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D E S I R E A B L E W E I G H T S F O R M E N (M E T R I C ) Height Small Frame. Medium Frame. Large Frame. in shoes 2.5cm heels. 157 51.0-54.5 52.5-59.0 57.0-64.0 160 52.0-56.0 55.0-60.5 59.0-65.5 162 53.5-57.0 56.0-62.0 60.0-67.0 165 55.0-59.0 58.0-63.0 61.0-69.0 167 56.0-60.5 59.0-65.0 63.0-71.0 170 58.0-62.0 61.0-67.0 66.5-73.0 172 60.0-64.0 63.0-69.0 67.0-75.5 175 62.0-66.0 64.5-71.0 68.5-77.0 177 63.5-68.0 66.0-72.5 70.5-79.0 180 65.5-72.0 68.0-75.0 72.0-81.0 182 67.0-72.0 70.0-77.0 74.0-83.5 185 69.0-73.5 72.0-79.5 76.0-86.0 188 71.0-76.0 73.5-82.0 78.5-88.0 190 72.5-77.5 76.0-84.0 81.0-90.5 193 74.5-79.5 78.0-86.0 82.5-93.0 D E S I R E A B L E W E I G H T S F O R W O M E N (M E T R I C ) Height Small Frame. Medium Frame. Large Frame. in shoes 2.5cm heels. 147 42.0-44.5 43.5-48.5 47.0-54.0 150 43.0-46.0 44.5-50.0 48.0-55.5 152 43.5-47.0 46.0-51.0 49.5-57.0 155 45.9-48.5 47.0-53.0 51.0-58.0 157 46.0-50.0 48.5-54.0 52.0-59.5 160 48.0-51.0 50.0-55.5 53.5-61.0 162 49.0-53.0 51.0^57.0 55.0-63.0 165 50.5-54.0 53.0-59.0 57.0-64.5 167 52.0-56.0 54,5-61.0 60.5-68.0 170 53.5-58.0 56.0-63.0 60.5-68.0 172 55.5-59.5 58.0-65.0 62.0-70.0 175 57.0-61.0 60.0-67.0 64.0-72.0 177 59.0-63.5 62.0-65.5 66.0-74.0 180 61.0-65.5 63.5-70.5 68.0-76.0 183 63.0-67.0 65.5-72.0 69.5-78.5 E Q U I P M E N T F O R W E I G H T T R A I N I N G York wide stance bench 6 position back rest, 2 bar supports 41.5x47x32inch Bars Discs 5ft Chrome Knurled bb 6.00km 13.20lbs. 2 7.50km 16.52lbs 1ft Chrome Knurled db 1.00km 2.20lbs 2 5.00km 11.02lbs 3ft Chrome Triceps b. 1.25km 2.75lbs 6 2.50km 5.50lbs Allen key collars .25km .55lbs 6 1.25km 2.75lbs Lever Collars .25km .55lbs 6 .50km 1.10lbs 2 spring collars with Tric Bar - York Gloves - Calf Block Equipment loading weights kms/lbs DB Bar + 1.25 + col 4.00km 8.81lbs DB Bar + 1.25 + .50 + col 5.00km 11.02lbs DB Bar + 2.50 + col 6.50km 14.32lbs DB Bar + 2.50 + .50 + col 7.50km 16.52lbs DB Bar + 2.50 + 1.25 + col 9.00km 18.25lbs BB Bar + 2.50 + col 11.50km 25.35lbs BB Bar + 2.50 + .50 + col 12.50Km 27.50lbs BB Bar + 2.50 + 1.25 + col 14.50km 32.00lbs BB Bar + 2.50 + 1.25 + .50 + col 13.50km 29.75lbs BB Bar + 5.00 + col 16.50km 35.25lbs BB Bar + 5.00 + .50 + col 17.50km 38.50lbs BB Bar + 5.00 + 1.25 + col 19.50km 43.00lbs BB Bar + 5.00 + 1.25 + .50 + col 20.00km 44.10lbs BB Bar + 5.00 + 2.50 + col 21.00km 47.25lbs BB Bar + 5.00 + 2.50 + 1.25 + col 23.50km 52.00lbs BB Bar + 5.00 + 2.50 + 1.25 + .50 + col 24.50km 54.00lbs BB Bar + 7.50 + col 21.00km 47.25lbs BB Bar + 7.50 + .50 + col 22.00km 48.50lbs BB Bar + 7.50 + 1.25 + col 24.00km 53.00lbs BB Bar + 7.50 + 1.25 + .50 + col 25.00km 55.00lbs BB Bar + 7.50 + 2.50 + col 26.50km 58.50lbs BB Bar + 7.50 + 2.50 + 1.25 + col 27.50km 60.50lbs BB Bar + 7.50 + 2.50 + 1.25 + .50 + col 30.00km 66.15lbs BB Bar + 7.50 + 5.00 + col 31.50km 69.50lbs BB Bar + 7.50 + 5.00 + .50 + col 32.50km 71.50lbs BB Bar + 7.50 + 5.00 + 1.25 + col 34.00km 75.00lbs BB Bar + 7.50 + 5.00 + 2.50 + col 36.50km 80.50lbs BB Bar + 7.50 + 5.00 + 2.50 + .50 + col 37.50km 82.65lbs TB Bar + 2.50 + col 6.25km 13.75lbs TB Bar + 2.50 + 1.25 + col 8.75km 19.30lbs TB Bar + 2.50 + 1.25 + .50 + col 9.75km 21.50lbs E X E R C I S E S F O R T H E C H E S T ------------------------------------------------ The following exercises with free or machine weights are all ones used for development of the Chest (Pectorals) (a). Bench Press (Flat). (b). Barbell Pullover (on bench) (c). Dumbell flying (seated and standing) (d). Pectoral Pulldowns (Machine or Cable) Full details of these excercises if not known see Training for Supermuscular Schedule 6. Body Building Mag. Vol 12 No4 Page 100 E X E R C I S E S F O R T H E D E L T O I D S ------------------------------------------------------ The following exercises with weights are all useful for the development of the Deltoids (the Top shoulder muscles) (a). Forward raises with dumbell or barbell ... anterior deltoids (b). Alternate dumbell presses seated/standing or incline ... anterior (c). All barbell or dumbbell presses overhead ... anterior deltoids (d). Barbell press behind neck standing/seated ... anterior and lateral (e). Lateral raises with dumbells seated or standing...lateral deltoids (f). Upright rowing using variety of hand spacing ...lateral and posterior deltoids. (g). Bent over laterals ...posterior deltoids TRAPEZIUS and REAR DELTOIDS --------------------------- PRESS (back). -Perform every other day -------------------------------------- With barbell resting on your shoulders behind your neck, stand erect feet spread shoulder width apart. Inhaling lift bar straight up until your arms are almost but not quite straight.Lower bar slowly exhaling. Repeat but this time do not return the bar to your shoulders but cut the descent short to work on your frontal and lateral deltoids. ARM EXTENSTION (ONE) --------------------- It is important that you pay particular attention to elbows in this one. Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, clasp a dumbell at one end with both hands, raise it behind you head until your elbows are at a 45 degree angle so as to work your triceps completely. Take a breath and lower the dumbell as far as you possibly can behind you, leaning back slightly. Then slowly return to original position. This is a tough exercise but will produce great results and a little pain at first. ARM EXTENSTION (TWO) --------------------- Stand with a dumbell in your right hand and raise it above your head, at the same time rotating your elbow close to the back of your head keeping your elbow close to your head draw a deep breath, then very slowly lower it behind your head towards the top of your shoulders and eventually you would be able to lower it to the middle of your back! slowly exhale straighten your arm again with your arm hugging your head, until it is above you again. Repeat with left arm. E X E R C I S E S F O R T H I G H & C A L F --------------------------------------------------- The following exercises with weights are all useful for the development of the thigh and calf muscles. (a). Leg extenstions. (b). Squats (c). Leg Press (on machines) or Hack Squats (d). Leg Curls. (e). Calf Raises (and or Donkey Raises with partner) For full details of excercises see Body Building Mag Vol 12 No 6 MUSCLES USED IN VARIOUS WEIGHT TRAINING ROUTINES. ________________________________________________ EQUIPMENT ROUTINE MUSCLES --------- ------- ------- DB Stand Forward Raise Deltoids DB Stand Lateral Raise Outer Head Deltoids DB Stand Bent forward Lat Raise Rear Deltoids DB Bench Lat Raise (lying) Deltoids BB Stand Press behind neck Triceps-Deltoids-Flexors DB Stand Single arm rowing Biceps-brachialls-Flexors DB Stand Screw curl Biceps DB Bench Bench Press (flat) Triceps-Pectorals-Deltoids. DB Bench Triceps bench Press (flat) Triceps DB Stand Triceps bench forward Triceps BB Stand Trunk forward bend Lat Dorsi-trapezius-Biceps BB Bench Straight arm pullover Lat Dorsi-triceps-serratus BB Bench Bench Press (flat) Triceps-pectorals-deltoids BB Bench Bent arm pullover Lat Dorsi-pectorals-triceps-deltoids BB Stand Upright rowing Trapezius-biceps-deltoids BB Stand Bent over rowing Lat Dorsi-trapezius-biceps-spine erect DB Stand Side to side bend Obliques BB Stand High pull ups Calves-hamstrings-quadriceps-lumbers DB Stand Fly Pectorals-front deltoids Notes:- DB= Dumbells BB= Barbells Stand= Ex to be executed Standing Bench= Use Bench set in appropriate position Reps and Sets to be executed according to abillity, but increase both progressively and keep records of progress (Important) Muscles of the Arm (NB The Triceps should be two thirds and the Biceps should be one third in proportion Arms -Biceps Brachii Mass BB Heavy curls BB Cheat curls Length & Thickness BB Incline bench curls BB Prone bench curls BB Preacher curls BB Arm blaster curls DB Curls (all varieties) Height BB Concentration curls DB Curls with wrist twist Outer DB Curls towards centre of body BB Narrow grip curls BB Narrow grip preacher curls Inner BB Standing curls BB Standing curls BB Wide grip preacher curls DB Curls seated/standing DB Curls incline bench DB Alternate curls Arms -Triceps Brachii Mass BB Narrow grip bench press BB Standing triceps press Dips Upper & Lower Kickbacks (seated/standing) Dips Outer DB Bench triceps extenstion DB Kickbacks (seated/standing) BB behind neck triceps extenstion Inner BB French Press BB Close grip bench press Triceps push downs Arms -Forearms Inside Flexors BB wrist curls BB Behind back wrist curls Outer Flexors BB Reverse wrist curls BB Reverse wrist curls (preacher) Muscles of the Shoulder Group. Muscles. Exercises. Shoulders Deltoids(a 3 headed muscle Front. DB raise (stand/seat) BB press Upight rowing. Inc. Bench DB/BB Press Inc. Bench DB flys Side. DB Lateral raise Rear. Bent over lateral raises(stand/seat) Inc. Bench lateral raises(face down) Rear. Rear lateral raises (twist wrist) Trapezius Shrugs & upright rowing Reverse lateral raises All rowing exercises Muscles of the Chest Group. Muscles. Exercises. Chest Pectorals Subclavicus BB/DB Incline bench Press Upper BB/DB Decline bench flys Lower BB/DB Decline bench press BB/DB Incline bench Press Dips Inner BB/DB Presses and flys holding constriction BB/DB Narrow grip bench press Outer DB Flys concenration on full stretch DB Flys concenration on full stretch BB/DB Incline bench press wide grip BB/DB Bench press wide grip DB Flys BB Incline bench press normal grip Dips Rib Cage BB DB Pullovers(bench) BB/DB Narrow grip bench press Serratus-Anterior Chins with wide grip Narrow grip pull downs (machine) BB DB Pullovers Muscles of the Back Group. Muscles. Exercises. Back Trapzius Upper Chins Upper and lower Upper Inc bench flys also :- Subclavicus Lower Dec Bench Press BB/DB small cylinder Lower Dips muscles Inner Bench press BB/DB Latissimus-Dorsi Inner Bench flys Spinal Errector Upper Bent over rows DB/BB Upper T Bar rows Upper Single arm rows Lower Incs serratus. Lower Narrow grip chins Lower Bench pullovers Lower Good morning Lower Deadlift Anterior Pulldowns (machine) Muscles of the Abdomen Group. Muscles. Exercises. Abdomen. Rectus Abdominals Upper. Sit ups External Obliques Upper. Crunches Lower. Straight leg raises Intercostals Upper. Inc.bench sit ups Upper. Floor sit ups Upper. Roman Chair Lower. Leg raises Lower. Inc.bench leg raises Lower. Hanging leg raises Lower. Alternate leg raises Lower. Leg tucks Obliques and Twists Intercostals Straight leg deadlifts Side Bends All sit ups All leg raises Abdominals plus Good morning Back Straight leg deadlifts Twist Kickbacks with weight Rear leg raises Muscles of the Thighs Group. Muscles. Exercises. Thighs Quardriceps:- Lower Squats Tensor Fasciae Latae Lower Hack squats Rectus Fendris Lower Leg extensions Vastus Lateralis Vastus Medialis Outer Front squats Sartorius Outer Hack squats Outer Leg press (feet together) Outer Leg press (feet together) Inside Lunges Inside Straight leg deadlifts Inside Leg curls Inside Squats with wide stance Front Hack squats (with heels on blocks) Front Sissy squats Muscles of the Calves Group. Muscles. Exercises. Calves Soleus For overall development:- Gastocnemius Stand. calf raises Tibialis Seat. calf raises Donkey calf raises. Function of One leg calf raises muscles to flex Reverse calf raises(for front) foot