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Fancy letters and boxes - Listing

10REM *** LETTERBOX *** 20REM Different Letter Styles and Box es 30REM By S.Johnson 40REM October 1992 100MODE1 110REM Switch of CURSOR 120VDU23,0,10,32,0,0,0,0,0,0 140REM Change colour RED to BLUE 150VDU19,1,4,0,0,0,0 160: 170REM *** DEMO *** 180: 190PROCoutline(280,950,"DIFFERENT LETT ER STYLES",2,0) 200PROCoutline(260,930,"`````````````` ``````````",2,1) 210PROCoutline(50,830,"<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>",1,0) 220PROCwide(50,750,"This program conta ins three procedures",3) 230PROCwide(50,700,"for printing diffe rent letter styles.",3) 240PROCwide(50,650,"They look far more impressive than the",3) 250PROCwide(50,600,"standard BBC font. ",3) 260PROCwide(50,500,"The styles are :", 3) 270PROCoutline(100,400,"Outline",3,0) 280PROCthreeD(400,400,"Three-Dimension al",3,1) 290PROCwide(1050,400,"Wide",2) 300PROCwide(50,300,"They are ideal for a menu or program",3) 310PROCwide(50,250,"instruction page." ,3) 320PROCoutline(50,170,"<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>",1,0) 330PROCthreeD(420,50,"Press Any Key",1 ,2) 340G=GET 350CLG 360REM Restore default colours 370VDU20 380REM Change colour YELLOW to BLUE 390VDU19,2,4,0,0,0,0 400PROC3Dbox(50,700,200,1100,3,1) 410PROCthreeD(100,850,"There is also a procedure for",0,3) 420PROCthreeD(100,800,"Three-D boxes." ,0,3) 430PROCborder(50,450,200,1100,1,0,3) 440PROCthreeD(100,600,"And Border boxe s which can be",0,3) 450PROCthreeD(100,550,"printed in any size or colour",0,3) 460PROC3Dbox(50,50,300,300,3,2) 470PROCborder(450,250,100,250,3,0,2) 480PROCborder(450,50,150,700,3,0,1) 490PROC3Dbox(800,250,100,300,1,3) 500PROCthreeD(525,310,"BBC",0,3) 510PROCthreeD(880,310,"8-Bit",0,2) 520PROCoutline(675,140,"Software",3,2) 530G=INKEY(300) 540PROCthreeD(120,300,"PRESS",0,3) 550PROCthreeD(150,230,"ANY",0,3) 560PROCthreeD(150,160,"KEY",0,3) 570G=GET 580GCOL0,131 590CLG 600VDU20 610PROCborder(300,700,75,75,0,3,1) 620PROCborder(500,700,75,500,0,3,1) 630PROCborder(300,500,75,75,0,3,1) 640PROCborder(500,500,75,500,0,3,1) 650PROCborder(300,300,75,75,0,3,1) 660PROCborder(500,300,75,500,0,3,1) 670PROCthreeD(320,745,"1",0,2) 680PROCthreeD(520,745,"RUN DEMO",0,2) 690PROCthreeD(320,545,"2",0,2) 700PROCthreeD(520,545,"LIST PROGRAM",0 ,2) 710PROCthreeD(320,345,"3",0,2) 720PROCthreeD(520,345,"EXIT TO BASIC", 0,2) 730G=GET 740VDU20 750IF G=49 THEN :CLG: GOTO 150 760IF G=50 THEN MODE3 :VDU23,1,1;0;0;0 ;:PRINT "Type LIST then press RETURN" 770IF G=51 THEN CLG:VDU23,1,1;0;0;0;:* BASIC 780IF G<49 OR G>51 THEN GOTO730 790END 800: 810 REM *** END OF DEMO *** 820: 830: 840REM *** INSTRUCTIONS *** 850REM *** AND *** 860REM *** PROCEDURES *** 870: 880: 890REM *** OUTLINE *** 900: 910 REM PROCoutline(x%,y%,text$,c1%,c2 %) 920 REM x% : Horizontal co-ordinate 930 REM y% : Vertical co-ordinate 940 REM text$ : Characters to be print ed 950 REM c%1 : Colour one 960 REM c%2 : Colour two 970: 980: 1000DEFPROCoutline(x%,y%,text$,c1%,c2%) 1010VDU5 1020GCOL0,c1% 1030MOVEx%,y%:PRINTtext$ 1040MOVEx%+5,y%:PRINTtext$ 1050MOVEx%-5,y%:PRINTtext$ 1060MOVEx%,y%+5:PRINTtext$ 1070MOVEx%,y%-5:PRINTtext$ 1080GCOL0,c2% 1090MOVEx%,y%:PRINTtext$ 1100VDU4 1110ENDPROC 1120: 1130: 1140REM *** THREE-D *** 1150: 1160REM PROCthreeD(x%,y%,text$,c1%,c2%) 1170REM Same instructions as OUTLINE 1180: 1190: 1200DEFPROCthreeD(x%,y%,text$,c1%,c2%) 1210VDU5 1220GCOL0,c1% 1230MOVEx%,y%:PRINTtext$ 1240GCOL0,c2% 1250MOVEx%+7,y%+5:PRINTtext$ 1260VDU4 1270ENDPROC 1280: 1290: 1300REM *** WIDE *** 1310: 1320: 1330REM PROCwide(x%,y%,text$,c%) 1340REM Same instructions as OUTLINE ex cept that there is only one colour. 1350: 1360: 1370DEFPROCwide(x%,y%,text$,c%) 1380VDU5 1390GCOL0,c% 1400MOVEx%,y%:PRINTtext$ 1410MOVEx%+4,y%:PRINTtext$ 1420VDU4 1430ENDPROC 1440: 1450: 1460REM *** THREE-D BOX *** 1470: 1480REM PROC3Dbox(x%,y%,h%,w%,c1%,c2%) 1490REM x%,y% : Horizontal and vertical co-ordinates for bottom left hand 1500REM : of box 1510REM h% : Height of box 1520REM w% : Width of box 1530REM c%1 : Colour one 1540REM c%2 : Colour two 1550: 1560: 1570DEFPROC3Dbox(x%,y%,h%,w%,c1%,c2%) 1580GCOL0,c1% 1590MOVEx%,y% 1600PLOT97,w%,h% 1610GCOL0,c2% 1620MOVEx%+10,y%+10 1630PLOT97,w%,h% 1640ENDPROC 1650: 1660: 1670REM *** BORDER BOX *** 1680: 1690REM PROCborder(x%,y%,h%,w%,c1%,c2%, c3%) 1700REM Same as THREE-D BOX except that there is three colours. 1710: 1720DEFPROCborder(x%,y%,h%,w%,c1%,c2%,c 3%) 1730GCOL0,c1% 1740MOVEx%,y% 1750PLOT97,w%,h% 1760GCOL0,c2% 1770MOVEx%+5,y%+5 1780PLOT97,w%-10,h%-10 1790GCOL0,c3% 1800MOVEx%+10,y%+10 1810PLOT97,w%-20,h%-20 1820ENDPROC