8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software (c) Duncan Webster April 1992 Issue 19 (c) 3rd April 1992 ISSUE NEWS Unfortunately, I have to begin this issue with one of those all too official statements ... "Since the publication of issue 18, I have discovered that I am approaching a career advancement and thus 8-bit Software will finally have to be closed. I feel that the extra time and effort required for my new job will severely restrict the quality and reputation of 8BS and I would rather close while I am ahead rather than see 8BS slowly diminish into obscurity. For those who do not know, I have been working at the TSB Bank in Loughborough for the past 4 years and I have been promoted and will subsequently be moved to the TSB Head Office in Birmingham by the end of April. The decision to close 8BS has proved to be one of the most difficult I have had to make for a considerable time, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members who have given me their support throughout the life of 8BS without which I would not have lasted 2 weeks let alone 2 years. I am sure that the range of BBC Computers, from Model B to Master, still have a great future ahead of them whilst individuals such as the members of 8BS continue to show the kind of support that I have had the pleasure of witnessing. I myself will not abandon the PD world, but hope to carry on as a contributor of new software to remaining PD libraries and bulletin boards in the UK." Duncan Webster. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 8BS TRANSFER Although 8BS under my own guidance is to cease, I have not ruled out the possibility that there might be another individual who may wish to carry on from where I am to stop. If anyone is thinking about taking over the reigns of 8BS, then I would be delighted to transfer all documents and software to a new co-ordinator. However, you must know exactly what you are letting yourself in for ... 1. Anyone who takes over 8BS must be committed to providing a SERVICE and not just a fee-paying PD pool. 2. So long as the name of "8-bit Software" is still used by a new co-ordinator, the format of monthly/6-weekly issues together with a disc/paper based magazine must remain. 3. I appreciate that not a lot of people would be willing to put this amount of effort into a user-group for free. Therefore I have no objections if any new co-ordinator feels it necessary to introduce reasonable fees. 4. It must be noted that 8BS is a USER GROUP and NOT an PD library. 8BS specialises in giving support to programmers/users and swapping ideas/hints/news etc. and selecting the BEST of PD and/or members programs for publication. The T.B.I. pool is the PD arm of 8BS and it is only this section of 8BS that may be operated like a normal PD library. Should anyone be interested then please get in touch a.s.a.p. outlining your details of how you wish to proceed. Once I have relinquished the role of 8BS I shall be happy to continue to contribute to the library as a MEMBER, but I shall in no way take any further part in running or co-ordinating 8-bit Software. Finally, I would very much like to see 8BS continue under a new co-ordinator, but I must stress that it involves a LOT OF HARD WORK and it would be a shame to see someone take over 8BS only to close it 2 months later after the novelty has worn off. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SYSTEMS Shares I will continue to attempt to complete this project, but all members who sent me extra discs for this program will have had them returned this issue. Once I have completed and documented the programs, I shall contribute them to a reputable PD or Shareware library, most likely BBC PD (or 8BS if it is still around). The program itself is beginning to take shape, but there is much still to do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 8-bit Software CATALOGUE A bit late in the day, but Chris Richardson has kindly provided me with a list of all software published from 8BS from issue 4 to issue 18 (obviously he couln't catalogue this issue). The listing has been compiled using the Text Editor programs available on this issue disc. Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to scroll through the text. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- MIX-ED INSTRUCTIONS A lot of members complained that the Mix-Ed program which appeared on a recent issue disc was poorly documented. In an effort to rectify this and thus allow more members to get the best from this excellent piece of software, Chris has revised his intructions. You can find these insructions on the "Issue 19 Non-Archived Programs" menu. Just select Mix-Ed Instructions. These instructions were compiled using the Text Editor which is available (archived) from this issue. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SYSTEMS server & SYSTEMS bank Owing to the closure of 8BS, I now place the SYSTEMS server and SYSTEMS bank programs into the Public Domain. This text acts as authority to distribute either of the above programs at the users will to any person, club, society or PD library provided that the abovementioned software is NOT sold for profit in any way shape or form. This text does NOT apply to SYSTEMS shares. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- All that remains for me to do now is to say goodbye to you all. By the time you receive this issue I will be well on my way to Brummie land. Thanks once again to all members who kept 8BS going. I would like to add special thanks to the following members ... Andrew Black (for his inexhaustable supply of software & articles) Chris Richardson (for all his hard work and help - you can keep the Modem Chris!) Doug Orpington (for all his advice on the running of the disc magazine) Fred Nevin (for his thorough, frank and invaluable reviews of software - inparticulary the SYSTEMS pilot) John Carpenter (for supporting 8BS throughout via Resolve Comms BBs) Jock Smylie & Miroslaw Bobrowski (my overseas members for their excellent quality software) Andrew Nibbs (for writing issue 16 disc magazine - the best in 8BS) Hugh Williams (for his sorting article and Urban War - plus all the phone calls - good luck in your job mate!) Chris Taylor (for his advice and support in the concept and design of 8BS in order to make us "that bit different") Martin Watson (who co-ordinated the magazine for many issues which played a tremendous part in the running of the group) Teri Paul (who's support through the Micro User got me up and running) ... anybody else who I have forgotton to mention ... all members who contributed to the library. ... finally thanks to the TSB bank from whom I nicked the idea for the User ID system. Saved me loads-a-admin. time chaps! Duncan Webster.