8-Bit Software Online Conversion

To : 999 (All) From : YJ2 (Andrew Snodgrass) Subject: SOLINET (I am member 069 if you want to contact me via the NET) Some of you BEEB devotees may have seen the news items in the Acorn User and Micro User about SOLINET which is a self help BBC Micro user group like 8BS (not a P.D. software house). SOLINET is based around a bi-monthly disc magazine which supports the BBC A, BBC B, B+ and Master (128 and compact) and is edited by Ron Marshall. Useful utilities and programs also appear regularly on the disc. This along with the user group's extensive library (called SOLILIB) of software makes sure that the members are not short of useful programs, games and utilities. Some of the software present in SOLINET and many SOLINET issues, is with permission from Solidisk technology. So if you have any Solidisk add-ons there is an even better reason to join in with the fun. So far there have been 37 (80T DFS) issues spanning over the many years since it was founded in 1986. If you join these back issues are available at 30p per issue as long as you provide your own formatted discs. Unfortunately SOLINET has a large shortage of members, and it has been said that the group (or NET as they prefer to call it) may have to end due to the fact that they only have thirty odd members!. Now being a member I have found that this is indeed a very good user group and would highly recommend joining the NET considering the lack of support for BBC users from commercial publications. It costs 4 a year to join and the membership year begins in January. 4 isn't really a lot considering it is 50p a month for an 8- bit issue. If you send Ron an identifiable blank formatted disk in any of the following formats, and if you ask nicely, I am sure he will provide you with a back issue (and information sheet) before you decide whether to join or not. Ron Marshall can take 5.25" discs in the following forms: Single density 80T DFS (or 40T) and 640k ADFS He can also cope with 3.5" discs in DFS OR ADFS, but prefers 5.25" if possible. You also need to send RETURN POSTAGE and an ADDRESS LABEL IN AN EASILY RE-USED PACKAGE. If only on 40T remember, ONE 80T side=TWO 40T sides. The ADDRESS to send your disc to is: SOLINET The BBC Micro User Group 41 Westbrook Drive Rainworth Mansfield Notts. NG21 0FB So what's your excuse?!? Join now or you will surely regret it. I am wondering if SOLINET would be interested in hearing about 8-Bit Software and what they do. Do 8-Bit members mind if I show off some of their software to SOLINET?! (After all most of it is PD). I would especially like to hear the editor's comment on this. (YJ2) .......Editor...... Yes Andrew, by all means send whatever you want. ALL of the software in 8BS is PD. We want to gain as wide a circulation as possible. In fact I shall be sending a copy of this issue to SOLINET. We also have a membership crisis by the way. But as long as there at least a couple of other members we will not fold. We will hold on steadfastly to the end!