray in response to my plea for extra screens for games other than Repton. Apparantly, Superior's PIPELINE can hold user-defined screens. Has any member created extra Pipeline screens? If not then why not design some? Some while after writing the above paragraph, a set of screens arrived for Superior's "3D Grand Prix Construction Kit". There are available under the archive C.3DCons - Thanks to Jock Smylie who sent them in. GAMES HELP Also from Andrew, a plea for help (I think) .... "Has anyone managed to work the orginal version (not PIAS) of Frak!, Contrapion or Castle Quest on a Master 128?" Well ...? REPTON 3 PASSWORDS: "Lyrics" SCREENS A BREATHE B BALANCE C NAUGHT D REPRISE E CAVIAR F GENERAL G LUNATIC H ECLIPSE Note a similarity to certain pink floyd song lyrics.