8-Bit Software Online Conversion

So much for Issue 20. A few final points : All parts of Issue 20 are Public Domain except where specifically stated otherwise. The software and articles may be copied and distributed freely. The only exceptions to this are the files QUEST, !SCREEN and !MAG on side zero, since the first has been specifically altered for each member and therefore should not be distributed. This means that you are not permitted to *BACKUP issue 20 for a friend, or to distribute it (as a whole) through a PD library. You can copy individual games and articles though. If you have friends who want a copy of the entire disk, please ask them to write to me enclosing disk & return P&P and I will send them one for free. If you run a PD library, you can copy whichever individual items of software or articles you wish onto disks in your library. Coming soon (maybe)... Satellite Havac II by Sattar Shakoor (Issue 21 for certain) Continuation of Duncan Webster's article on upgrading to an Archimedes Systems Shares (probably Issue 22 at earliest) New version of Andrew Black's Archiver, including 50% text compression! Continuation of Andrew Black's article on learning 6502 assembler Sprite Editor by Hugh Williams Multi-User Econet Game by Hugh Williams (August 1997 at earliest) BASIC compiler by Hugh Williams (sort of) Articles on Play-by-Mail gaming by Matthew Price and myself New Tree Rename utility from Alex Savvides Presenting Poland part 2 from Miroslaw Bobrowski (probably Issue 22) Complete instructions for Mikesoft arcade game designer Computerised music - Guns 'n' Roses "Civil War" (if I get round to it) I also expect to be including plenty more members' articles on various topics, plus hints/tips/info etc., and lots of new PD games/demos/music etc. I'll fill up space with PD software from other libraries if necessary, but I would rather use software from 8BS members, mainly because it increases the "exclusivity" of an issue. If you do want to send your submission to another PD library as well as 8-Bit Software, feel free to do so, but I would very much like to receive things first, and bear in mind that all 8BS issues will be sent to BBC PD and GLM PD, and probably Mad Rabbit PD, in any case, so you will get your wider distribution anyway. In case you don't already know, the new address of 8-Bit Software is: 8-Bit Software Daniel G. Shimmin 1 Oakwood Drive Heaton BOLTON BL1 5EE You can contact me by phone on 0204 492613 any time after 7:30pm. Note that I will be on holiday between 26th August and 1 July. I am hoping to complete two more issues of 8-Bit Software (Issues 21 and 22) before I go to university in October. Because of this, please try to return your disks with submissions/messages for each issue AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Provisional schedule is as follows: 14th August - Issue 21 Submissions deadline 1st September - Issue 21 Distributed 14th September - Issue 22 Submissions deadline 1st October - Issue 22 Distributed Please attempt to get submissions to me BEFORE the deadlines rather than on them if possible, as this makes organising an issue a lot easier. Any of these dates could be moved around by a week or so either way, except for the 1st October one. Issue 20 will be sent out to all new enquirers who enclose disk/P&P until 31st August. On a less optimistic note...university terms last eight weeks, and it is uncertain how much work on 8-Bit Software I will be able to get done during that time. Because of this, I would like to hear from anyone who might be prepared to edit OR distribute (or both) an issue or two of 8BS sometime during the autumn, or even just to help someone else do it. If you are prepared to help, please get in touch NOW so that something can be sorted out, and I will be able to tell members what is going on in Issue 22. Issue 20 of 8-Bit Software was compiled, edited and distributed by Futurestar Software. Many thanks to: Duncan Webster 105 Sattar Shakoor 1K1 Chris Richardson 2J3 Miroslaw Bobrowski L1J Gareth Moore 116 Stephen Mumford 127 Alan Blundell 138 Mad Rabbit PD Hugh Williams 709 Duncan Edwards 149 Matthew Price 7GE Alex Savvides Y80 Steven Flintham 15A Edward Clark Dr. H.L. Clarke B27 M.T. Farnworth 16C ...and anyone that I've missed out.