8-Bit Software Online Conversion


10DIMa$(20):A$="":ONERROR IF ERR=17 T HEN CLOSE#X%:OSCLI"EXEC !BOOT":END ELSE PRINT''"ERROR ";ERR;" AT LINE ";ERL;" : ";:REPORT 20IFC%>1THEND%=5:REPEAT:D%=D%+3:RESTO RED%*10:READE%:UNTILE%=C%:GOTO(D%+1)*10 30CLOSE#0:Y%=0:MODE7:*FX200,0 40FORI%=1TO2:PRINTCHR$(150);CHR$(157) ;CHR$(132);CHR$(141);" 8BS QUESTIO NNAIRE":NEXT 50X%=OPENUP"QUEST" 60PRINT" Please try to answer as many questions as you can,but feel free to ignore any that you find intrusi ve."'" THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!" 70VDU28,0,24,39,7 80DATA1 90C%=1:PRINT"1. Please enter your sur name, maximum 12 characters." 100PROCinput1(0,12):PROCstring(0,12) 110DATA2 120C%=2:PRINT"2. Please enter your fir st name or initials, max length 12 characters." 130PROCinput1(12,12):PROCstring(12,12) 140DATA3 150C%=3:PRINT"3. Please enter your add ress, including postcode. Use a comma to separate each line from the ne xt. Max 70 char." 160PROCinput1(24,70):PROCstring(24,70) 170DATA4 180C%=4:PRINT"4. Do you mind 8-bit Sof tware knowing your phone number Y/N ?" 190PROCinput3(94):PROCbyte(94):IFCHR$( Y%)="Y"THENGOTO270ELSEIFCHR$(Z%)="Y"ANDA $="DEFAULT"THENGOTO270 200DATA5 210C%=5:PRINT"5. Please type in your p hone number (max. 16 char. - incl ude STD code)" 220PROCinput1(95,16):PROCstring(95,16) 230DATA6 240C%=6:PRINT"6. Do you want your phon e no. to be published with any me ssage Y/N" 250PROCinput3(111):PROCbyte(111) 260DATA7 270C%=7:PRINT"7. Which of these machin es do you own :"'" (A) BBC B (or B+ etc )"'" (B) Master 128"'" (C) Master Comp act"'" (D) Master 512" 280PROCinput2(112,4,"A","B","C","D"," "," "):PROCbyte(112) 290DATA8 300C%=8:PRINT"8. How many reliable ban ks of sideways RAM does your machine have (0-8)" 310PROCinput4(113,0,8):PROCbyte(113) 320DATA9 330C%=9:PRINT"9. Does your machine hav e shadow RAM in any reliable form Y/N" 340PROCinput3(114):PROCbyte(114) 350DATA10 360C%=10:PRINT"10. Do you use a 6502 o r 65C102 second/co-processor Y/N" 370PROCinput3(115):PROCbyte(115) 380DATA11 390C%=11:PRINT"11. Do you have an inte rnal or external 32016 processor Y/ N" 400PROCinput3(116):PROCbyte(116) 410DATA12 420C%=12:PRINT"12. Do you have any oth er form of extra processor Y/N" 430PROCinput3(117):PROCbyte(117) 440DATA13 450C%=13:PRINT"13. Do you have a modem Y/N" 460PROCinput3(235):PROCbyte(235) 470DATA14 480C%=14:PRINT"14. Do you have ADFS on your machine Y/N"; 490PROCinput3(118):PROCbyte(118):IF(CH R$(Y%)="N")OR(CHR$(Z%)="N"ANDA$="DEFAULT ")THENGOTO540 500DATA15 510C%=15:PRINT"15. Can you *TYPE files when in your ADFS Y/N" 520PROCinput3(119):PROCbyte(119) 530DATA16 540C%=16:PRINT"16. Which of these disk sizes can you use :"'" (A) 5.25" " only"'" (B) 3.5"" only"'" (C) Both" 550PROCinput2(120,3,"A","B","C"," "," "," "):PROCbyte(120) 560DATA17 570C%=17:PRINT"17. Do you ever use an Econet, or know anyone who does Y/ N" 580PROCinput3(121):PROCbyte(121) 590DATA18 600C%=18:PRINT"18. How many people do you know who use Electrons with 80T drives (0-9)" 610PROCinput4(122,0,9):PROCbyte(122) 620DATA19 630C%=19:PRINT"19. How many years have you owned an Acorn machine for ? " 640PROCinput1(123,2):PROCstring(123,2) 650DATA20 660C%=20:PRINT"20. How old are you ?" 670PROCinput1(125,2):PROCstring(125,2) 680DATA21 690C%=21:PRINT"21. Do you think that t he MODE 7 format magazine should be continued Y/N" 700PROCinput3(127):PROCbyte(127) 710DATA22 720C%=22:PRINT"22. Do you think that a two-disk issue should be produced if necessary Y/N"; 730PROCinput3(128):PROCbyte(128) 740DATA23 750C%=23:PRINT"23. As a programmer, wo uld you rate your ability"'" (A) Non -existent"'" (B) Simple BASIC only"'" (C) Complex BASIC"'" (D) BASIC/simple a ssembler"'" (E) Experienced coder" 760PROCinput2(129,5,"A","B","C","D","E "," "):PROCbyte(129) 770DATA24 780C%=24:PRINT"24. How useful/interest ing do you find articles on si mple programming (between 0 and 9)" 790PROCinput4(130,0,9):PROCbyte(130) 800DATA25 810C%=25:PRINT"25. How useful/interest ing do you find articles on ad vanced programming (betwee n 0 and 9)" 820PROCinput4(131,0,9):PROCbyte(131) 830DATA26 840C%=26:PRINT"26. How useful/interest ing do you find articles on mo dems/comms (0-9)" 850PROCinput4(132,0,9):PROCbyte(132) 860DATA27 870C%=27:PRINT"27. How useful/interest ing do you find reviews/cheats for commercial software (0-9)" 880PROCinput4(133,0,9):PROCbyte(133) 890DATA28 900C%=28:PRINT"28. How useful/interest ing do you find info on hardwa re (0-9)" 910PROCinput4(134,0,9):PROCbyte(134) 920DATA29 930C%=29:PRINT"29. How interesting do you find articles on general (non-computing) topics (0-9)" 940PROCinput4(135,0,9):PROCbyte(135) 950DATA30 960C%=30:PRINT"30. How useful are util ities programs (eg disk copiers et c) to you (0-9)" 970PROCinput4(136,0,9):PROCbyte(136) 980DATA31 990C%=31:PRINT"31. How useful is appli cations s/w (e.g. databases etc.) to you (0-9)" 1000PROCinput4(137,0,9):PROCbyte(137) 1010DATA32 1020C%=32:PRINT"32. How useful are musi c programs to you (0-9)" 1030PROCinput4(138,0,9):PROCbyte(138) 1040DATA33 1050C%=33:PRINT"33. How useful are grap hics demos etc. to you (0-9)" 1060PROCinput4(139,0,9):PROCbyte(139) 1070DATA34 1080C%=34:PRINT"34. How useful are game s programs to you (0-9)" 1090PROCinput4(140,0,9):PROCbyte(140) 1100DATA35 1110C%=35:PRINT"35. How useful is educa tional software to you (0-9)" 1120PROCinput4(141,0,9):PROCbyte(141) 1130DATA36 1140C%=36:PRINT"36. Do you consider the 50p charge to be reasonable Y/N" 1150PROCinput3(142):PROCbyte(142) 1160DATA37 1170C%=37:PRINT"37. Do you wish to give details of your computing interests for inclusion in the 8BS database fo r all members' reference Y/N" 1180PROCinput3(143):PROCbyte(143):IF(CH R$(Y%)="N")OR(CHR$(Z%)="N"ANDA$="DEFAULT ")THENGOTO1280 1190DATA38 1200C%=38:PRINT"38. Please input your f irst computing interest (e.g. comm s, education, music etc), max len gth 15 char." 1210PROCinput1(144,15):PROCstring(144,1 5) 1220DATA39 1230C%=39:PRINT"39. Please input your s econd computing interest (RETURN if none), maximum length 15 character s." 1240PROCinput1(159,15):PROCstring(159,1 5) 1250DATA40 1260C%=40:PRINT"40. Please input your t hird computing interest (RETURN if none), maximum length 15 character s." 1270PROCinput1(174,15):PROCstring(174,1 5) 1280DATA41 1290C%=41:PRINT"41. Do you wish to give details of your general interests f or inclusion in the 8BS database fo r all members' reference Y/N" 1300PROCinput3(189):PROCbyte(189):IF(CH R$(Y%)="N")OR(CHR$(Z%)="N"ANDA$="DEFAULT ")THENGOTO1400 1310DATA42 1320C%=42:PRINT"42. Please enter your f irst general (non-computing) int erest, maximum length 15 character s." 1330PROCinput1(190,15):PROCstring(190,1 5) 1340DATA43 1350C%=43:PRINT"43. Please enter your s econd general interest (RETURN if none), maximum length 15 character s." 1360PROCinput1(205,15):PROCstring(205,1 5) 1370DATA44 1380C%=44:PRINT"44. Please enter your t hird general interest (RETURN if none), maximum length 15 character s." 1390PROCinput1(220,15):PROCstring(220,1 5) 1400DATA45 1410C%=45:PRINT"45. Do you own a mouse Y/N" 1420PROCinput3(236):PROCbyte(236) 1430DATA46 1440C%=46:PRINT"46. Do you own a Music 500 or 5000 Y/N" 1450PROCinput3(237):PROCbyte(237) 1460DATA47 1470C%=47:PRINT"47. Is your VDU setup"' " (A) Good quality colour monitor"'" (B) Poor quality colour monitor"'" (C ) Good quality monochrome monitor"'" ( D) Poor quality monochrome monitor"'" (E) Television" 1480PROCinput2(238,5,"A","B","C","D","E "," "):PROCbyte(238) 1490DATA48 1500C%=48:PRINT"48. Do you have a print er Y/N" 1510PROCinput3(239):PROCbyte(239) 1520DATA49 1530C%=49:PRINT"49. Do you own: (A) Ami ga (B) Atari ST (C) PC 286 or higher (D) Apple Macintosh et c. (E) None of above (F) More than one of a bove" 1540PROCinput2(240,6,"A","B","C","D","E ","F"):PROCbyte(240) 1550DATA50 1560C%=50:PRINT"50. Is your disk drive a twin one (i.e. drives 0 & 1) Y/N" 1570PROCinput3(241):PROCbyte(241) 1580DATA51 1590C%=51:PRINT"51. Are you a member of /do you plan to join SOLINET Y/N" 1600PROCinput3(242):PROCbyte(242) 1610C%=0:Y%=0:A$="":GOTO80 1620DEFPROCinput1(P%,L%):PROCfx:PTR#X%= P% 1630PRINT'"Default/Current Answer : "; 1640FORI%=1TOL%:PRINTCHR$(BGET#X%);:NEX T:PTR#X%=PTR#X%-P% 1650REPEAT:INPUTLINE''"]"A$:UNTILLENA$< L%+1 1660PROCdelete 1670ENDPROC 1680DEFPROCinput2(P%,N%,a$(1),a$(2),a$( 3),a$(4),a$(5),a$(6)):PROCfx:PTR#X%=P% 1690PRINT'"Default/Current Answer : ";C HR$(BGET#X%)':PTR#X%=PTR#X%-1 1700A$="":PRINT"]";:REPEAT:Y%=GET 1710FORI%=1TON%:IFCHR$(Y%)=a$(I%)THENA$ =a$(I%) 1720NEXT 1730PROCdelete:IFY%=13THENA$="DEFAULT" 1740UNTILA$<>"" 1750ENDPROC 1760DEFPROCinput3(P%):PROCfx:PTR#X%=P% 1770PRINT'"Default/Current Answer : "; 1780Z%=BGET#X%:PTR#X%=PTR#X%-1 1790IFZ%<127ANDZ%>31THENPRINTCHR$(Z%)'E LSEPRINT' 1800PRINT"]";:REPEATY%=GET:UNTILCHR$(Y% )="Y"ORCHR$(Y%)="N"ORY%=127ORY%=13 1810PROCdelete:IFY%=13THENA$="DEFAULT"E LSEA$="" 1820ENDPROC 1830DEFPROCinput4(P%,N%,M%):PROCfx:PTR# X%=P% 1840PRINT'"Default/Current Answer : "; CHR$(BGET#X%)':PTR#X%=PTR#X%-1 1850A$="":REPEAT:PRINT"]";:Y%=GET 1860UNTIL(VALCHR$Y%<M%+1ANDVALCHR$Y%>N% -1)ORY%=127ORY%=13 1870PROCdelete:IFY%=13THENA$="DEFAULT" 1880ENDPROC 1890DEFPROCdelete 1900IFC%=41THENC%=36 1910IFA$="*"ORY%=127THENC%=C%-1:Y%=0:PR INT'':RUN 1920ENDPROC 1930DEFPROCfx 1940*FX202,32 1950*FX21 1960ENDPROC 1970DEFPROCbyte(P%) 1980IFY%=13THENPRINTA$'':ENDPROC 1990PRINTCHR$Y%'':PTR#X%=P%:BPUT#X%,Y% 2000ENDPROC 2010DEFPROCstring(P%,L%) 2020IFA$="" THEN PRINT"DEFAULT"'':ENDPR OC ELSE PRINT'' 2030IFLENA$<L%THENREPEAT:A$=A$+" ":UNTI LLENA$=L% 2040PTR#X%=P%:FORI%=1TOL%:BPUT#X%,ASC(M ID$(A$,I%,1)):NEXT 2050ENDPROC