8-Bit Software Online Conversion

8-bit Software (c) Duncan Webster April 1992 Issue 19 (c) 3rd April 1992 REPTON REPORTAGE As promised, all repton screens published to date are on this issue for the competition. The archive C.REPTON on side 0 of this issue discs contains ALL the extra screens. To De-ARC, copy the file to another blank disc and run it through Andrew Black's archiver which can be selected from the main 8BS menu. Unfortunately, the Repton Competition has to be abandoned due to the closure of 8BS. However if 8BS survives and continues under a new hand, then I shall be happy to donate the prizes for the competition to continue. REPTON SCREENS WITHIN ARCHIVE "C.Repton" ... I.Kisei - Will only work on Repton Infinity R.2J3Rep - Submitted by C.Richardson R.Blog - Unknown Contributor R.L1LRep - Submitted by Jock Smylie. R.TopD - Unknown Contributor R.Trog - Unknown Contributor R.Upaka - Unknown Contributor R.YJ2Reo - Submitted by Andrew Snodgrass. ----------------------------------------------------------------------