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WORD PUZZLE NUMBER 2 CHRISTMAS 1992 DONATIONS This is the second word puzzle competition, arranged by Gordon Gray, and designed to raise money for charity. This year, the charity which will benefit from your donations is ASPIRE - The Association for Spinal Injury Research, Rehabilitation and Reintegration - details of which are given below. THE PUZZLE This year's theme is DONATIONS. The puzzle is made up of 40 clues in which punctuation and context may or may not be helpful. Each clue leads to three words which form the answers. One word contains the letters DON, another the letters ATI and the third the letters ONS. The number of letters to be found for each word is indicated by dashes. One of the clues from last year's puzzle is provided as an example:- A badly torn / union / is taken apart. ` ` CER ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` AGE ` ` ` CON ` ` ` ` ` ` The answers were LACERATED, MARRIAGE and DISCONNECTED, although with markers - / - to show where each definition begins and ends, it is a little easier than the actual puzzle. To help you in your search for the 'book' answers, you are given the additional information that the letters of the alphabet which provide the initial letters of the 120 words are to be found in the following numbers. A-7 B-5 C-21 D-4 E-2 F-1 G-5 H-2 I-5 J-2 K-1 L-5 M-11 N-2 O-5 P-10 Q-2 R-4 S-10 T-2 U-4 V-3 W-4 Y-1 Z-1 I hope the standard of this year's puzzle is just about right and many of you will get high scores (do make sure you check your spelling). There are a few elusive words to provide a challenge to everyone, but if some of the words do defeat you, and you end up with what may seem only a moderate score, don't let that deter you from sending in your entry, otherwise the charity will suffer and you will have had your fun for nothing - other puzzlers, perhaps all, may have been equally baffled. DISTRIBUTION TO FRIENDS I am keen to involve as many people as possible in this year's puzzle, so as to raise as much money as possible for ASPIRE, so if any of your friends would like a copy of the puzzle, I am quite happy for you to make a photocopy for them (or 8BS members could just print out as many copies as they want), or they can contact me for an entry form by sending a s.a.e. (preferably about A4 - i.e. large enough to take the paperwork). If they are too late for this year's puzzle, then they can still send a s.a.e. to ensure they get a copy of next year's puzzle. YOUR ENTRY Please return your answers to the puzzle and a completed entry form (at the end of the puzzle) to me Gordon Gray, enclosing a donation with your entry. Please enclose a s.a.e. if you wish to have your entry returned and the answers sent to you and a further s.a.e. for next year's puzzle. Please be generous with your donations as all the money you donate will go to the charity except for the prize money. The total amount of prize money will depend on the overall amount donated, but should be in the order of £50. ...AND FINALLY Best Wishes to you all for a Happy Christmas and a successful New Year, not least in solving the puzzle. Please ensure that I recieve all entries by Saturday 30 January 1993. ASPIRE ASPIRE - The Association for Spinal Injury Research, Rehabilitation and Reintegration - was established in 1983 in an attempt to raise money for the fledgling spinal unit at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital with HRH The Princess of Wales as its patron. Eight years later, it has collected over £2 million to build a unique rehabilitation centre at the hospital; is setting up a wheelchair workshop in Eastern Europe; and is embarking on a major research venture into how modern technology can overcome the disabling effects of spinal cord injury. The first goal for the charity culminated with the royal opening of the Mike Heaffy Rehabilitation Centre and Camelia Botnar Sports Hall. This state of the art rehabilitation centre enables able-bodied and disabled people to work and play alongside each other with physical and mental barriers removed. Patients from the spinal unit using the physiotherapy facilities mix with local sports enthusiasts and former patients of RNOH; many disability groups in the greater London region have discovered the Centre's unique approach and atmosphere and are regular visitors. Since opening the Centre, ASPIRE has discovered many other needs in the field of integrating disabled and able-bodied people in the wider community. A number of projects are being funded by ASPIRE such as a mechanical arm for severely disabled people to help improve their reach and movement; specialist lightweight wheelchairs to allow ex-patients a wider range of choices as they embark on fulfilled independant lives; and halfway houses for those who can begin the process of getting on with their own lives at the earlist opportunity. The first 18 months of the Mike Heaffy Centre have been a period of learning as to how best to tackle ASPIRE's goal of reintegration in resolutely practical terms. The psychological benefits gained by those who have recently suffered a spinal cord injury in witnessing the achievements and quality of life of other wheelchair users cannot be overestimated. The centre has provided just such an environment where everyone who comes through its doors has both something to learn and something to give.