8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Introduction and News NB: Use up and down cursor keys to scroll Teletext articles, and BREAK to exit. The good news as far as this issue is concerned is that the Teletext format has been retained, the bad news is that I'm not quite as skilful with the Teletext Editor as Chris Richardson is. This issue contains a wider variety of articles than ever before (hence the different menu screen), as well as over 200K of software on the DFS version, and even more on the ADFS version. Please note that virtually all software on this issue is written or supplied by 8BS members, and so comments and constructive criticism are welcome on all programs & articles. This issue also sees the arrival of the 32016 section, which aims to support other users of the 32016 processor by providing a means of interchanging software, news, sourcecode, information etc. BBC B/Master users will not be abandoned though, as the number of people using 32016's is relatively small. In addition, the ADFS L version of issue 24 also contains some Archimedes software, and I hope to continue this in the future, although 8-bit software will remain a priority. MEMBERSHIP NEWS Membership continues to grow steadily, and looks likely to rise over forty or perhaps even fifty; the expected immediate distribution of issue 24 is around thirty-five. A recent mention in Beebug magazine has generated a new stream of enquiries, and I am also busily reruiting members by e-mail. ISSUE 23 If anyone has still not received a copy of Issue 23, please write to Chris Richardson at the address below, enclosing a disk, return postage and packing, and 50p. ISSUE 25 Issue 25 is to be edited and distributed by Chris Richardson (2J3). He can now handle 3.5" disks as well as 5.25". Send your disks with 50p, return P&P and all your comments, software submissions, articles etc., to: The deadline for getting text and submissions to Chris is 1ST FEBRUARY 1993; please try to contribute as much as you possibly can, especially text, articles and comments on other members' programs. The issue itself will be released sometime in mid-February. You can phone Chris on IMPORTANT: If you are submitting text or software concerning the 32016, please send your submissions to me (address below), as Chris does not have a 32016 and so I will be editing the Issue 25 32016 section. I will then forward your disk to Chris free of charge. ISSUE 26 This will be edited by me as normal; the deadline for submissions will be around 15th March, and hopefully the issue will be released sometime in early April. Note that if you wish to obtain software from the TBI pool you will have to order it from me along with Issue 26 since Chris does not have all the disks. CHRISTMAS CHARITY WORDPUZZLE The disk magazine contains details of a charity wordpuzzle organised by Gordon Gray, with the money going to the charity ASPIRE. Although the wordpuzzle is complex enough to provide a challenge to those who are experts at wordpuzzles, there are also many clues easy enough for absolute beginners. 8BS members have always been very generous in giving to charity in the past, and I hope that members will continue this by giving generously. Even if wordpuzzles are not your thing, please send a donation anyway. NB: entries and donations to the address given in the puzzle article, NOT to 8BS. REPTON COMPETITION This issue sees (finally) the end of the Repton competition. The four sets of Repton screens entered are in directory :0.S on the DFS version, and in directory $.ReptnScrns on the ADFS version. Can all members who own a version of Repton capable of using these screens please send in, together with your submissions etc. for issue 25 or 26, your vote for which set of screens you thought was best, and which was second-best. The votes will be collated by me and the result announced in issue 26. CONTACTING 8-BIT SOFTWARE The address remains: 8-Bit Software 1 Oakwood Drive Heaton BOLTON BL1 5EE Until mid-January, and from mid-March onwards, you can phone 0204 492613 any time after 7:30pm. My e-mail address during term-time is dgs%orion.physics@ox.ac.uk ISSUE 22 ERRATA Several members have reported problems with the issue 22 disk. Firstly, some members have been attempting to de-archive the archived software using Andrew Black's program, which 8BS is NO LONGER USING. The program needed to de-archive the software is the file BDARK, included on both versions, and the sytax is *BDARK <archive filename>. Remember to copy the archive and BDARK onto a blank disk first. Secondly, the Chain Letters game will only run on machines with Sideways RAM. My apologies for not documenting this in the disk magazine. Thirdly, I have developed suspicions that the Messages section was missed out from a few of the ADFS versions of issue 22. If anyone is missing this article, please let me know. OTHER NEWS 8BS has finally managed to get back in touch with J.G. Harston (W79), author of the HADFS filing system, who is currently in Hong Kong. One utility from Harston PD is featured on this issue, and two Harston PD disks are now in the TBI pool. I am pleased to hear that the game Push-the-Bale, written by Carl Wheat (204), which was first pulished in Issue 22, has recently appeared on the subscription disk of one of the commercial magazines. It is always nice to hear that members' programs have received some wider circulation, and it is certainly an indication of the quality of software that members are producing that this is the third piece of 8BS software that has been featured in a commercial magazine this year. Meanwhile Miroslaw Bobrowski (L1J) has written another game, named Robol, which is based on the same IBM-compatible game as Carl's version, and I am told this has been accepted for publication by Beebug magazine. COMING SOON Apart from all the other things that I have been promised in previous issues that have yet to appear; Michael Farnworth (16C) has written a program to allow BBC users to filetype files on ADFS to make them usable from the Archimedes Desktop. I am also planning to finally write (perhaps for issue 25) all the articles that I promised some time ago, possibly including: 32016 Second Processor Review 512 Upgrade Review Reviews of various other BBC B upgrades Introduction to PBM Gaming Simple Programming on the BBC Simple Intro to Assembly Language FINALLY My apologies to all those who were very keen to see this issue appear by Christmas, especially the programmers who provided us with festive software. However, I felt that it was more worthwhile taking a little longer over the issue and producing it in Teletext format, than getting it out on time and leaving everything in MODE 3. I hope the absence of an 8BS issue didn't spoil Christmas too much!