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10 REM View Start 20 REM S.Johnson 30 REM August 1991 100MODE1 110GCOL32,129 111VDU19,2,6,0,0,0 112VDU23,0,10,32,0,0,0,0,0,0 113CLG 155PROCscreen 160PROCwide(320,970,1,"V I E W S T A R T") 170VDU28,1,26,38,4 180COLOUR0:COLOUR131 185CLS 190PROCtext 195REPEAT 196t=INKEY(300) 200PROCwide(220,90,1,"PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE") 205t=INKEY(120) 210G=GET 220CLS 223MOVE35,45 224PROCbox(1205,75,3) 225PROCwide(320,90,1,"V I E W S T A R T") 230PRINTTAB(1,2)"MODE 0","MODE 1","MOD E 2","MODE 3" 240PRINTTAB(1,4)"MODE 4","MODE 5","MOD E 6" 250PRINTTAB(1,8)"Press the number key of the mode you";TAB(1,9)"require. ?" 260m=GET 270m=m-48 280IF m<0 OR m>6 THEN GOTO 260 290CLS 300PRINTTAB(1,2)"0.BLACK";TAB(14,2)"1. RED";TAB(26,2)"2.GREEN" 310PRINTTAB(1,4)"3.YELLOW";TAB(14,4)"4 .BLUE";TAB(26,4)"5.MAGNETA" 320PRINTTAB(1,6)"6.CYAN";TAB(14,6)"7.W HITE" 325PRINTTAB(1,10)"Press number key of the background";TAB(1,11)"colour you req uire. ?" 330b=GET 340b=b-48 350IFb<0 OR b>7 THEN GOTO330 360CLS 370PRINTTAB(1,2)"0.BLACK";TAB(14,2)"1. RED";TAB(26,2)"2.GREEN" 380PRINTTAB(1,4)"3.YELLOW";TAB(14,4)"4 .BLUE";TAB(26,4)"5.MAGNETA" 390PRINTTAB(1,6)"6.CYAN";TAB(14,6)"7.W HITE" 400PRINTTAB(1,10)"Press number key of the text colour";TAB(1,11)"you require. ?" 410t=GET 420t=t-48 430IF t<0 OR t>7 THEN GOTO 410 435IF t=b THEN COLOUR1:PRINTTAB(1,16)" You are SILLY!";TAB(1,18)"You have selec ted the same colour";TAB(1,19)"for both text and background":COLOUR0:C=INKEY(250 ):GOTO360 440CLS 450IF m=0 OR m=3 OR m=4 OR m=6 THEN tt =1 460IF m=1 OR m=5 THEN tt=3 470IF m=2 THEN tt=7 500PRINTTAB(1,2)"Please place your VIE W file disc in";TAB(1,3)"Drive 0 and pre ss any key to create";TAB(1,4)"!BOOT fil e" 520g=GET 525VDU21,0 530*SPOOL !BOOT 540PRINT"*WORD" 550PRINT"MODE";m 560VDU19,0,b,0,0,0 570VDU19,tt,t,0,0,0 580PRINT"*CAT" 590REM Other commands entered here. 620*SPOOL 630VDU6,0 640CLS 650PRINTTAB(9,11)"Another Disc (Y/N)" 660G=GET 670IF G=89 OR G=121 THEN GOTO220 680END 1100DEFPROCwide(x,y,c,text$) 1110VDU5 1120GCOL0,c 1130MOVEx,y 1140PRINT text$ 1150GCOL0,c 1160MOVEx+4,y 1170PRINT text$ 1180VDU4 1190ENDPROC 1300DEFPROCscreen 1310MOVE35,920 1320PROCbox(1205,75,3) 1321MOVE35,160 1330PROCbox(1205,735,3) 1340MOVE35,45 1350PROCbox(1205,75,3) 1390ENDPROC 1400DEFPROCbox(x,y,c) 1410GCOL0,c 1411PLOT97,x,y 1500ENDPROC 1600DEFPROCtext 1610PRINTTAB(1,2)"This program creates a !BOOT file to";TAB(1,3)"enter VIEW wit h the Mode, background" 1620PRINTTAB(1,4)"and text colours set to your choice." 1625PRINTTAB(1,6)"The catalogue of the disc will also";TAB(1,7)"be shown." 1630PRINTTAB(1,9)"If there are other co mmands that you";TAB(1,10)"require (e.g Printer Driver,Function";TAB(1,11)"Keys ) these can be entered directly" 1640PRINTTAB(1,12)"into the listing bet ween lines 590-";TAB(1,13)"620." 1650PRINTTAB(1,15)"To do this press the ESCAPE key and";TAB(1,16)"type ( LIST53 0,620 )." 1700ENDPROC