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Fantasy Adventure Creator - Listing

10REM>Fload 20*|" 30*|" Fantasy Adventure Creator 40*|" 50*|" Written by John Carpenter 60*|" (Semprini) 70*|" 80*|" Started : 13//02/92 90*|" 100MODE7 110ON ERROR PROCmain 120VDU23;8202;0;0;0;0;0; 130PROCinstr 140PROCmain 150CHAIN"Fantasy" 160 170DEF PROCpic 180CLS 190PRINT"  <,,,,,,,,,l"; 200PRINT"  5 Creator  210PRINT"  5 v 1.01  220PRINT"  -,,,,,,,,,."; 230PRINT"  ,,,,,,,,,,l"; 240FORa=1TO14 250PRINT"  260NEXTa 270PRINTTAB(4,17)" " 280PRINTTAB(0,18) 290PRINT"  <,,,,,,,,,n"; 300PRINT"    5 Written  310PRINT"   5 by 92 i  320PRINT"    5 Semprin  330PRINT"      -,,,,,,,,,."; 340PRINT"  ; 350ENDPROC 360DEF PROCcls:PROCpic 370PRINTTAB(0,5) 380ENDPROC 390DEF PROCinstr 400PROCcls 410REPEAT 420READ a$ 430IFa$="!" THEN GOTO460 440PROCp(a$) 450IF VPOS>16 THEN PROCreturn:PROCcls 460UNTILa$="!" 470ENDPROC 480 490DEF FNlen(l$,l%) 500IF LEN(l$)=l% THEN =l$ 510IF LEN(l$)>l% THEN m$=LEFT$(l$,l%) :=m$ 520REPEAT 530l$=l$+" " 540UNTILLEN(l$)=l% 550=l$ 560 570DEF PROCp(b$) 580c$=FNlen(b$,31) 590y%=VPOS 600FORx%=1 TO 16 610PRINTTAB(x%+4,y%) MID$(c$,x%,1) 620PRINTTAB(36-x%,y%) MID$(c$,32-x%,1) 630FORg=1TO100:NEXTg 640NEXTx% 650ENDPROC 660 670*|" " " 680DATA"Welcome to FANTASY the Creator " 690DATA"of Adventures by Semprini. If " 700DATA"you have ever tried any of the " 710DATA"FIGHTING FANTASY books then yo u" 720DATA"should feel right at home here !" 730DATA"This program is basically the " 740DATA"manual and should help you get " 750DATA"going with the program which I " 760DATA"have tried to make as easy as I" 770DATA"can to use.." 780DATA"It should also hopefully give " 790DATA"you a rough idea of how to " 800DATA"customise it for your own use. .." 810DATA"although how much I don't know !!" 820DATA"This program is available " 830DATA"through 8 Bit PD or Resolve" 840DATA"Comms BB.More info on them" 850DATA"later on .. but for now here's a" 860DATA"menu coming up..(by the way ES C" 870DATA"will plop you straight to menu " 880DATA"so you don't have to read all of" 890DATA"this texty stuff that is borin g." 900DATA"!" 910DEF PROCreturn 920PROCp("Please press return for next ") 930REPEAT UNTILGET=13 940ENDPROC 950DEF PROCmain 960CLS 970PRINT"  ,,,,,,,,,,,"; 980PRINT" " 990PRINT"    1000PRINT"    1010PRINT" " 1020PRINT"  ,,,,,,,,,,,"; 1030PRINT" " 1040PRINT" 1) Room Description Inform ation" 1050PRINT" 2) How it basically works" 1060PRINT" 3) The Dice" 1070PRINT" 4) Program Information/Gen eral Help" 1080PRINT" 5) Changing the program" 1090PRINT" 6) Combat" 1100PRINT" 0) Load up the main Fantas y prog" 1110PRINT" " 1120PRINT"  ,,,,,,,,,,,"; 1130REPEAT:A$=GET$ 1140UNTILINSTR("1234560",A$) 1150IFA$="1" THEN RESTORE 2130 1160IFA$="2" THEN RESTORE 2670 1170IFA$="3" THEN RESTORE 3660 1180IFA$="4" THEN RESTORE 1540 1190IFA$="5" THEN RESTORE 1890 1200IFA$="6" THEN RESTORE 3740 1210IFA$="0"THEN PROCload 1220CLS 1230PROCprint 1240GOTO960 1250ENDPROC 1260DEF PROCload 1270CLS 1280PRINT" Loading.." 1290CHAIN"Fantasy" 1300ENDPROC 1310DEF PROCprint 1320READh$ 1330PRINT"  ,,,,,,,,,,, ";h$ 1340PRINT"  ,,,,,,,,,,,"; 1350PRINT 1360REPEAT 1370READh$ 1380IFh$="!"THEN GOTO1410 1390PRINTh$ 1400IFVPOS>22 THEN PROCret 1410UNTILh$="!" 1420PROCret 1430ENDPROC 1440DEF PROCret 1450PRINT'" Press Return for more " ; 1460REPEAT UNTILGET=13 1470CLS 1480PRINT"  ,,,,,,,,,,, FANTASY Instructions and H elp Cont.  ,,,,,,,,,,,"; 1490PRINT 1500ENDPROC 1510 1520*|" General 1530 1540DATA"Program Information and Genera l" 1550 1560DATA" FANTASY was written by John Carpenter" 1570DATA" (Semprini) started 13/2/92 fo r ..." 1580DATA" Resolve Comms BB (0438 832824 Viewdata" 1590DATA" and limited Scrolly,24hours,V 23 & V21)" 1600DATA" and:" 1610DATA" Eight Bit Software" 1620DATA" 7 Ashdale" 1630DATA" Thringstone" 1640DATA" Coalville" 1650DATA" Leicestershire" 1660DATA" LE6 4LW" 1670DATA" The idea came because I got b ored of" 1680DATA" writing an entirely new progr am when" 1690DATA" I wanted to do a new adventur e game." 1700DATA" It may seem limited, but that 's only" 1710DATA" because it is!! However, with the" 1720DATA" Fighting Fantasy Books everyt hing" 1730DATA" worked in exactly the same wa y." 1740DATA" FANTASY may be distrinuted fr eely" 1750DATA" BUT please don't put it up fo r " 1760DATA" download on another bulletin board.." 1770DATA" I would be happy if you chang ed it" 1780DATA" BUT please credit the author (me) and" 1790DATA" possibly even upload it to Re solve or" 1800DATA" send it to 8BS..we would love to see" 1810DATA" any improvements you have mad e." 1820DATA" If you have any ideas but don 't want" 1830DATA" to change things yourself the n I would" 1840DATA" be very grateful for the sugg estions." 1850DATA"!" 1860 1870*|" CHANGING PROGRAM 1880 1890DATA"Hints for changing the program " 1900 1910DATA" Firstly the maximum number of rooms" 1920DATA" is easily changed. All you do is " 1930DATA" change the value near the sta rt with" 1940DATA" the note beside it telling yo u what " 1950DATA" it is!!! However, the total n umber" 1960DATA" will probably change dependin g on the" 1970DATA" machine you have (this should work on" 1980DATA" a BBC B,Master and Archimedes )" 1990DATA" Also clearly marked out is th e value" 2000DATA" of pockets you can have (inv% )..." 2010DATA" This is the size of your inve ntory,or" 2020DATA" how many objects you can hold .." 2030DATA" WARNING don't change it too m uch or " 2040DATA" things will go all funny when the " 2050DATA" program can't fit everything on the " 2060DATA" screen.." 2070DATA" You can change the 2 menu scr eens as" 2080DATA" well by loading F-EDIT and F- GAME into" 2090DATA" EDITOR program ..." 2100DATA"!" 2110 2120*|" ROOM DESCS 2130 2140DATA"Changing Location Descriptions " 2150 2160DATA" It is advised that you have mapped" 2170DATA" out your game before you do a nything" 2180DATA" else!! You should give each r oom a " 2190DATA" number, starting with one and going" 2200DATA" up to however many you need, bearing" 2210DATA" in mind the memory of your ma chine." 2220DATA" (see Changing Prog for increa sing set" 2230DATA" maximum of room locations)" 2240DATA" Note that a location does not have to" 2250DATA" be a movement..it could be an event" 2260DATA" For example a location 1 coul d read:" 2270DATA" You are standing outside a mo nastry," 2280DATA" do you want to:" 2290DATA" Go inside (see 2)" 2300DATA" Talk to the monk (see 3)" 2310DATA" Eat an apple (see 4)" 2320DATA" Move north (see 5)" 2330PRINT 2340DATA" The (see 2) etc in brackets a re the" 2350DATA" location that incur that even t. " 2360DATA" That is location one, if you decide to" 2370DATA" enter the monastry you go to location" 2380DATA" 2..if you talk to the monk, w hether" 2390DATA" you have moved or not,you go to " 2400DATA" location 3.." 2410DATA" Your location description mus t include" 2420DATA" routes to tell the player whe re to go" 2430DATA" The reason for this is to cut down on" 2440DATA" memory and give you more free dom." 2450DATA"" 2460DATA" Anyway,to simplify things a l ittle:" 2470DATA"" 2480DATA" Your description should inclu de :" 2490DATA"" 2500DATA" 1) A Description of the situa tion" 2510DATA" 2) What you can do from there (ie go" 2520DATA" north,open door etc etc)" 2530DATA" 3) How to do each thing..ie w hich " 2540DATA" numbered location deals wi th the" 2550DATA" event.." 2560DATA"" 2570DATA" Don't worry this is a lot mor e" 2580DATA" complicated to explain than i t is to " 2590DATA" do, so just have a go..there should" 2600DATA" be an example adventure game for you" 2610DATA" to play about with included w ith the" 2620DATA" program." 2630DATA"!" 2640 2650*|" Playing the Gane 2660 2670DATA"How to Play the Game" 2680 2690DATA" Hopefully you will have used some " 2700DATA" Fighting Fantasy books before , but," 2710DATA" if not then here is a brief g uide to " 2720DATA" the Basics.." 2730DATA" Firstly,the game is worked by you," 2740DATA" and the computer only stores some data" 2750DATA" This makes it very easy to ch eat etc" 2760DATA" as you will soon find out!" 2770DATA" Basically,you start off at l ocation 1" 2780DATA" and everytime you do anything ,whether" 2790DATA" moving or not, you change loc ation." 2800DATA" Every location has a differen t number" 2810DATA" so moving location is done by just" 2820DATA" typing in the new location nu mber!" 2830DATA" Choices to be made and places you go " 2840DATA" to are all called locations . eg.." 2850DATA"" 2860DATA" Say the location is:" 2870DATA"" 2880DATA" You are inside a room,there i s a table in front of you with a knife on it." 2890DATA" Do you:" 2900DATA" Leave the room (205)" 2910DATA" Pick up the knife (124)" 2920DATA" Wait around for a bit (43)" 2930DATA"" 2940DATA" Now,if you wanted to leave th e room," 2950DATA" you would type in 205 when it asked" 2960DATA" you where you want to go,and to pick" 2970DATA" up the knife you would go to location" 2980DATA" 124 (even though you aren't m oving)" 2990DATA"" 3000DATA" The More Complicated Bits " 3010DATA"" 3020DATA" There are several extra thin gs that" 3030DATA" you must take into account.." 3040DATA" Magic" 3050DATA" Stamina" 3060DATA" Skill" 3070DATA" Luck" 3080DATA" Inventory" 3090DATA"" 3100DATA" INVENTORY:" 3110DATA"" 3120DATA" This is what objects you have .You are" 3130DATA" restricted to a certain amoun t of" 3140DATA" objects. When you pick someth ing up," 3150DATA" you can put it in any one of your free" 3160DATA" 'pockets', but anything you a lready" 3170DATA" had will be lost (unless you make a" 3180DATA" note of where you dropped it! !)" 3190DATA" You also have a seperate pock et for " 3200DATA" MONEY which can be added and spent as" 3210DATA" you are told to (eg when you buy " 3220DATA" something,remove that amount of gold" 3230DATA" from your total and when you get gold" 3240DATA" add it to the total." 3250DATA"" 3260DATA" MAGIC " 3270DATA"" 3280DATA" As with money, you have a tot al number" 3290DATA" of magic 'points'..There are 2 ways of" 3300DATA" using it (take your pick - ie which " 3310DATA" one the game uses):" 3320DATA" 1) Magic is like a skill wher e certain" 3330DATA" spells need a high magic skil l" 3340DATA" 2) Every spell takes up a cer tain no." 3350DATA" of magic points,deducted from the " 3360DATA" magic score." 3370DATA"" 3380DATA" LUCK" 3390DATA"" 3400DATA" Throw 2 dice and if the score of those" 3410DATA" dice is HIGHER than your luck score" 3420DATA" you lose, otherwise you win!" 3430DATA"" 3440DATA" STAMINA" 3450DATA"" 3460DATA" This is a measure of how much life you" 3470DATA" have..basically,if it is 0 or below" 3480DATA" you are dead and should reset your" 3490DATA" scores (see below) and start again!" 3500DATA"" 3510DATA" SKILL" 3520DATA"" 3530DATA" For info on this and stamina refer to" 3540DATA" combat." 3550DATA"" 3560DATA" GENERAL" 3570DATA"" 3580DATA" These are only guidelines and so each" 3590DATA" game can do things in its own way!!" 3600DATA" NOTE for a demo small game to show how" 3610DATA" it all works..load up ADVDEMO " 3620DATA"!" 3630 3640*|" THE DICE 3650*|" 3660DATA"How the Dice work.." 3670DATA" This will throw up to 100 dic e and " 3680DATA" then work out the total score ..useful" 3690DATA" for luck and more..also used in fights" 3700DATA"!" 3710*|" 3720*|" COMBAT 3730*|" 3740DATA"How to fight!" 3750DATA" Fighting is mainly automatic so this is to explain how it all works.. " 3760DATA"" 3770DATA" Firstly,when you are told to fight you" 3780DATA" will be given your opponents skill &" 3790DATA" stamina..remember these and t ype them" 3800DATA" in when asked off the COMBAT option" 3810DATA" What happens in a fight?" 3820DATA" 1) You start" 3830DATA" 2) You throw one dice" 3840DATA" 3) If it is less than your sk ill you " 3850DATA" hit your opponent and caus e him a " 3860DATA" random amount of damage..a nything " 3870DATA" from 1 to your skill level ." 3880DATA" 4) If it is more than your sk ill you" 3890DATA" miss" 3900DATA" this process is repeated for your " 3910DATA" opponent and you keep taking it in " 3920DATA" turns until one of you has a stamina" 3930DATA" of 0 (or below!)" 3940DATA" That person DIES! Hooray!" 3950DATA" PLEASE NOTE..." 3960DATA" When you die,no matter how yo u should" 3970DATA" go to DEFAULT SETTINGS to re- do your" 3980DATA" stamina/inventory etc randoml y..." 3990DATA" OR you can re-load in your la st saved" 4000DATA" place..." 4010DATA"!"