8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                   8 Bit                                      To : C83 and 999 (All) From : 2J3 (Chris Richardson) Subject: Ecg simulation/monitoring. Text : Wiring yourself up to your micro to monitor your heart rate sounds like an interesting idea. I notice from the survey that you are into electronics. Can you rig up something that would do the job? I think the software to run it would be relatively simple to write. It is not entirely advisable to monitor yourself though! After all, you should see normal sinus rhythm at a rate of about 72. Anything other than that and it is probably better that you don't know about it.  To : 999 (All members) From : 2J3 (Chris Richardson.) Subject: Music Text : Some time ago now, I saw a program that allowed you to write music in four columns down the screen as the actual notes ie A E F# etc. You could also edit envelopes with the same program. The program displayed the envelope on screen as a wave form, you could alter the wave form to alter the sound of the envelope. The program has disappeared. Has anyone got a PD program similar to this? Or can anyone write something to do the job?                                                    To : 24K and 999 (All) From : 2J3 (Chris Richardson.) Subject: Teletext converter. 7TO3 Text : You can read text from a different drive using the converter 7TO3 by entering :1.<NAME> (assuming you want to read from drive 1). Read the REM lines at the start of 7TO3 to find out how you can convert other files. Or save the conversion to disc. The program should read any file. INTERWORD, VIEW, EDIT, teletext files, even BASIC. It will convert them all to plain ASCII.  To : 999 (All members) From : 2J3 (Chris Richardson.) Subject: For Sale Text : For sale. A large amount of odds and ends mainly for the BBC Model B. Acorn colour/green monitor. Cover. Plinth. BBC Model B with Watford DDFS. Twin watford disc drive 5.25/3.5 40/80 Single Pace disc drive 5.25 DS. Datacorder. Twin joysticks. BBC User guide. Advanced user guide. 30 Hour Basic. Software on disc. The Bank Manager. Castle of riddles. Arcadians. Draughts and Reversi. Time and magik. SPEECH! The Gold collection. Revs. Knitwear designer. Funschool. Nursery rhymes. Cheat it again Joe 4. Software on tape: Escape from moonbase alpha. Laser command. Winged warlords. Felix in the factory. Manic miner. The Mine. Mini office. 10 computer hits. Graphic adventure creator. Lord of the Rings. Getset. Numberfun. Tablesums. Alien 8. Roms: Viewstore. Mega 3 includes Inter -sheet. Inter-chart. Inter-word. Pascal All of these items are in pristine condition complete with Manuals and original wrappings. The owner of all these things has said that he wants £250 for the lot. However I understand that probably nobody wants all of this, more likely, some of you want the odd bit. Therefore I shall be open to offers for the bits you fancy. Contact me at: 17 Lambert Park Road. Hedon HULL HU12 8HF. Or Phone 0482 896868.  To : 999 (All members) From : 483 (D.G.Shimmin) Subject: Mandelbrots, parallel processing, Econets etc. Text : Further to the discussion of this in issue 22, I have now met someone who at one stage wrote a program which involved fifteen Econet stations simultaneously co-operating on the calculation of a single Mandelbrot image, with the fileserver collating the data. Not that this brings any particular advantage to anyone, I just thought I'd mention it. Incidentally the last time I spoke to Hugh Williams he was thinking of daisy -chaining six 32-bit processors, which would probably provide quite a parallel processing system! Meanwhile M.T. Farnworth has proved that my machine can run three times as fast as a standard Master by parallel processing with the internal 65C102. We don't quite know what to do with it yet though.  To : 999 (All members) From : 483 (D.G.Shimmin) Subject:         Text : I just thought I'd remind you; if you want issue 24 please send a disk, return P&P and fifty pence to the following address: D.G. Shimmin 1 Oakwood Drive Heaton BOLTON BL1 5EE I will try to distribute issue 24 before Christmas (though I make no guarantees, and even if I finish it by 20th December it won't reach everyone in time anyway). In any case ensure that your disk etc. reaches me well before 12th January 1993. THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS TO ISSUE 24 IS 12TH DECEMBER 1992 - please try to send any text or software you have written/have obtained/can possibly write. I have all sorts of things planned for issue 24 but I can't remember what they are just now; I look forward to hearing from you all again.  To : 15A and 999 (Steven Flintham) From : 6EE (Mick Needham) Subject: Floppy disc supplies Text : One of the cheapest places I have found for buying discs is: Manor Court Supplies Glen Celyn House Penybont Llandrindod Wells Powys LD1 5SY. Prices for 5.25 inch discs: Unbranded DSDD £24 per 100. Benchmark tested DSDD £28 per 100. Prices for 3.5 inch discs: DSDD unbranded £39 per 100. Benchmark tested £45 per 100. Editor: Does anybody fancy going halves on this one? If any other member or members want to buy a smaller quantity of discs I would be willing to buy in a large quantity to re-distribute at no profit/loss of course. Anyone interested drop me a line at: 17 Lambert Park road Hedon Hull HU12 8HF or 0482 896868 or page 2J3 in this column and we could take it from there. Just one other member interested in 50 at 28 pence each would suit me down to the floor.  To : C83 and 999 (D. Stillman) From : 6EE (Mick Needham) Subject: DIY hardware projects Text : Further to my note in the last issue I have now all 12 issues of the series Microcomputer Interfacing Techniques which appeared in Everyday Electronics, running to some 90 pages if anyone is interested I can be contacted at: 153 Firth Park Road Sheffield S5 6WU. Greenweld Electronics Ltd 27 Park Road Southampton SO1 3TB. Are advertising a book called "Sensing and Control Projects for the BBC", price £2.00. Two kits containing all parts required are available as the book is divided into two distinct sections: kit 1 - Analogue to Digital Converter Projects, price £12.00. kit 2 - User port Projects, price £22.00, the book is free with either kit.  To : 999 (All members) From : 6EE (Mick Needham) Subject: Disc exchange Text : Does anyone want to exchange Micro User, Acorn User, Beebug discs I have quite a few and would like to complete my collection if possible, if anyone is interested and would like a list please send an SAE to me at: 153 Firth Park Road Sheffield S5 6WU.  To : 999 (All Members) From : 19F (Theo Gray) Subject: Sound Envelopes Text : I am at the moment coding a Guns 'n' Roses tune, but am not very good at working out envelopes. Please could anyone help out by writing me an envelope for the following instruments: Solo Guitar: needs to be a FLUENT but DISTORTED sound (heavy rock sound) Voice: must sound like voice - fairly fluent Bass: simple, fluent, sustaining, clean, low-pitched sound Snare Drum ) High Tom ) Middle Tom )- for channel 0 Bass Drum ) Cymbal )  To : 999 (All Members) From : Andrew Snodgrass (YJ2) Subject: DFS=>ADFS Utility Text : This is the program I have been looking for for ages, but there are many improvements which could be implimented. It would be useful to have: 1) An option for copying just drive 2 with a single drive. 2) A display to show approximately how many disk swaps are needed on a single drive. 3) The ability to go back a step if an error occurs, as often on my switchable 40/80 track single drive the program aborted if I forgot to change the switch when copying from 40(DFS) to 80(ADFS) tracks. 4) Would it be possible to utilitise the sideways ram which many of 8-bit software members possess. (The shadow ram on the Master could also be used?!) 5) A more colourful display (please keep the MODE 7 teletext display) making the user interface more friendly. Incidently I like the way the program shows the files as they are being transferred.  To : 999 (All Members) From : Andrew Snodgrass (YJ2) Subject: Tape to DFS/ADFS transfer Text : While on the subject of file transfer between formats. Is it possible to transfer cassette programs with strange filenames e.g. ? and F#I#L#E and long adventure games such as "Kingdom Of Hamil" (from Acornsoft) using the tape to disc program in issue9. Also, is it possible to transfer programs with alternating filenames (e.g. Geoff Capes Strongman, and Arkanoid). I own all these games and am extremely frustrated at the long times it takes to load them from cassette. Please help as I do not have great knowledge in file transfer!! (You may even have written a program of your own which covers this).  To : 999 (All Members) From : Andrew Snodgrass (YJ2) Subject: Re: Roms Text : I recently received some ROMS from a friend, but they did not come with instructions and my friend could not enlighten me on their use. The ROMS in question are: 1) The "Enigma Disc Imager" *HELP=Enigma DISC Imager 2) The "Mouse Pac Driver" *HELP=MOUSE PAC Driver ROMv1.2 3) The "Bitstick Rom" *HELP=BITSTICK ROM 2.0 twin mode? 4) *HELP=STL Linemaster 0.10 5) Altra PROBE *HELP=Altra PROBE 4.02 *HELP PROBE produces more commands, but I do not know how to use them. 6) *HELP=DIARY 1.1 - DIARY =DIARY/PLANNER (c) INTERSOFT 1985 by J.Barden & CREATE M.Lam? Can anyone help ?!?  To : 999 (All Members) From : Andrew Snodgrass (YJ2) Subject: Games help Text : Here are some transporter codes for Network (PIAS 15): 009463, 012964, 021151 Please can somebody help me with the "Last Ninja 2". What is the red/yellow object beside the wall that you have to climb to get the stick and where/when do you use it? Has anyone discovered how to get past the empty room on the last level (6, Kunitoki Castle).  To : 999 (All Members) From : Andrew Snodgrass (YJ2) Subject: Article suggestion Text : Somebody could start a series (similar to the machine code one **where is that next article!!?**) featuring hints and tips for using word processors, art packages, and BBC BASIC e.g. useful *FX, GCOL, PLOT and VDU commands.  To : 2J3 From : Andrew Snodgrass (YJ2) Subject: Suggestion for trading game Text : Could there possibly be an arcade sub-game where you have to navigate the ship to the next port with hazards such as hurricanes, whirlpools, storms, mines and mutinies?  To : 999 (All Members) From : Andrew Snodgrass (YJ2) Subject: Creating Patterns Text : How were the patterns created in the TILES program, I have looked at the program, but I still don't understand.  To : 999 (All) From : 24K Subject: Discs Text : Do you need to use High Density disks with ADFS or will DS/DD do?                                     