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CURSOR KEYS TO SCROLL, BREAK TO EXIT       DISK MAGAZINE The following articles are available from the disk magazine menu. As usual, simply enter the article number for the standard scrolling Teletext format, prefix the number with P for a printout, or with A for a MODE 3 display. For example, A101 would display the Editorial in MODE 3 format. Editorial Introduction, news, comment, suggestions etc. User Response An excellent amount of comments, suggestions and constructive criticisms on members' programs & articles. Questionnaire instructions Instructions on how to use the questionnaire program. Please read carefully. FILL IN QUESTIONNAIRE This is not an article, but will run the questionnaire program for you to fill in. Don't worry, it doesn't take very long. See separate instrux article. Archimedes Debate pt.3 A further contribution to the discussion, this time from Phillip Miller. ADFS Debate The next argument...Steven Flintham (15A), Fred Nevin (0E7) and myself (483) discuss CJR's comments last issue. About this issue Humour pt.1 Some light-hearted PD text submitted (but not written by) Steven Flintham. Beware American spellings. Humour pt.2 More of the same Humour pt. 3 And again... MailBox part 1 User messages, with the emphasis on technical info, programming etc. MailBox part 2 User messages, this time concentrating more on general discussion and questions, plus hardware & software For Sale/Wanted etc. Sound Envelopes Silas S. Brown (3HJ) explains how BBC sound envelopes are constructed, and offers advice and some examples. Program Documentation Full instructions for the Mortgage calculator program, Joker, and the Banners utility. Guess Who Info Instructions for Chris Richardson's game. Green suggestions Save the planet, the rainforests, your local area...and some money. Suggestions on how to help the environment. Technological Progress? Much delayed, Steven Flintham considers the rate of modern technological advance and I add my comments. SOFTWARE MENU The following sections are available. All program files are on side 2 of the DFS issue, and in $.SOFTWARE of the ADFS issue. (i) Messages to you (ii) Games Guess Who Files: GessWho, GessMen, GessUse, GessWri, GessPtr, CheckDa, GessDat A game for 3-8 players based on a board game. By Chris Richardson (2J3). Full instructions are in the separate article. Short game File: Short A one-line game program written by Theo Gray (19F) as his entry for the One-Line-Program competition. (Apparently his high score is 3372). Use Z and X to move left and right to dodge the stars. Star Commander Files: STAR, COMMAND, CODE A sci-fi game from Red Shift PD via BBC PD. Full instructions included in the program. No comments required. Paras File: Para4 Another game by Theo Gray (not on one line this time!) Full instructions included. Battleships This program, written by Miroslaw Bobrowski (L1J), is an improved version of the battleships program he submitted to 8BS previously, which had compatibility problems. In this version, not only are the bugs rectified, but the computer opponent is very clever and should provide quite a challenge! (iii) Applications Game Cheats Database Files: A-ZDISP, ATOZ This program, written by Jock Smylie (L1L) of Australia, provides a comprehensive listing of a HUGE number of game cheats - the data file is over 50K long! Mortgage calculator File: Mgage A program to calculate all the various financial details involved in a mortgage, written by Mr D. Pritchard-Jones (3PM). See Program Documentation for further details. Envelope Editor File: EnvEdit Chris Richardson has written this program to allow you to alter, listen to, and view graphically a sound envelope, all at the same time. Probably a good idea to use this program and a printout of Silas Brown's article together. Instructions are included in the program. Football Pools File: FtblPls A program by Roy Dickens (20G) to help you (to a certain extent!) with your Pools selections. Information is included in the program. Catalogue printer File: PRINTv9 A program by Tim Parsons (3SQ) which catalogues a disk in condensed print so that you can put the printout in the disk envelope, and also provides a rewind facility so that you can position the printer paper correctly for side two. Banners File: Banners A program from BBC PD disk 50 (author Allan Kelly) which allows you to easily print out huge messages on continuous printer paper. See Program Documentation for full instructions. No comments required. (iv) Other items ADFS textfile reader File: Reader Chris Richardson has written this useful program which allows you to look through all the text files in an ADFS directory. Full instructions are included in the program. Joker V1.10 Files: Joker, Jokes, JokeInd An improved version of the Joker program on Issue 25, written by Steven Flintham (15A). This version has more jokes, and loads much faster. See Program Documentation for further details. Function key utilities File: Util-fK A program by Roy Dickens (20G) which provides a variety of useful utilities that can be programmed into the function keys. Wordsearch solver 1/2 Files: WSSolv1, WSSolv4 Miroslaw Bobrowski (L1J) has written these two programs which ask you to input a wordsearch and enter the word you can't find, and then reveal it for you. The first version is for Master series only, the second will run on any machine. Zarch File: Zarch Submitted by Matthew Price (7GE) (via BBC PD), written by Duncan Lilly. Draws landscapes similar to those of Zarch on the Archimedes, but somewhat more slowly. No instructions necessary, no comments required. Arch Filetypes File: SetType This program by M.T.Farnworth (16C) allows you to set up ADFS files so that they will be correctly filetyped to work on the Archimedes desktop. (Useful, for example, if you are writing software on a BBC to be compatible with the Archimedes). For details of the filetypes available, see the REM statements within the program. ARCHIVES : None ADFS EXTRA S/W : None