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                      By Mick Needham. In issue 19 Chris Richardson explained his method of re-inking ribbons, having used a similar method I found it messy and time consuming, so after some careful thought I came up with the following method, which, after a few modifications to ribbon cartridge takes seconds and does not require the ribbon removing from the printer. The ink cartridge on my printer (a Citizen 120D), is the full width of the carriage with an arm at each end from which the ribbon is fed, the print head moves between the arms, as the shape and size of printer cartridges differ the method described may not be suitable for all cartridges. The top of the cartridge should be carefully removed so the ribbon is not disturbed (yards of ribbon over the living room carpet is not to be recommended as I discovered!), where the ribbon exits the cartridge two partitions extend from each side wall to the centre, leaving a small gap in the middle for the ribbon to pass through, this stops the ribbon from jamming. Behind this partition is a space, if you fill this space with enough cotton wool to touch the ribbon, then soak the cotton wool with endorsing ink. As the ribbon leaves the cartridge it will ink itself as the printer is used, you should then cut a small V shaped slot in the top of the printer cartridge above the cotton wool. Replace the cartridge top. Replace the cartridge in the printer and away you go, as the print fades, a few drops of endorsing ink on the cotton wool and the ribbon is as good as new.            