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8-bit Software (c) Duncan Webster January 1992 Issue 18 Jan/Feb 1992 SOFTWARE DOCUMENTATION Note: Software requiring brief documentation will be explained within this article. Other software such as HADFS, ARCer and Tree Rename will appear within their own menu options. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Program: Tree Rename v2.01 Author: Y80 (Alex Savvides) A few versions of this useful utility have been presented on previous issue discs and this latest version (the version to end all versions I hope) comes much better presented and documented. Known bugs have also been fixed. Full documentation is presented from within the Program Menu, but a short preface from the author appears below ... "I take great pleasure in releasing Tree Rename v2.01 to the club which is now TOTALLY revised and includes many new features as well as a comprehensive manual giving clear explanation as to the use of the program. I must apologise for all the errors in version 2.00. It was careless programming and I want you all to know I was deeply ashamed of myself. The reason I did not realise that the program beeped when navigating the directory display, was because when I program, I usually do so late at night and, so as not to disturb parentals, I rip out the speaker connection to avoid hearing any accidental presses of the COPY key. It was this that prevented me from hearing the beeps when using the program. The program BEEPED because the procedure that displayed the "Select file(s) or key a command:" message was actually the same routine that displayed any error messages that would be reported if renaming could not go ahead. I used this same procedure, as it displayed text on a blue background and it seemed a good idea at the time. The "Select files..." message was displayed after every cursor keypress, so a beep was heard every time! Version 2.01 does not beep! NOW, to save me any more embarassment, PLEASE: --- S H R E D V E R S I O N 2 --- --- Destroy every trace of it, including the documentation --- ______________________ | | | Tree Rename _| | Version 2.00 |_ | __ | | (__) o | Grind! Mangle! | __ | | / \ | Crunch! | | | | | | | | [<><><><><><><><><><><><>] I==========================I=| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |===== | | | | | | | | | | | | . . . . . . . . . . . . Fig. 0.1 Version 2.00 of Tree Rename being shredded Many nights sleep have been lost updating the program to version 2.1. The program is now bug-free! I hope you enjoy using it, and sorry for previous inconvenience. *8BS editors note* Well if this new version is anything like as good as the letter above then I am sure we are all in for a great treat! Comments would be very welcome from all members. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Program: 40/80 Column 16/4 Colour Modes (Mode 8 and 9) Author: W79 (J. Harston) This routine provides an approximation to Modes 8 and 9 by redefining the character set and screen size. Mode 8 gives 80 columns and 4 colours, and mode 9 gives 40 columns and 16 colours. To reset the character set and screen size, select another mode using *MODE. The filename "Mode" is saved to Side 0 (root dir) of issue 18. Example... *MODE 8 ... Selects 80 columns, four colours. *MODE 3 ... Resets the characters to normal size and selects Mode 3. If you use the command from Basic on a non-tube machine, then Basic's HIMEM pseudo-variable is reset. However, no checking is done, as if no mode change happened, then you would be left with the command itself still in the screen memory. So, you should use Basic's MODE command before *MODE ... Example ... MODE 8:*MODE 8 To select Mode 8. MODE 2:*MODE 2 To reset the characters and select Mode 2. *MODE needs the character set exploded with *FX20,6. On a Master, the set is always fully exploded. On a B/B+ you should use *FX20,6 and change the value of PAGE or use the *EXPLODE command (provided on this issue disc). When in mode 8 or 9, you cannot copy characters using the cursor keys because of the redefinition of the characters. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Program: Screen Compressor/Decompressor Author: W79 (J. Harston) Two very useful routines taken from the Harston P.D. archives (as has the *Mode command above). The command syntax is very simple ... *ScrSave <filename> ... will save/compress the graphics screen *ScrLoad <filename> ... will display/uncompress the graphics screen Obviously this command will not work in non-graphical modes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Program: Variable & Procedure Lister (VLIST) Useful program to have stored in your library routines. Entering the command *VLIST will execute the VLIST file and produce a list of all currently defined variables, procedures and functions. If you do not already have this valuable facility in some other form, then VLIST is an invaluable aid to all program developers. Selecting the option from the main 8BS menu will perform a *VLIST on the 8BS menu program by way of an example. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Program: ADFS Sector Rescue Another useful routine which makes an attempt at recovering corrupted or bad ADFS sectors (provided you know the address of the sector corrupted of course). Obviously, this will not work on DFS systems and thus the program will result in an error when run from 8BS menu. ----------------------------------------------------------------------