8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                                                        To : 999 (All members) From : 27N (John Ilsley) Subject: Concord comms BB and wants .....my board is down because my modem has .....(EDITOR-ceased to function)... .. I need a ROM image of the 27128 chip from the inside of my WS4000 modem. We had a power surge a few weeks ago and my Master, Drives and Modem all went for a burton. I have repaired my Master and disc drives, but not the modem. Can anyone help me out? Does anyone have AMX stop press with associated files to sell? Has anyone got an NLQ font design program for the EPSON FX80 printer?  To : 0E7 and 999 (All members) From : 2J3 Subject: Program feedback Thankyou for bothering to send in comments about software I have submitted. In reply to your suggestion about getting a printout from the program reader "BASREAD", there are 2 methods. The first one involves no changes to the program at all. When the program prompts you for a file name hold down CONTROL+B, this switches the printer on and all output will go to the printer, you must then hold down CONTROL+C to stop the printer. The problem with this method is that the disc catalogue will be printed also. To get around this you need to alter the program slightly. LOAD"BASREAD" 335 VDU 2 345 VDU 3 The addition of these 2 lines to the program is a very good idea. Another broadside of comments this time about the ADFS menu system I wrote. The info line printed at the bottom of the catalogue is far better when altered as you suggest. Line 730 holds the data which can be altered easily. I included the CJR because that's me! The flashing cursor could be switched off I suppose. The characters printed alongside the catalogue was a tricky one. The idea of the program is that you use a single keypress to select a program or directory. There can be up to 47 names in a directory. With 26 letters in the alphabet and 10 numeric keys, that leaves 11 characters to find. I found the simplest way to program this was by using ASCII codes starting with the code for 0 increasing by 1 for each catalogue entry up to the ASCII code for ^. It has a slightly odd effect I know, but that's the best I can do! Thanks for the comments 0E7.                                                     To : 999 (All members) From : K1A Subject: Kaga printer commands. ... I would like to make a suggestion regarding the book review mentioning Kaga printer commands. There is a much simpler way to get commands to the printer by means of *FX3,10,1 and *FX3,0,0. Use *FX3,10,1 to initialise the printer (VDU2 not required). Then use the printer commands direct from your manual, replacing LPRINT with PRINT. When the commands are finished, use *FX3,0,0 to reset to screen mode. This will accept all control codes and text and pass direct to the printer without affecting the layout of the screen and back to the screen without any unneeded marks on the screen or printer.  To : 999 (All Members) From : 2J3 (Chris Richardson) Subject: Software I have a quantity of software still for sale. Are there any offers? I am open to any offers at all as everything must go. To be honest, I really do need the shelf space. Here it is: On disc Knitwear designer The Gold Collection Revs Speech Nursery rhymes Fun school (3 discs) Cheat it again joe volume 4 On tape: Tablesums Numberfun Getset Lord of the rings Graphic Adventure Creator 10 computer hits Repton 2 Alien 8 I also have a BBC B, Single Cumana drive and colour monitor for sale. Any offers? I also have the BBC advanced user guide for sale. How could you resist that? My address is: 17 Lambert Park road Hedon Hull HU12 8HF  To : 999 (All members) From : 2J3 Subject: 5.25" discs for sale             I have now purchased a large quantity of 5.25 inch discs DS DD with the intention of passing them on to anyone that wants them. Buying them in bulk enabled me to get them quite cheaply. They cost me 27.5p each. If you want some, any quantity from 1 upwards, contact me, you can have them for exactly what it cost me. That's 27.5 pence each plus whatever the postage may be to send them on to you. For instance: Send £1.00p and a first class stamp, I will send you 3 DFS formatted discs. Or send £3.25p and I will send 10 discs to you (this includes postage of 50p). Anyone interested, drop me a line. By the way, if anyone can get discs more cheaply, please let the rest of us know! Write to: C.J.Richardson 17 Lambert Park Road Hedon Hull HU12 8HF Or give me a tinkle on 0482 896868 P.S. There have been a number of enquiries already about this offer, homes have been found for 80 discs, it would seem that they are good value at this price. I shall shortly be ordering another 100 if orders continue.  To : 999 (All) From : 8J4 Subject: ADFS and SWR for a model B I have very little knowledge of the subject. Please could someone give me advice on how and where to get and fit SWR and ADFS into my BBC model B?  To : 999 (All) From : 0E7 Subject: *SPOOL after my message in issue 24 The programme that I had problems spooling appeared in BEEBUG November 92 page 46. I could not get the two programmes to SPOOL after following the instructions. Since I requested help I accidentally *SPOOLed the two programmes. I *RUN them I think and Hey-PRESTO (or is it TESCO in my case) the task was accomplished. I think the BBCB manual gave far more detail than the MASTER manual. Unfortunately it is some two years since I parted with the BEEB and I cannot be certain that what I have done is correct. Can anyone confirm the correct way to *SPOOL two files please?  Let's assume you have 2 files  that you wish to join together. Let's be adventurous and call them FILE1 and FILE2. Ensure that the two files are numbered differently, ie FILE1 is numbered from 10 to 300 and FILE2 is numbered 310 to 500. Then enter these commands: LOAD "FILE2" *SPOOL NEWFILE LIST *SPOOL LOAD "FILE1" *EX. NEWFILE That's it. Don't forget to save the new file!  To : 999 (All) From : 0E7 Subject: Database required Does any one have a database programme that will run on the Master they can supply or suggest a suitable commercial one that will meet the following specification please. SPECIFICATION A minimum of 8 fields preferably about 12. Each field must be capable of at least 40 bytes minimum. Capacity of 400 records minimum. Records filed alphabetically. A printer dump of either individual records or a block of consecutive records or a random selection of records. Only pertinent data to be dumped ie field titles and relevant data. Not to include key instructions etc. The records must be capable of amendment. Backward and forward consecutive search or, individual selection of records. Amendment of the FIELD TITLE Any further capabilities would be considered a bonus. Anyone written any good data programmes lately please?  To : 999 and 6EE (Mick Needham) From : K1B Subject: ASIC error Re : ASIC error. ASIC is surely BASIC, (analogous to the way the MOS stores BASIC variables in alphabetical lists). So maybe one of the ROMs is mis- handling the BRK vector and not directing the BASIC pointer to the first letter of an error message which service ROMs store in &100 upwards, ie at the bottom of the stack storage zone. Having read this Page 1 message, BASIC then adds its own 'at line xxx'. Try typing REPORT to see what this offers. Check that the pins of the ATPL board are firmly engaged in the motherboard sockets IC73 & IC51. (Take care, they're long and thin). If not, one gets a NO BASIC message, but I suppose intermittent contact could cause a ROM error signal if it occurred during a service call from the MOS. SAVE and LOAD operate via OSFILE which I guess prompts the MOS to put out a service call for the current disc filing system. This call will be passed down from ROM 15 until the DFS ROM accepts it. Or is it upwards from 0 with ATPL fitted, I don't remember? Therefore could a ROM upstream of the DFS ROM be generating the error signal - a call to OSBYTE &BA will return the ROM No in the X register. cf Advanced User Guide. Or send for Dump-a-Rom! Anyone got ATPL documentation to spare please?  To : 999 and 483 (D.G.Shimmin) From : K1B Subject: ROM-AID Sleuth is a BASIC debugger,EXMON II a machine code monitor and Toolkit has about 28 commands to do mainly with BASIC prog. editing. All are by BEEBUG. Graphics Extension ROM by Computer Concepts has about 30 commands for sprite manipulation, turtle graphics and general graphic routines. I have difficulty using EXMON, the terse manual being aimed at experienced coders. You can borrow my copy after 1 March. A tutorial (disk demo) would be very welcome for the Trace and Dual screen utility in particular. I currently employ a blue screen to hide the expletives.  To : 999 (All) From : 19F (Theo Gray) Subject: Roms As lots of people have been asking about Roms without manuals recently, can anyone help me with a Tape/Disc Rom called "TD" from Vine Micros which I've got. I have quite a few cassette games which I would like to run from disk, but which do not seem to work with other Tape-Disk copiers. (games such as Repton through time, Bismark, Blockbusters, and many more). Typing "*TD" gives a title screen, with options on. I am able to copy the programs from Tape to Disk without any difficulty, but have no idea how to run them. Even after changing a file's options and typing its letter from the main screen, I can still not get the programs to work, as I just get "Searching" at the bottom of the screen, even though the cassette motor LED does not light, and everything stops. CAN ANYONE HELP??  To : 999 (All) From : 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: 800k Disc format At the risk of appearing stupid, can anyone tell me why the Archimedes can get 800k on a disc while 8-bit ADFS only goes up to 640k? I know that it's possible to achieve 720k on an 8-bit BBC (as in Watford Electronics' DDFS), but what enables the Archimedes to get the extra 80k on? I think the Master 512 has an 800k disc format (or have I been misled?) Does it have its own disc controller or does it use the one in the host computer - and if it does, then why can't someone write a utility to do something like this on a standard Master? I know that it wouldn't be a proper filing system, but it would be useful for storing old files etc., and in a similar fashion it might also be possible to read (or even write) Archimedes discs. This is pure speculation - I expect there is some reason why it's not possible (surely someone would have done it by now if it is), but if it won't work, I'd like to know why.  To : 999 (All) From : 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: 6EE's ASIC error It seems likely to me that the ASIC error is related to the word BASIC. I don't think it's a proper error - I've looked through the BASIC ROM a few times and I haven't noticed it (although I didn't carry out a thorough search). It's probably caused by a bad connection somewhere, but failing that, it could be just a variant on the OSCLIPLOTSIN type of error. I think ASIC does stand for something, though, but I'm almost certain that this isn't relevant in this particular case.  To : 999 (All) From : L1J (Miroslaw Bobrowski) Subject: Help please I would greatly appreciate if someone could supply me with a copy of the article "3D Construction set" and of the accompanying program listings. This article was published in the "A & B Computing" in June or in July 1987. Thank you in advance. My address is as follows: Miroslaw Bobrowski, Waszyngtona 22-A m. 41, 15-274 Bialystok, POLAND.  To : 999 (All) From : YJ2 (Andrew Snodgrass) Subject: Designing sound envelopes Some while back someone asked whether there was a program available on the BEEB with which you could design envelopes on screen. On my wanderings through back issues of the Micro User I found such a program: "Island Logic's Music System", which features an AMX style user interface. 24.95 was the price quoted in the issue (Micro User, April 1985,p.78/79), but I doubt this is still the case.  To : 999 (All) From : YJ2 (Andrew Snodgrass) Subject: Pengo cheat This is for the H.Soft(1983) version of Pengo by S.Harding. LOAD PENGO2 1800 THE FOLLOWING "&" VALUES ARE IN HEXADECIMAL(HEX)!! ?&1F89=&no. of points for destroying one ice cube. ?&22F5=&no. of lives. e.g. for 4 lives ?&22F5=&04 For infinate lives: ?&3034=&EA:?&3035=&EA:?&3036=&EA Finally once you have carried out your chosen alterations use the following: CALL &3F00 A very big thanks goes to M.T.Farnworth (16C) for his article on cheats for machine code games and Hac Man for his similar articles.  To : 999 (All) From : YJ2 (Andrew Snodgrass) Subject: Reading disc catalogues from programs Can anyone give me a detailed account of how to read files from the *CATalogue and utilise the filenames, thus found, using BASIC? Thanks for the tip, but *E. doesn't seem to work. It may be that I have a duff ROM!?                                     