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Freeze your 6502 - Listing

10REM(C)Concord Comms 17/11/92 20REM(C)John Ilsley 17/11/92 30MODE7 40GOTO 150 50*|" THE PROGRAM....... 60DEFPROCload 70CLS 80X=OPENIN"FrzePic" 90ON ERROR GOTO 930 100A=BGET#X 110PRINTCHR$(A); 120GOTO 100 130CLOSE#X 140GOTO 930 150PROCinstructions 160PROCload 170PROCbye 180END 190DEFPROCinstructions 200CLS 210A$="       220B$="       230PRINTTAB(20-(LEN(A$)/2),0);A$ 240PRINTTAB(20-(LEN(B$)/2),1);B$ 250PRINT' 260PRINT" " 270PRINT" You will need only five it ems for " 280PRINT" this job, and if you have the first " 290PRINT" then it'll only cost you a bout 50p." 300PRINT" " 310PRINT' 320PRINT" " 330PRINT" The things you need :-" 340PRINT" " 350PRINT' 360PRINT" (1). A good soldering iron ." 370PRINT" (2). 1 STSP miniture switc h." 380PRINT" (3). 2ft fine insulated wi re." 390PRINT" (4). A steady hand and goo d eyesight."; 400PRINT" (5). These instructions!." 410PROCspace 420GOTO 470 430DEFPROCspace 440PRINT'" Press Space":A$=GET$ 450CLS 460ENDPROC 470PRINT"First disconnect the computer 's power by" 480PRINT"removing the plug from the ma ins, then " 490PRINT"remove your BBC's lid by remo ving all " 500PRINT"the four screws marked FIX. T here are 2 " 510PRINT"at the front near the Ext. po rt and the " 520PRINT"disc drive leads and 2 at the back. " 530PRINT'"Lift off the lid. Now remove any RAM/ROM" 540PRINT"boards that you have covering the center" 550PRINT"of the main motherboard." 560PRINT 570PROCspace 580PRINT"Now locate IC1 (CPC6502) main processor." 590PRINT"When you have found it locate pin 2 and " 600PRINT"pin 20. Looking onto the boar d with the " 610PRINT"keyboard towards you, pin 2 i s the 2nd" 620PRINT'"pin from the top on the left and pin 20 " 630PRINT"is the last pin nearest to yo u on the " 640PRINT"bottom left, both still on IC 1." 650PRINT 660PROCspace 670PRINT"Strip 2mm of insulation off t he wire and" 680PRINT"tip the ends with soldier. No w put one " 690PRINT"wire to pin 2 and soldier it, and the " 700PRINT"other wire to pin 20. Do this quickly to" 710PRINT"avoid heat damage to IC1." 720PRINT 730PRINT"Take the wires to the switch and solder" 740PRINT'"each wire to the two pins on the switch," 750PRINT"so there is one wire on each pin." 760PRINT 770PROCspace 780PRINT"Now put the switch into a hol e that you " 790PRINT"can now drill (Best one for t his is at " 800PRINT"the rear of the computer), an d replace " 810PRINT"the RAM/ROM boards and the li d in the " 820PRINT"reverse order of removal etc. .." 830PRINT 840PRINT"And that is it. Switch on you r BBC B, if" 850PRINT"you get nothing, turn off, fl ick the " 860PRINT"switch and turn on again. Thi s time it " 870PRINT"should be all ok. If not remo ve the " 880PRINT"switch and leave me a message in the " 890PRINT"mailbag, or call me." 910PROCspace 920ENDPROC 930PRINTTAB(0,22);"Press Space":A$=GET $:CLS:CLS:PRINT'''"Remember my BB system :-" 940PRINT'"Concord Comms..." 950PRINT'"6pm-midnight Mon-Sat" 960PRINT"3pm-midnight Sun (1p a minute !)" 970PRINT''CHR$(141);" (0705) 753124":P RINTCHR$(141);" (0705) 753124" 975PRINT''"NB : Neither 8BS nor John I lsley can be held responsible if yo u damage your machine attempting thi s upgrade." 980END