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ISSUE 1 SOFTWARE File server Phone cost management Bank account manager ISSUE 5 SOFTWARE Bungle Brothers Stock Market Cells and Serpents Nightmare park Battleships Logo subset Curves Score keeper Modes+ Rune converter Definer ISSUE 6 SOFTWARE ADFS Backup Menus Mode 7 graphic utility Lower to upper case Sound samples: Breakout Radio star Ghostbusters Knight Rider Short sentence Top Gun theme Vincent Laura ISSUE 7 DIGITISED PICTURES: Clown Coke Elite Hancock House Max Mighty Rolling Sharp Ski Spidey Chip Cocktai Droid3 Girl Henry Maxhead Raquel Sandy Ship Snoopy ISSUE 8 MAG News Program info Future software Ads Reviews ISSUE 8 SOFTWARE New Battleships New Cells and Serpents Elite cheat editor Envelope Editor Fighter command Graphical globe screen Stopping distance test Function key strip design/print Metric converter utility Musical keyboard Character redefine Typewriter emulation Virus simulator ISSUE 9 MAG News TBI list Software info 8 Bit staff Adverts Reviews Hints tips cheats ISSUE 9 SOFTWARE VIEW SPELLCHECKER INFORMANT ROM IMAGE GHOSTBUSTERS LOGO Advanced Disc Backup VDU Codes Killer Tape to DFS Utility Tape to ADFS Utility Test Cards Program SWRload and Notepad ROM Speech! Fiddle Program Lost Your Marbles Game Letterhead Designer SYSTEMS hardcopy Utility Faults Graphics Program Inca Treasure Adventure City Bomber Game Speech! Fiddler Instructions SYSTEMS hardcopy Instructions Inca Treasure Instructions Letterhead Designer Information Informant ROM Instructions View Spellcheck Instructions ISSUE 10 MAG News Renaming to 8 bit software UIM review Martin Watson P.D. Ads hints and tips Graphical Animations Adventure Hints 1+2 Disc Magazine Help ISSUE 10 SOFTWARE Repton 3 Screens R.TROG Infinate Triangles Citadel Cheat Program Crazy Balls Game Liverpool Manager Coldtea Music (basic) Screen Transfer Routine Bubbles Animation Complex Equations Graphical Gears Space Planets Animation Mandlebrot Set Printer Command Lumberjack Tune Gisburns Castle Cheat Concept Car Graphics ISSUE 11 MAG News Systems news TBI software list Reviews and hints Repton competition Charging Article Repton Infinity Review Disc Magazine Help ISSUE 11 SOFTWARE More Repton 3 Screens R.BLOG Helicopter Haulocast Astronomy Database Pontoon Card Game Teletext Editor Careers Forcaster Extra Star Commands Year Planner/Organiser Percentages Program Red Dwarf III Screens World Map Graphical Screens PROGRAMMERS RETURN REVIEWS ISSUE 12 MAG Issue News Adverts/Help Wanted Hints/Tips Charges Article 8CT BASDUMP Article 709 Arc XArc Article Programmers Return 5 Program Construction On this Months Disc Repton Reportage Members Response Pool UIM & SIM City Reviews ISSUE 12 SOFTWARE LIFE & Devils Island Chuckie Egg Screens Lost Your Marbles Fix Disc Magazine Help Andy Nibbs' TECH TIPS Repton 3 Screens UPAKA AND TOPD 3D Spinning Ball Complete Address Book Prommer ROM Utility ROT5 Graphics (basic) RS232 Utility Prog Shares Accountant Sunrise/Sunset Devils Island BASDUMP Utility ROM Based LIFE Prog Arc & XArc Utility Bananas Levels Game Space Pods Game Agog Ago Title Screen Persian Carpet Screen ISSUE 13 Repton 3 Screens R.2J3REP I.KISEI Repton Infinity Screens Amcom to ADFS Transfer AxelF Music (BASIC) Broadway Boogie (BASIC) Directory Rename Utility Envelope Creator E Type Game Cheat Froggy Game (BASIC) Golden Brown (BASIC) Stairway to Heaven Kix Game Cheat Motor Consumption Util News Reader Demo ADFS String Search Phantom of the Opera Rom to Disc Utility Seasick Mode Split Demo Thomas the Tank Engine Ample Music 5000 Tune Ample Music 500 Tune Blakes 7 Liberator Pic Digitised Animations Message to Amiga/ST Owners ISSUE 14 MAG Issue News Universal Mailbox Hints/Tips Sim City Review Charging Article IMPORTANT APPEAL Coming Next Month... Programmers Return 7 Problems/Help Wanted On this Months Disc Repton Reportage Software Documentation SYSTEMS (New Users) SYSTEMS (Existing Usr) *** Tech Tips ISSUE 2 *** ISSUE 14 SOFTWARE Repton Competition Screens R.K1P SYSTEMS Server PROGRAM SYSTEMS Server MANUALS Kickstart Barbarian Screen Map Braille Translator Maple Leaf Rag (MCODE) New Life Music (BASIC) Periodic Table Program Repton 3 Cheat Program 3-A-Line Strategy Game Ninth Tune Music (AMPLE) 5-A-Side Soccer Game Y80 Faulty Program (HELP) ISSUE 15 MAG 8BS PROCEDURES Discussion Corner A-Z Game Cheats General Letters Programmers Return 8 Coming Next Month Program Documentation Repton Reportage Palace Of Magic On this Months Disc Modem Addiction Sorting Article 709 ISSUE 15 SOFTWARE 64 Colour Screen Demo NEW Address Book Prog ADFS Sector Editor BASIC Cassette Inlay Printer Character Editor Program STD Code SYSTEM DEMO TV Tune/Sound DEMO Multicolour Puzzle Game Timelapsed Arcade Game Locked Cassette Prog Loader View to a Kill DEMO RoboCop Game Graphics DEMO Utility ROM - Master Only Powermix Demonstration 722 ISSUE 16 MAG Problems/help wanted Hints and tips Mailbox Programmers return 8 Repton reportage Review System return Tech Tips number 3 Archiving article 8 BIT NEWS ISSUE 16 ARCHIVED PROGRAMS C.music C.709 C.Bships C.Picture ISSUE 16 NON ARCHIVED PROGRAMS Non-Linear Equations Text DFS > ADFS Transfer Text Tree Rename Utility Text Music 500 Waltz Program Extra Repton Screens 'Buzz' Aldrin Picture & Text 'Bones' Demonstration Program 'Nite & Day' Demonstration Chemistry Database/Test Prog Formatted Program Listings DFS to ADFS Transfer Utility NLinEq BASIC Demonstration Mastermind Thought Game Tree Rename Utility v2 *CAT Replacement Command Slatter Arcade Game Archive/De-Archive Utility ISSUE 17 MAG Introduction/News MixEd Instructions Hints and Tips Repton Reportage Programmers Return Tech Tips Issue 4 SYSTEMS Shares Info On This Months Disc PD Libraries Review Watford DDFS Report Messages/Help Wanted Coming Next Month Archimedes Review Pt1 View Filter Guide Archiver Instructions CHECKLIST FOR RETURNS ISSUE 17 NON ARCHIVED PROGRAMS Music 5000 Christmas Pieces Extra Repton 3 Screens R.L1LREP Polish Christmas Search for Sanity Sound Mix Editor Run-Build Mix-Ed Miles Per Gallon Heart-and-Soul (Music) Memory Map Display Flying Bird Animation View Filter Utility AMX Discussion (348) Sattelite Havac Game Textfile Viewer Catalogue Saver ISSUE 17 ROM IMAGES R.Stop! (music) R.TakeOM (music) R.8BSRom (utility) ISSUE 17 ARCHIVED PROGRAMS C.oneline ISSUE 18 MAG Introduction/News HADFS Review Members Mailbox Repton Reportage Programmers Return Tech Tips Issue 5 Begin Machine Code Program Documentation Address DBase Guide Chopper Instructions Archimedes Review Pt2 ISSUE 18 NON ARCHIVED SOFTWARE HADFS Text Files Display Extra Repton 3 Screens R.YJ2REP Archiver Program v3.0 Harston ADFS System Escape from Jail Game ADFS Sector Rescue 80 Col 16 Colour Modes Program Chopper/Joiner Screen Load/Save Utility Tree Rename (Revised) Address Database Assembler Tutorial Example Character Set Exploder VLIST Utility Command ISSUE 18 ARCHIVED SOFTWARE 200th Anniversary Mozart's Death Welsh Boys PD Demo Software Sorting Article Part III 3D Grand Prix Extra Screens