8-Bit Software Online Conversion

W E L S H B O Y S ' P D 88 QUEEN STREET, BARRY, S GLAMORGAN, CF6 8EE. DISC SIZE CONTENTS ______________________________________________________________________ 1 300k Music Collection Volume 1 A collection of pieces of music. 2 400k Music Collection Volume II Another collection of pieces of music. 3 100k Agog Ago Go Literally magazine on a disc, with poems & short stories. 4 100k Games Disc Includes Bungle Brothers, Secret Garden, Nightmare Park, Battleships, Cells & Serpents and Life. 5 100k X-Tel A powerful teletext design suite. Includes facilities for editing teletext screens, creating large viewdata systems, and putting together simple animations. 6 300k Small "C" Compiler BBC Micro version of the popular "C" programming language. 7 400k Mixmania Sampled sound for the Beeb. Includes Megamix I & II, Top Gun, Robocop, James Whale, 19 and Loadsa Money. 8 400k Byte The Apple 1-4 Top quality music for your BBC Micro. 9 400k Graphics & Animations Several stunning pictures and animated sequences. Includes the mind-blowing Star Wars frame fly-by. 10 300k Office Clip Art Art ported across from an ST to the BBC. Very amusing office related scenes for use with DTP or Art packages. 11 100k Disc User Issue 14 Screen Designer, The Quest - Game, Operation Sealion - Game, Maelstrom - Game and Rumble - 4 player tank game. 12 100k Disc User Issue 6 Zoom lens, Clip Art, Hot Key, Blobber, Martian Nim, Brian Cloughs Football Fortunes. 13 100k Urban War Multi-Player game based on gang warfare in New York. (Requires 2 sides of a disc!) 14 400k Clip Art "People" Pictures scanned with handheld scanner. 15 100k Have You Lost Your Marbles? Fast action game in which you fight to gain your sanity. 16 400k Mixmania II Vol 1 Includes Thunderbirds, Jack Mix, House Mix, The Wizard, MC Hammer & Pump Up The Bitter!!! 17 100k Educational disc Vol 1 This disc includes trigonometry, Area and loads more. 18 100k Educational Disc Vol 2 This disc can help with the four rules of maths, Average, and a Denary to Binary convertor. 19 100k Turbo Publisher Design leaflets and posters with this simple DTP program. 20 200k Disc Utilities I Various disc drive utilities for the DFS, including disc repairer. 21 300k Ikon & Music Editor Design Music and Ikons to include in your own programs. 22 200k ACE adventure games Text games including Insomnia, First Contact and Dreadnought. 23 100k Graphics Designer Design your own graphics screens. 24 200k Graphics & Animations II Some interesting basic programs, plus the very impressive 3D spin! 25 400k Music Collection III The popular series continues. 26 200k Sample Master Digitized sounds including Knight Rider and loads more! 27 400k H.A.D.F.S. Harston Advanced Disc Filing System - Sideways RAM needed! 28 200k Welsh Boys Demo Disc Amazing graphics, utils and loads more compiled by the Welsh Boys. 29 400k Mixmania II Vol 2 Sampled Music including Betty Boo, Toms Diner, Tonight, Heart Like A Wheel and loads more! 30 200k Systems Manager Includes Account manager, Phone manager and Discs Server. 31 100k Atomic Theory A program to help you with the Atomic theory in chemistry. 32 100k Protections Password programs and loads more protectors to stop those prying eyes! 33 200k Music Collection IV Yet another collection of your favourite music. 34 400k Music Collection V As above. 35 200k Program Fonts Various different fonts to be *RUNned into your programs (Requires BBC Master) 36 400k Sample Library I Sampled sound for you to fiddle with! 37 100k Address Book Easy to use program to keep your friends' names & addresses. 38 400k Sample Library Volume II Another selection of sampled sound! 39 200k Risk! Arcade version of the classic boardgame. (BBC B only!) 40 400k Games & ROM images. Shoot em ups and ROM images. 41 100k Disc Utilities II Several basic utilities for disc users. 42 400k Sorcerers Domain I&II Two Repton style games, totally brilliant!!! 43 200k Allsorts I Games, demos, utils, etc. 44 400k Music Compiler etc. Loads of music, designer and magic-mushroom demo. 45 200k Space Shuttle Simulator Brilliant games and several utiliies. 46 400k Sample Master Vol I Loads of little samples from T.Y.B. 47 200k Very Best of PD vol I Part 1 of the greatest PD ever made for the BBC. 48 400k Very Best of PD vol II Part 2 of the greatest PD ever made for the BBC. 49 400k Very Best of PD vol III Part 3 of the greatest PD ever made for the BBC. 50 400k Very Best of PD vol IV Part 4 of the greatest PD ever made for the BBC. 51 400k Education III Maths competition pack for all ages. 52 200k Disc Utilities III Communitel Screen Convertor, Greenfinger (Game), bounce, chemistry notes. 53 200k 6502 Macro Assember Programming language. 54 100k Fidei Defensor A quiz on christianity, with built in game. 55 300k Educational IV Physics, Chemistry, Maths and First aid course with graphics! 56 200k Animation Station Loads of animations on one great disc!!! 57 200k CJ Richardson I Various games, utilities and tips on one excellent disc. 58 300k CJ Richardson II More great software from CJR. 59 400k AMX Clip Art Various piccies for you to load into AMX. 60 200k Allsorts II Allsorts of things including sampled sound. 61 400k "C" Tutorial Loads of different text files & programs to teach you "C". 62 200k Retribution Demo Demo A demo of the forthcoming disc from the Yorkshire Boys. 63 200k Utilities II Various utilities for discs, EPROMS and others. 64 400k DOSCopy/SpellCheck Convert files between DOS & BBC. Spell checker for view. 65 400k DigiPics I Various digitized picies by Chris Ince. 66 400k DigiPics II More of the above. 67 400k DigiPics III Even more of the above. ______________________________________________________________________ I supply the disc and the P&P. We welcome any new PD: send it on any single density format and your disc(s) will be returned with some new PD on them for FREE! How to order: Send a Cheque/Postal Order/Cash for £1.20 per catalogue item to me. N.B: 100k is 1 side of a 40 track disc, 200k is 2 sides of a 40 track disc, 200k is 1 side of a 80 track disc, 400k is 2 sides of a 80 track disc. DFS Double/Single Sided Single Density ONLY. Or if you want you can supply the disc(s) and a cost of 50p will be required. Please make Cheques/Postal Orders payable to DAVID STILLMAN. ____________________________________________________________________ I also sell blank discs: 1 - 10 ..... 60p each 11 - 20 ..... 45p each 21 + ..... 30p each ____________________________________________________________________