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PANTHEON GUIDELINES ------------------- A game by:- Lars Osterballe, Denmark and Benny Lonstrup, Denmark The PANTHEON software is a public domain program pack which you may distribute freely as long as you enclose this text file. A tape creator is included on the diskette, so you can make copies for your less fortunate friends who lack a disk drive! The tape version works with the model B only (maybe with the B+ too). The Master is only compatible with the diskette version. Later an Electron version will be available as public domain software. Check your PD-library for information on this. It took two programmers well over 9 months of concentrated work to produce PANTHEON. This was because of the sophisticated adventure system and the good graphics that were crammed into approximately 16K of RAM. The graphics handler was rewritten several times to suit the small amount of memory that was available. BEGINNER'S TIPS: ---------------- The game consists of two parts: The pre-game and the main-game. The pre-game is a scrolling shoot'em-up arcade game. The second part is a huge arcade-adventure game featuring you as Sergeant Silver in ancient Greece, and later in outer space! To skip from the pre-game, press ESCAPE when the mini-monitor is red. This happens when the game has finished loading or when you lose a life. The main-game consists of over 130 screens, of which around 66 are different! Several puzzles have to be solved to complete the game. It is a very good idea to make a map when playing! By the way: Do not collide with anything RED in the pre-game! OBTAINING FULL DOCUMENTATION: ----------------------------- To get the documentation you can write to GLM Public Domain, who will then send you the documentation and forward the money to the game authors. For a symbolic amount you can obtain instructions, a map and a cheat sheet thereby making the total pack ShareWare. The storyline for PANTHEON was written by Michael Jakobsen, author of CITADEL. Item Price ----------------------------- INSTRUCTIONS : 1.75 MAP + CHEAT SHEET: 2.50 BOTH ITEMS : 4.25 Prices include P&P. To obtain one or both of these items write to this address:- 'Pantheon' GLM Public Domain 2, Pierrefondes Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 8NF Cheques must be made payable to 'GLM PD' or preferably 'Gareth Moore'. Text alterations (with permission) by Gareth Moore 24/7/91 and 18/9/91. This version supplied by GLM Public Domain: 2,Pierrefondes Ave. (5.25 inch discs only) Farnborough Hampshire GU14 8NF