8-Bit Software Online Conversion

TBI POOL UPDATE The TBI pool has seen a lot of changes in the last few months, especially thanks to the huge quantities of excellent software which members have very kindly sent in. Please have a look through this revised list as there may be something that you would find of interest! Note that to order TBI software you must: (i) Enclose enough extra formatted disks for the software you want (ii) Enclose an ADDITIONAL 10p for each disk you want copied (iii) Send enough return P&P to get the whole lot back to you. N.B.: if an item is listed as "DFS 80T SS" and you are using an 80T DS drive, you can order another DFS 80T SS item on the other side of the same disk, i.e. get TWO items for just one disk and 10p. Unless you send a SECOND set of postage and packing, as well as the disk and P&P for the next issue, to return your TBI order in, I will send it whenever the next issue disk is completed. Please note that very little of the software listed here is available from Chris Richardson with issue 23; you will have to order it along with issue 24 which I will be editing. THE CHRIS RICHARDSON SECTION All these disks are DFS 80T DS. CJR-01 Loads of cheats, utilities etc. CJR-02 Loads of cheats, utilities etc. CJR-03 STD code database system. CJR-04 Samples disk 1 CJR-05 Samples disk 2 CJR-06 Samples disk 3 - Monty Python, StarTrek, Dire Straits CJR-07 Samples disk 4 - Spitting Image, James, Madness, etc. CJR-08 Samples disk 5 - Thunderbirds complete + controlled samples Samples disks 1 & 2 contain TYB samples played in different ways by Chris' own programs, and also Mix-Ed 1, which helps you to construct your own mixes. Samples disks 3 & 4 contain Chris' own quite long samples, and Mix-Ed 2, which is incompatible with the earlier version. Samples disk 5 contains very impressive routines which put a selection of small samples under direct control of the keyboard. Chris will be publishing in issue 23 everything he has written which is not either listed here or published previously. 8BS BACK ISSUES Issues 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 are available as back issues. All of them require one DFS 80T DS disk + 10p + return postage and packing. The exception is issue 16, which requires two disks + 10p + P&P, although you can order any other DFS 80T SS item to go on the reverse side of the second disk. Issues 20 and 21 are also available in ADFS L format if required. THE GLM PD SECTION See the GLM PD catalogue in issue 20 for additional details on these disks. GLM-01 Sound Disk 6 (S06) DFS 80T SS GLM-02 Arcade Games 3 (A03) DFS 80T SS GLM-03 Forth Compiler (L03) DFS 80T SS GLM-04 Miscellaneous 2 (R02) DFS 80T SS GLM-05 Graphics 2 (G02) DFS 80T DS GLM-06 Sound Disk 12 (S12) DFS 80T DS GLM-07 GLM PD demo disk (D01) DFS 80T DS THE BBC PD SECTION See the BBC PD catalogue in issue 20 for further details of these disks. BBC-01 BBC PD Catalogue & Sampler disk dated July '92 - DFS 80T DS BBC-02 BBC PD disk 10 - DFS 80T DS BBC-03 BBC PD disk 16 - DFS 80T DS BBC-04 BBC PD disk 37 - DFS 80T DS BBC-05 BBC PD disk 62 - DFS 80T SS BBC-06 BBC PD disk 104 - DFS 80T DS THE YORKSHIRE BOYS SECTION TYB-01 Mixmania TYB-02 Samples Disk 01 TYB-03 Samples Disk 02 TYB-04 Samples Disk 03 TYB-05 Mixmania II Vol.1 TYB-06 Mixmania II Vol.2 TYB-07 Retribution Demo Demo All these disks require DFS 80T DS and will not run on any other format. See issue 20 for further details. If you are easily offended then DO NOT order TYB-01, TYB-05, or TYB-06. I would like to hear from anyone who has any more Yorkshire Boys productions, or who can throw any more light on the question of hardware requirements for each disk. THE CATALOGUE DISK This idea has been temporarily abandoned because very few libraries have sent me recent catalogues. See BBC PD section for BBC PD catalogue. OTHER TBI DISKS AVAILABLE All these items require one DFS 80T DS disk except where marked otherwise. TBI-01 John Lyons Religious Software - Fidei Defensor TBI-03 Small C compiler and notes - 2 DISCS REQUIRED TBI-04 6502 Macro Assembler & Manual (also supports 65C02 commands if you have a Master) TBI-05 Maths Educational Software - Primary Education TBI-06 TAS BASIC Animation Sequences TBI-13 C. Ince Digitised Pictures (I only currently have one disk, digitised pictures of U2 and Faith No More). TBI-14 Welsh Boys' sampled sound, including the excellent Knight Rider mix and some ripped-off TYB stuff. - DFS 80T SS THE XBI SECTION These disks are only available to members who can read ADFS L disks. It is a way of getting a very large amount of PD software for a very small amount of money! The details of the disks from BBC PD, indicated by their catalogue numbers below, will be found in the BBC PD catalogue, included with issue 20 - I suggest you look through it and work out what you want (or just order everything; it doesn't cost that much!) XBI-01 Mad Rabbit PD's MR-17 - Big Disk of BASIC Music -about 110 tunes, well over 600K of music XBI-02 NOT YET AVAILABLE - will hopefully be MR-18, another 110 tunes XBI-03 Massive US shareware C tutorial (BBC PD 48) + X-TEL, a MODE 7 system (screen designer etc.) originally from Red Shift PD XBI-04 BBC PD 70, 92, 107 XBI-05 BBC PD 7, 39, 94 XBI-06 BBC PD 12, 83 XBI-07 BBC PD 38, 71, 105 XBI-08 BBC PD 49, 96 XBI-09 BBC PD 108, 109 XBI-10 BBC PD 29, 47, 62, 101 XBI-11 BBC PD 2, 33, 106 XBI-12 BBC PD 18, 54, 110 XBI-13 BBC PD Catalogue & Sampler Disk + BBC PD 55 (C&S disk currently very out of date - my fault) If you order any of XBI-04 to XBI-13, you will have to use DIRCOPY or any other similar program to copy each BBC PD catalogue item from its separate directory on the disk into the $ directory of another ADFS disk in order to use the BBC PD menus. For example, the $ directory of XBI-08 contains two directories, $.49 and $.96. $.49 contains everything from BBC PD disk 49 and $.96 contains everything from BBC PD disk 96. An option with some of the XBI PD disks is to use Hugh William's DIRlock utility (see issue 21) as an alternative to copying the disks onto more blanks to run them.