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      To: 999 (all members) From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: Too much text in magazine? I'm starting to get a bit worried here! Is my voice going to be drowned in the cries of the program hungry masses? I'm probably going to regret saying this, but I find the text is the most interesting part of the magazine. The programs are fine, I DO look at them and I use them, when there's something of interest, but (the way I see it) programs are available from the myriad of PD libraries - you don't get much text there, though. I feel that the current 8BS combination is ideal - a nice amount of text (although I'd like a bit more) with some programs and full documentation - plus the ability to contact the program's authors and comment on them (the programs, that is!). From: 20G WE WANT LESS TEXT states a member. I thought the same once, but then, text can help to explain all the little bits and bobs that a programmer might be unable to do. I feel that the balance is about right. After all 8-BIT is a magazine and not a straightforward PD disk. Like any magazine do you read it all? By all means look all the way through it and pick out the bits that turn you on (no not page three bits). We had about sixteen plus different programs in the last issue (as with text, do we use all of them?) That is a lot compared with a magazine+disc from a news stand and it would have cost a lot more. My X goes in the "stay as it is" box. To: 999 (all members) From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: Humorous text files/articles I would like to say that I thought the "Tonkin's first computer dictionary" last issue was superb. There must be loads of this sort of thing floating around in the PD - might I be so bold as to suggest that you send it to 8BS. And why not ask a few friends who aren't as enlightened as you and don't own Acorn micros - text files are one of the few universal(-ish) standards, and there are probably even more around in Amiga/ST/PC PD libraries. Better still, have any 8BS members tried writing any themselves - you could always submit it anonymously! To : 999 (All members) From : 483 (D.G. Shimmin) Re : Help? Does anyone know whether Alan Blundell's BBC PD is still running? I have been sending all 8BS issues to him for around six months with no reply. I have experienced delays up to three months before, but this seems a bit much...even if it is still running, can anyone supply me with a copy of a recent-ish BBC PD Catalogue & Sampler disk (anything after July 1992)? To: 999 (all members) From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: Programme vs program First of all, let me apologise. I know EVERYONE hates people who get picky over things like spelling - I do, even though I'm always doing it. And yes, I do know that from now on there'll be a spelling error in everything I send to 8BS. Anyway, let me clarify the position as I see it. I thought that program (American spelling) was used for computer software, and programme (British spelling) was used for television. Normally, I hate American spelling, but in this case I don't, just to be inconsistent. Everyone in the last issue of 8BS seems to be spelling it programme - is this 8BS policy or just other people's private conventions? By the way, just to get really trivial, how do 8BS members feel about disc vs disk. Personally, I always use the former, but I know a lot of people use disk. You could argue that disc should be used for compact discs and disk for computer discs, but I don't like it. I wrote a couple of utilities for BBC PD to handle this, if anyone is interested - they automatically change all occurences of disk to disc (or vice-versa, just for completeness), when passed through the VDU drivers. Anyone fancy doing something to convert programme <-> program? - it would have to be AI, though, since both are acceptable in certain circumstances! Editor: Personally I have always used "program" for computer programs, and I think this is more or less a standard, to the extent that "programme" looks wrong to me, and I always change it. Chris is more tolerant, hence the different situation in Issues 23 and 25. Disk is a bit more borderline (after all, the machine accepts both, and I'm sure COPYFILES spells it DISC). However, I prefer disk for computer disks (presumably including CD-ROMs?) so all issues edited by me will use this spelling from now on. To: 999 From: 19F (Theo Gray) Re: Printer ROM Would anyone like to buy the Watford Electronics BEEB Printer ROM for six pounds, in good condition with original box, manual, and function keystrips. If so, please ring me on (0525) 220136 after 7:30pm weekdays. It needs a BBC B and OS 1.2, and is said to: i) Increase the apparent intelligence of almost any printer ii) Give single key control of complex printer functions iii) Provide printout of (user defined) characters from their OS definitions To : 999 (All Members) From : 1V5 Subject : Archimedes Anbody got any Archimedes software to sell + anybody like to swap info on the subject of Archimedes. Secondly, does anybody know of any good Archimedes PD libraries; I would be grateful for any help. Editor: Since we now seem to have a few Archimedes owners among our members, anyone with any info please send it in and hopefully it will be of use to everyone. From : 2J3 (C.J.Richardson) To : 999 (All) Re : For sale, Wanted BBC model B £90 80T DS drive £25 Software on disk: Revs + 4 tracks,Gold collection £3 each On tape for 50p each: Graphic adventure creator, Warehouse, Repton 2, Pole Position, Salamander Utilities package, Vortex, Space jailer, Nightshade, Eddie Kidd jump challenge, Hunchback, Bug Byte graphics package, Karls Kavern, The Hacker, Hell driver, Caveman adventure Pascal ROM + manuals £2 All these prices are buyer collects or add P&P. WANTED Modem, cheap 2nd-hand printer, sideways RAM for Beeb. Contact me at: 17 Lambert Park Road Hedon Hull HU12 8HF Telephone 0482 896868 To : 999 From : 3SQ Re : FOR SALE I have an issue 7 BBC B for sale fitted with WE Shadow Ram, WE Rom Board, WE ADFS, Acorn ADFS and a ZIF socket. I would like £150 for it as it stands, but can separate if the situation demands it. Also Available :- Hyperdriver (Dabs Press Printer Rom)£10 Romit (Beebug Rom) £10 PIAS 7 (Disc) £5 Printwise (Beebug Disc) £5 Quickcalc (Beebug Disc) £5 Starter Pack (Beebug Disc) £3 Members Pack (Beebug Disc) £2 To : 204 Carl Wheat From : 6EE Mick Needham Re : Modem for sale I have an Acorn Prestel Adapter, complete with ROM, manual, disc and all cables, if you are still interested give me a ring on 0742 424474, if anyone else is interested then give me a ring, but Carl has first refusal. To: 999 (all members) From: L1L (Jock Smylie) Re: Hardware/Software add-ons Does anyone own any of the following: - Watford Electronics Beeb Hand Scanner - Quest Tracer Ball - W.E. 32K Shadow RAM/Printer Buffer Card Expansion Board - BBC Model B (8271 DFS v0.9E) with an ADFS upgrade If so, would you be able to give a short review/summary of the particular item highlighting any problems/diffuclty that you have found. Could you also mention what you use it for and if it has been good value for money. This may be of benefit to several members such as myself who are considering the purchase of one or more of these items. Editor: so far as I know, ADFS won't run on a Beeb with an 8271 disk controller chip, the upgrade would have to include a double-density controller like the 1770 (though I assume most upgrades do). To : 999 (All members) From : 3QN (Lawrie Hallam) Re : FOR SALE BBC Model B with ZIF socket, View ROM, Watford 40/80 switchable single 5.25" disk drive, Epson LX400 Printer, centronic printer cable. ALL IN VERY GOOD CONDITION. User Manual. Advanced User Manual. Assembly Language Programming for the BBC Micro. Lords of Time, Aviator, Elite discs, various cassettes. Buyer Collects please £175. 0733-892985 To : 999 (All members) From : 4WL (Martin Wilson) Re : FOR SALE, WANTED For sale: BBC MASTER COMPACT BBC B WITH WATFORD DFS 1.43 MICROVITEC 3000 MEDIUM RESOLUTION MONITOR FOR ARCHIMEDES 5.25" 40/80 BBC POWERED DRIVE ELECTRON WITH PLUS 1 5.25" BARE 40T S/S DRIVES (2) Wanted: ELITE FOR MASTER COMPACT PRINTHEAD FOR PANASONIC KXP1081 PRINTER. JOYSTICK INTERFACE FOR A3000 ADVICE ON HOW TO MAKE MASTER 128 MORE COMPATIBLE WITH BBC B SOFTWARE WITHOUT USING HARDWARE, JUST SOFTWARE. WRITE/PHONE MARTIN WILSON, 32 GRASS ROYAL, YEOVIL,SOMERSET, BA21 4JW. TEL. 0935 25974 Editor: see advice elsewhere about BASIC II and other things, also try CONVERT ROMimage from Welcome disk. To : 999 (All members) From : 483 (Daniel Shimmin) Re : Help wanted, VAT Calculator Mr. J.R. Hay would like to know where he can obtain an Aries B-12 ROM board for his BBC B, and would also like any information about the possibility of getting the Acorn Speech System to work with INTER-BASE. He also suggests, with regard to Steven Johnson's VAT Calculator program, that the amount of VAT included in an invoice/receipt can be easily calculated by: X multiplied by 17.5 and divided by 117.5, or X multiplied by 7 and divided by 47, where X is the invoice/receipt total. To : 0E7 and 999 From : 20G (Roy Dickens) Re : Hardly Any Comments in Issue 25 I certainly agree with 0E7 that comments are in short supply and there should be more. I think I would be right in saying that we all value 0E7's contribution in every issue. As he says, he is a non-programmer, and I'm sure that programmers like to know whether their efforts are user friendly etc. or not, from 0E7 and all the other non- or nearly non-programmers. Looking at it the other way round, perhaps programmers could do a little article about programming, or the best way to start. Then there are probably programmers who could spare another minute to help other programmers to do it better, easier etc. It may dent their ego a bit but at least it should spur them on to further improvement. I must add that it is, sometimes, very hard to comment on some of the very good programs that members submit other than just saying GOOD, EXCELLENT, MARVELLOUS, CAN'T BE IMPROVED etc. but of course that isn't the only comment that is required. To : 0E7 and 999 From : 20G (Roy Dickens) Re : Cracker program Thanks for your comments. If you would like to add to the list of gags you must LIST the program and you will then see the highlighted REMarks at the end with the DATA. You just add your DATA etc. Or just delete one line of data (gag) and insert your own. To : 999 (All members) From : 27N (John Ilsley) Re : Comments on programs, etc. In the messages last issue, someone mentioned about people not commenting on programs and such...Well, it would be helpful if the new users to the BBC's and such would jot down a program or two that they would like done by the advanced or experienced programmers. For example, last issue, there were a few database programs, including one I made (which I hope now has a sort routine), just because one user asked for a specialised database. To : 999 From : 27N (John Ilsley) Re : Concord Comms bulletin board I have sent my modem away for repair, so hopefully Concord comms will be on-line at the beginning of next month. (Everyone please pray for me!).