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Repton Passwords - Listing

10MODE7:VDU23;8202;0;0;0; 20PRINT'''''' 30PRINT"     50PRINT"" 60PRINT"     80PRINT"" 90PRINT"       110PRINT"" 120PRINT"   140A=INKEY(500):PROCM 150MODE7:END 160DEFPROCM:CLS:R%=420:L%=11:PROCR 170A=GET-48:IFA<1ORA>6THENGOTO170 180IFA=1THENPROCR1 190IFA=2THENPROCR3 200IFA=3THENPROCRA 210IFA=4THENPROCRL 220IFA=5THENPROCRT 230IFA=6THENENDPROC 240ENDPROC 250DEFPROCR1:CLS:R%=430:L%=12:PROCR:PR OCS:PROCM 260ENDPROC 270DEFPROCR3:CLS:R%=480:L%=12:PROCR:PR OCS 280CLS:R%=500:PROCR:PROCS:PROCM 290ENDPROC 300DEFPROCRA:CLS:R%=520:L%=12:PROCR:PR OCS 310CLS:R%=540:PROCR:PROCS 320CLS:R%=560:PROCR:PROCS:PROCM 330ENDPROC 340DEFPROCRL:CLS:R%=580:L%=12:PROCR:PR OCS 350CLS:R%=600:PROCR:PROCS 360CLS:R%=620:PROCR:PROCS:PROCM 370ENDPROC 380DEFPROCRT:CLS:R%=640:L%=12:PROCR:PR OCS 390CLS:R%=660:PROCR:PROCS 400CLS:R%=680:PROCR:PROCS:PROCM 410ENDPROC 420DATA""," REPTON PASSWORDS", ""," 1 Repton 1."," 2 Repton 3."," 3 Around The World In Forty Screens."," 4 Life Of Repton."," 5 Repton Thru Time. "," 6 Exit Program",""," Please Sel ect (1 - 6)" 430DATA" REPTON 1"," ========","A full list of passwords for Repton 1." 440DATA"" 450DATA"A SCREEN ONE B CHAMELE ON","C TERRAPIN D SIDEWINDER", "E GECKO F PYTHON","G SALA MANDER H IGUANA" 460DATA"I CUTTLEFISH J OCTOPUS ","K GIANT CLAM L THE KRAKEN" 470DATA""," Press Space For Men u." 480DATA" REPTON 3"," ========","A full list of passwords and edit","codes for the original REPTON 3","" 490DATA"PRELUDE","A PRELUDE 56882 B CITADEL 48042","C MORNING 13330 D AWKWARD 33023","E FRITTER 24656 F LAWLESS 8515","G RATION 3447 H TOBACCO 2303",""," Press S pace For More." 500DATA"TOCCATA","A TOCCATA 48042 B UPSTART 6527","C OCTAGON 27492 D CHAOTIC 20312","E MAJESTY 1356 F REVENUE 16713","G FORESEE 50190 H RESERVE 65280","" 510DATA"FINALE","A FINALE 27246 B ENLIVEN 24937","C CONTEST 3200 D ILLEGAL 19786","E APPEASE 3346 F STUDENT 20055","G AVERAGE 16660 H PHOENIX 51762"," Press Spa ce For Menu." 520DATA" AROUND THE WORLD IN 40 SCREEN S"," ==============================","A full list of passwords and edit","codes for Repton's globetrotting","adventures. ","" 530DATA"AMERICA","A AMERICA 52463 B CURTAIN 57036","C VAMPIRE 2457 D CREATED 2560","E LUNATIC 16961 F MAXIMUM 15699","G COMPOSE 56696 H COLOURS 10568"," Press Spa ce For More." 540DATA"ARCTIC","A ARCTIC 25363 B DIAMOND 20049","C RUBBISH 44028 D MANAGER 10455","E PACKAGE 18279 F PRIVATE 43587","G CAPITAL 8380 H DUNGEON 21510","" 550DATA"ORIENT","A ORIENT 10019 B THRUST 47727","C COLONEL 29389 D PERSONS 29842","E CRICKET 48573 F TUNNELS 13365","G INTENSE 34674 H GALLERY 36424"," Press Spa ce For More." 560DATA"OCEANS","A OCEANS 34645 B MAGENTA 44892","C ELECTED 15334 D DISEASE 14536","E THEATRE 14089 F DREAMER 16710","G CURRANT 55886 H GENERAL 13003","" 570DATA"AFRICA","A AFRICA 53997 B WELCOME 54996","C WORKING 36857 D FIREMAN 13942","E KESTREL 25155 F REFRACT 26421","G ADDRESS 39304 H RECEIVE 51901"," Press Spa ce For Menu." 580DATA" LIFE OF REPTON"," =========== ===","A full list of passwords and edit" ,"codes for Repton's autobiographical"," levels.","" 590DATA"BABY","A BABY 15890 B KEYHOLE 44287","C FAILURE 58847 D GADGETS 24882","E REACTOR 61197 F REUNION 19047","G OBSERVE 5067 H DIVERGE 36440"," Press Space For More." 600DATA"SCHOOL","A SCHOOL 36216 B ADVANCE 14562","C BAPTISE 49514 D LESSONS 39008","E ZIPPERS 21622 F BLEAKLY 27442","G CORPSES 4831 H ZYGOTES 21882","" 610DATA"TEENS","A TEENS 61268 B TURBINE 32854","C WEAKEN 51857 D CHEAPLY 53452","E OVERLAP 22068 F PADLOCK 43672","G DIALLED 13517 H CIRCLES 4405"," Press Space For More." 620DATA"WORK","A WORK 21012 B INCLINE 7014","C HOSTAGE 60159 D TWISTED 9677","E TAXABLE 14439 F WARTIME 21383","G ALGEBRA 57802 H BETTING 996","" 630DATA"OAP","A OAP 20910 B UNAWARE 18760","C SOAKING 57020 D EVOLVES 21489","E QUIBBLE 52892 F NATIVES 30995","G JUMPING 21164 H SHALLOW 35064"," Press Space For Menu." 640DATA" THRU TIME"," =========","A fu ll list of passwords and edit","codes fo r Repton's time-travelling","adventures. ","" 650DATA"PREHIST","A PREHIST 12345 B HEATERS 16494","C HILLOCK 29652 D PILFERS 28265","E MEDIATE 25655 F COMPACT 9761","G CARTOON 43981 H TUBULAR 35862"," Press Spa ce For More." 660DATA"EGYPT","A EGYPT 8473 B FAVOURS 5012","C HAPPENS 48238 D PERSONS 2247","E CONQUER 31761 F EVENING 19495","G MASTERS 52592 H PIMPLES 51035","" 670DATA"VICTORI","A VICTORI 54066 B MERCURY 57950","C CLEAVER 62809 D BINDERS 31463","E CONFUSE 35584 F JINGLES 10659","G DOLPHIN 45367 H MINSTER 23180"," Press Sp ace For More." 680DATA"NOW","A NOW 54524 B OCTAGON 21370","C CASTLES 48417 D CHARLES 4698","E GREATER 58449 F BOOKLET 23963","G FUNTIME 64332 H SAVOURS 29294","" 690DATA"FUTURE","A FUTURE 33776 B ORACLES 1119","C STAPLER 36126 D DANCING 46223","E FANCIER 48475 F BANANAS 34409","G EVEREST 54136 H KINGDOM 53546"," Press Spac e For Menu." 700DEFPROCdb(T$):PRINTCHR$141+T$'CHR$1 41+T$:ENDPROC 710DEFPROCR:RESTORER%:FORI=1TOL%:READA $:PROCdb(A$):NEXTI:ENDPROC 720DEFPROCS:REPEATUNTILGET=32:ENDPROC