8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software (c) Duncan Webster April 1992 Issue 19 (c) April 3rd 1992. PROGRAM DOCUMENTATION It is nice to be able to go out with a nice selection of members own written software, with the addition of an excellent Commercial Standard Public Domain game such as Pantheon (recommend you all send off for the full guide etc). Archived software can be de-Arced using the ARC3.0 program on this disc. Comprehensive instructions were included last issue so I will not publish them again here - besides it is a quite straightforward process. The only point worth noting is that it is possible to keep the source (ARCed) file on the same disc surface as the DeARCed files this issue. PROGRAMS ON THE DISC Arc3.0 Andrew Black's Archiver utility which can be used to ARC as well as De-ARC files. Not at all complicated and has been used on many 8BS discs in the past. BasicII (Bazzasoft) A "program silly" but very amusing. Assumes a certain amount of artificial intellegence on the computers part. Upon loading you will be presented with a modified "Break header". Just type a few basic commands such as *. to catalogue the disc, ENVELOPE etc. Try writing a program containing a few line numbers as well if you like. Although a total waste of disc space, I found this program funny. HashGen and View/Ascii Two programs that accompany the two articles by Dr. H Clarke on Printing Hash Characters on Printers and converting VIEW files to ASCII format. See appropriate articles for full info. MixEd Information This file has been compiled and presented using Chris Richardson's Text Editor which is available on this disc under archive with full instructions. This invaluable tool is extremely useful for writing and presenting user guides, disc magazines such as the one on issue 16 and Game introductions etc. The file can also be called by a simple *command - ie. *MIXINF - try it from BASIC. Noughts and Crosses An old classic and yes, there are millions of these games around but this one scores over the rest for presentation. Very useful and clear for introducing young children to computers. Simon Another classic replication of the popular "simon" game. All you have to do is remember a color sequence which gets longer and longer each go. Catch 'Em and Prikkomani Two games within one basic program. The first game is similar to the "snake" concept where you have to aviod crashing into you own or the other players snake. The second game involves guiding a bouncing ball across the screen whilst keeping crashes with the spikes (Priks ??) to a minimum. Pantheon Game Available complete from GLM PD, this is one of the best PD games available at present. Easily of commercial standard. The address at which to obtain full instructions is within a separate document in this magazine. Meanwhile the full game itself is on this issue disc. Allpurpose Database By 8BS member A.S. Shakoor. This is a database which can be constructed to meet you own individual requirements. No more standard fields and procedures. An excellent utility as usual from Sattar. Klax Cheat Put this on just to fill up disc space. Actually I haven't a copy of this game so I hope all you Klax addicts manage to make this work. Oil-Rig Originally transmitted on BBC Ceefax Computer pages. A simple game in principle but extremely addctive. Full instructions provided. Greek Learning Program All greek students may wish to test their knowledge on this comprehensive teaching aid. Full instructions provided. As I did no greek at school I cannot comment on it much. Repton Screens (Archived - C.Repton) All published repton screens to date appear together in this archive. Text Editor (Archived - C.TextEd) An excellent utility for producing information screens and magazines such as the MIXINF and 8BS files on this disc. Refer accompanying guides within the archive for further info. Space Pictures (Archived - C.Space) The rest of the pictures I could not publish last issue due to space limitations. Dearchive onto a blank disc and boot up. 8BS Issue Index Also written using Chris Richardson's Text-Editor. From BASIC just type *8BS to load or select from the main program menu. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll.