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Cosine graph 2 - Listing

10REM Trig2 20REM by Andrew Snodgrass 30REM This is PD software 40REM 16th January 1992 50: 60MODE1:VDU5 70READ R$ 80REM Cosine graph 90FORX=0 TO 10 STEP .1 100m%=((X*20)-10)/2 110VDU4:PRINTTAB(0,0);X,m%:G=GET:VDU5 120MOVE X*200,500+(COS X)*150 130IF X<=.5 NEXT 140REMCOLOUR m% 150PRINT MID$(R$,m%,1) 160NEXT 170: 180REM Sine graph 190FORX=0 TO 10 STEP .1 200MOVE X*200,500+(SIN X)*150 210NEXT 220END 230DATA "A n d r e w ' s B r i l l T r i g F u n c t i o n L e t t e r P r i n t e r"