8-Bit Software Online Conversion

COMMENTS ON MEMBERS' PROGAMS ============================ From 0E7 Re-Inking I like this idea and will try it out when my present ribbon gives up the ghost. Will any brand of marking ink suffice or is there a recommendation? Character Definer I don't seem to be able to get this to work the way I think it is intended and can't find any key instructions. Can further information be given please? Presenting Poland part 2. This is an excellent program as was part 1. On the completion of part III could not all three programs be combined onto one disc and run as one program followed up by the Polish Carols (which are also excellent), assuming that technicalities do not prevent the idea? Union Jack Could the flag not be larger and made to flutter with the National Anthem being played? Rather ambitious I suppose but nothing to 8BS programmers (I hope). Satellite Picture Where's Michael? Tax and Insurance A very useful data bank but how does one get the money? Hopefully this will be updated or can the program be modified so DIY applies? Basic Reader This is a very interesting programme which would be great if one could obtain a printout of it. Is this possible, and if so, how? Weights and Measures As stated this was just asking for this treatment. A great improvement over the original and I don't think it can be bettered. ADFS Menu Very good but I find the instructions under the files/directories confusing: CJR (White) Choose (Green) Directory (Red) Program (Yellow) or $(Green) Is the cursor floating under C of CJR necessary, do we need CJR in the line at all? Why not amend the line if possible as follows:- Choose (White) Directory (Red) Program (Yellow) or $(White) This would line up better with the files and directories. Why cannot these be either numbered or lettered and not a mixture of both which is confusing as it exists. If the files were numbered and the directories lettered this would be more acceptable but there are some queer characters in amongst that lot. From E.J.Shuker ID 176 Disc Function. A more extensive info file would be welcome. Picture Gallery. How do we use this to show pictures from Issue 22? -- A new version of this program appears on this issue. After selecting it from the 8BS menu, insert the disk with the pictures you wish to view, choose the directory using the program's OS command option, select the appropriate MODE, and follow the on-screen prompts to choose which pictures you want displayed. Bear in mind that archived screens will have to be de-archived first, following the instructions in the Issue 22 magazine. Clock. Excellent as it survives Break. (A similar Master/BBC B program appeared on the disc with December Acorn User) Push the Bale. Has anyone a program to allow use of a) A Trackerball b) A switched joystick in place of cursor or other keys? From 20G C.J.Richardson's version of the Unit conversion Prog. (Issue 23) A handy program, with colour now by Chris. A good program improved, thank you both. The Issue 23 disc (C.Richardson) C.J.Richardson as editor of this disc was first class. He hoped that it would be entertaining and it certainly was with his graphics appearing now and again. The up and down reading of the text was helpful too. Letterbox (S.Johnson) Some good procedures here for different style text and as I am a bit slow at grasping how things work, I was very pleased with the very detailed REMs. Utils (John Carpenter) Thanks John for the util FNlen(len$,len%), the one that puts spaces after a short INPUT. I have been looking for this one for a program. Your utils also helped me to understand FN's a bit more. From 24K Character designer This crashes with a 'too many dims' error very early in the program on my machine. Does this program work on the B? Samples I enjoyed the samples contained on the ADFS disc. Please can we have more on the disc in the future. Is it possible to prevent the computer corrupting the screen? -- Sound samples are always very popular, but take up relatively huge amounts of memory and do not compress especially well (by contrast with graphics screens, which can be compressed to as little as 5% of their original size). Members who are after samples can find several megabytes of them in the TBI pool. The corruption of the screen is, I think, purely due to the length of the sample data being loaded in over-running HIMEM. This can be avoided on the Master when shadow memory is being used.