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Battleships - Listing

10REM BATTLESHIPS - version 4.2 20REM (c) M.Bobrowski 2'93 30: 40MODE 4:LOMEM=PAGE+&2C00:W%=LOMEM-&1 60:M%=W%-&120 50M%?&36=?&220:M%?&3B=?&221:XX=RND(-T IME):*FX202,32 60DIM S%(3,9,9),N$(10),V%(10),D%(3,1) :PS%=0:CS%=0 70PROCsetup:PROCinstr 80REPEAT 90PROCinit 100PROCplay 110PROCcomment 120UNTIL NOT FNyes("Another Game") 130END 140: 150DEF PROCinit 160FOR K%=0 TO 3:FOR I%=0 TO 9:FOR J%= 0 TO 9:S%(K%,I%,J%)=0:NEXT,, 170PROCdisplay 180H%=0:PRINT"Calculating. Please wait a moment.." 190FOR I%=10 TO 1 STEP-1 200PROCcship(I%,V%(I%)):NEXT 210CLS:PRINT" All my ships are in plac e."''" Position your ships now !":CALL & 927:Z=INKEY(200) 220FOR I%=10 TO 1 STEP-1 230PROCpship(I%,V%(I%)):NEXT 240PROCpshow 250ENDPROC 260: 270DEF PROCcship(N%,L%):LOCAL ok 280REPEAT:IF RND(2)=1 ok=FNcv(L%) ELSE ok=FNch(L%) 290UNTIL ok:ENDPROC 300: 310DEF FNcv(L%):LOCAL X%,Y%,C%,I%,J% 320X%=RND(10)-1:Y%=RND(10-L%)-1 330FOR I%=X%-1 TO X%+1:FOR J%=Y%-1 TO Y%+L% 340IF I%>-1 AND I%<10 AND J%>-1 AND J% <10 C%=C%+S%(0,I%,J%) 350NEXT,:IF C%>0:=FALSE 360FOR I%=0 TO L%-1 370S%(0,X%,Y%+I%)=N% 380NEXT 390=TRUE 400: 410DEF FNch(L%):LOCAL X%,Y%,C%,I%,J% 420X%=RND(10-L%)-1:Y%=RND(10)-1 430FOR I%=X%-1 TO X%+L%:FOR J%=Y%-1 TO Y%+1 440IF I%>-1 AND I%<10 AND J%>-1 AND J% <10 C%=C%+S%(0,I%,J%) 450NEXT,:IF C%>0:=FALSE 460FOR I%=0 TO L%-1 470S%(0,X%+I%,Y%)=N% 480NEXT 490=TRUE 500: 510DEF PROCpship(N%,L%):LOCAL X%,Y%,ok 520REPEAT 530PROCpshow:SOUND 1,-10,200,2 540CLS:PRINT"Position of "N$(N%);" : " ;:PROCenter 550IF L%>1 PRINT"Position it horizonal ly or"'"vertically (H,V) ? ";:REPEAT A$= GET$:UNTIL INSTR("HV",A$):PRINTA$ ELSE A $="H" 560IF A$="H" ok=FNph(L%) ELSE ok=FNpv( L%) 570IF NOT ok SOUND 1,2,200,20:PRINT'CH R$(X%+65);Y%;" ? ILLEGAL PLACING !";:FOR Z=0 TO 4000:NEXT 580UNTIL ok:PRINT'"OK"; 590ENDPROC 600: 610DEF PROCpshow:LOCAL I%,J% 620VDU5:FOR I%=0 TO 9:FOR J%=0 TO 9 630V%=S%(1,J%,I%):IF V%=0 ELSE MOVE 13 6+J%*44,746-I%*44:IF V%<11 VDU229 ELSE I F V%>11 GCOL 1,0:VDU 228:GCOL 0,1 640NEXT,:VDU4:ENDPROC 650: 660DEF FNph(L%):LOCAL I%,J%,C% 670IF X%+L%>10:=FALSE 680FOR I%=X%-1 TO X%+L%:FOR J%=Y%-1 TO Y%+1 690IF I%>-1 AND I%<10 AND J%>-1 AND J% <10 C%=C%+S%(1,I%,J%) 700NEXT,:IF C%>0:=FALSE 710FOR I%=0 TO L%-1 720S%(1,X%+I%,Y%)=N% 730NEXT 740=TRUE 750: 760DEF FNpv(L%):LOCAL I%,J%,C% 770IF Y%+L%>10:=FALSE 780FOR I%=X%-1 TO X%+1:FOR J%=Y%-1 TO Y%+L% 790IF I%>-1 AND I%<10 AND J%>-1 AND J% <10 C%=C%+S%(1,I%,J%) 800NEXT,:IF C%>0:=FALSE 810FOR I%=0 TO L%-1 820S%(1,X%,Y%+I%)=N% 830NEXT 840=TRUE 850: 860DEF PROCplay 870CLS:PRINT" Now let's start the batt le.":B%=RND(2)-2:Q%=20:P%=20:PRINT'" Thi s time ";:IF B% PRINT"you begin."; ELSE PRINT"I begin."; 880PROCsound1:PROCsound2 890REPEAT:CLS 900IF B% PROCplayer ELSE PROCcomputer 910B%=NOT B% 920UNTIL Q%=0 OR P%=0 930ENDPROC 940: 950DEF PROCplayer:LOCAL X%,Y%,Z% 960CLS:PRINT"Your go. "; 970REPEAT:SOUND 1,-10,200,2 980PRINT"Position : ";:PROCenter:IF S% (3,X%,Y%)<>0 PRINT"Already shot !"':SOUN D 1,2,200,20 990UNTIL S%(3,X%,Y%)=0:SOUND1,-10,200, 2 1000Z%=S%(0,X%,Y%)<>0 AND NOT (S%(0,X%, Y%) AND 16) 1010S%(3,X%,Y%)=1-Z%:S%(0,X%,Y%)=S%(0,X %,Y%)-Z%*16 1020Q%=Q%+Z%:PROCtarget 1030IF Z% PROCsound3:PROCsunk 1040ENDPROC 1050: 1060DEF PROCtarget 1070VDU 5:V%=S%(3,X%,Y%) 1080IF V%=0 ELSE MOVE 764+X%*44,746-Y%* 44:IF V%=1 VDU227 ELSE VDU228 1090VDU 4:ENDPROC 1100: 1110DEF PROCsunk:LOCAL V%,C%,I%,J% 1120V%=S%(0,X%,Y%) 1130FOR I%=0 TO 9:FOR J%=0 TO 9 1140IF S%(0,I%,J%)=V% C%=C%+1 1150NEXT, 1160IF C%<V%(V% AND15) ENDPROC 1170PRINT'"You sunk my "N$(V% AND 15)". ":PROCsound2 1180ENDPROC 1190: 1200DEF PROCcomputer:LOCAL X%,Y% 1210PRINT"Thinking ...":IF H%=0 PROCran d ELSE PROCintel 1220PROCtry 1230ENDPROC 1240: 1250DEF PROCrand 1260R%=RND(4)-1 1270F%=0:REPEAT:F%=F%+1:IF F%>1000 H%=4 :PROClie 1280X%=RND(10)-1:Y%=RND(10)-1 1290UNTIL S%(2,X%,Y%)=0 AND FNaround(X% ,Y%) 1300ENDPROC 1310: 1320DEF FNaround(X%,Y%):LOCAL I%,J%,K%: K%=TRUE 1330FOR J%=Y%+(Y%>0) TO Y%-(Y%<9):FOR I %=X%+(X%>0) TO X%-(X%<9) 1340IF S%(2,I%,J%)=2 K%=FALSE 1350NEXT,:=K% 1360: 1370DEF PROCtry 1380PROCcross:SOUND 1,-10,0,10 1390CLS:PRINT'"My shot is at "CHR$(X%+6 5);Y%;". Is this a hit,"'"a sinking, or a miss (H,S,M) ? "; 1400TIME=1:REPEAT:G%=INKEY(0):IF TIME M OD 1000=0 SOUND 1,2,150,5 1410A$=CHR$G%:UNTIL INSTR("HMS",A$) 1420VDU4:PRINTA$:PROCcross 1430S%(1,X%,Y%)=S%(1,X%,Y%)+16 1440IF A$="M" S%(2,X%,Y%)=1:ENDPROC 1450P%=P%-1:S%(2,X%,Y%)=2:PROCupdate:PR OCsound3 1460lhx%=X%:lhy%=Y% 1470IF H%=0 fhx%=X%:fhy%=Y% 1480H%=H%+1:IF H%>4 PROClie 1490IF A$="H" ENDPROC 1500H%=0:PROCsound1:ENDPROC 1510: 1520DEF PROCcross 1530VDU 5:GCOL 4,0:MOVE 136+X%*44,746-Y %*44:VDU226:GCOL 0,1:VDU 4:ENDPROC 1540: 1550DEF PROCupdate 1560VDU 24,136+X%*44;714-Y%*44;168+X%*4 4;746-Y%*44;16:MOVE 136+X%*44,746-Y%*44: GCOL 0,1:VDU 5,224,4,24,0;0;1279;1023;:E NDPROC 1570: 1580DEF PROCsd(D%) 1590D%=(D%+8)MOD4 1600X%=X%+D%(D%,0):Y%=Y%+D%(D%,1) 1610ENDPROC 1620: 1630DEF PROCintel:LOCAL R%,T% 1640R%=RND(4)-1 1650PROChits(fhx%,fhy%):IF T% ENDPROC 1660PROChits(lhx%,lhy%):IF T% ENDPROC 1670PROCrecheck(fhx%,fhy%):IF T% ENDPRO C 1680PROClie 1690ENDPROC 1700: 1710DEF PROChits(U%,V%):LOCAL I% 1720FOR I%=0 TO 3 1730X%=U%:Y%=V%:PROCsd(I%+R%) 1740IF FNs(X%,Y%)=2 PROChits1(I%+R%) 1750NEXT 1760ENDPROC 1770: 1780DEF PROChits1(D%) 1790REPEAT 1800PROCsd(D%) 1810UNTIL FNs(X%,Y%)<>2 1820IF FNd(X%,Y%) T%=TRUE:R%=D%:I%=3 1830ENDPROC 1840: 1850DEF PROCrecheck(U%,V%):LOCAL I% 1860FOR I%=0 TO 3 1870X%=U%:Y%=V%:PROCsd(I%+R%) 1880IF FNd(X%,Y%) T%=TRUE:I%=3 1890NEXT 1900ENDPROC 1910: 1920DEF FNs(X%,Y%) 1930IF X%<0 OR Y%<0 OR X%>9 OR Y%>9 THE N =1 ELSE =S%(2,X%,Y%) 1940: 1950DEF FNd(X%,Y%):IF FNs(X%,Y%)>0:=FAL SE 1960dx%=SGN(X%-lhx%):dy%=SGN(Y%-lhy%):X 2%=X%+dx%:Y2%=Y%+dy% 1970IF X2%<0 OR X2%>9 OR Y2%<0 OR Y2%>9 :=TRUE 1980IF S%(2,X2%,Y2%)=2:=FALSE 1990IF X2%>0 AND dx%=0 IF S%(2,X2%-1,Y2 %)=2:=FALSE 2000IF X2%<9 AND dx%=0 IF S%(2,X2%+1,Y2 %)=2:=FALSE 2010IF Y2%>0 AND dy%=0 IF S%(2,X2%,Y2%- 1)=2:=FALSE 2020IF Y2%<9 AND dy%=0 IF S%(2,X2%,Y2%+ 1)=2:=FALSE 2030=TRUE 2040: 2050DEF PROCcomment 2060PS%=PS%+P%:CS%=CS%+Q% 2070CLS:IF P%=0 PRINT'"I "; ELSE PRINT' "You "; 2080PRINT"win.";SPC6;"Total score is "; PS%;":";CS% 2090IF Q%=0 CALL &900:ENDPROC ELSE IF N OT FNyes("Do you wish to see the positio ns of my ships") ENDPROC 2100VDU 5:FOR I%=0 TO 9:FOR J%=0 TO 9 2110V%=S%(0,I%,J%):IF V%>0 AND V%<11 MO VE 764+I%*44,746-J%*44:VDU229:SOUND 1,2, I%*J%*3,3:SOUND 1,0,0,3 2120NEXT,:VDU 4 2130ENDPROC 2140: 2150DEF FNyes(A$) 2160PRINT A$;" (Y/N) ? "; 2170REPEAT 2180A$=GET$:UNTIL INSTR("YN",A$):PRINTA $:CALL &927 2190=(A$="Y") 2200: 2210DEF PROClie 2220CLS:OSCLI"FX15,1":SOUND 1,2,200,20: IF H%<4 PRINT" I can't find the rest of this ship":ELSE IF H%=4 PRINT" Impossibl e! I tested all positions":ELSE PRINT" H it? It's impossible!" 2230PRINT'" I think you cheat. ";:FORZ= 1TO4000:NEXT:PROCsound3:PROCsound2:PRINT "Bye!":PROCsound3:END 2240: 2250DEF PROCsetup 2260FOR I%=0 TO &115 STEP4:I%!&900=I%!M %:NEXT 2270FOR I%=0 TO 3:READ D%(I%,0),D%(I%,1 ):NEXT 2280FOR I%=1 TO 10:READ N$(I%),V%(I%):N EXT 2290CLS:VDU23;8202;0;0;0;19,0,4;0;19,1, 3;0; 2300VDU23,224,170,85,170,85,170,85,170, 85,23,225,0,24,38,193,0,24,38,193,23,226 ,24,24,24,255,255,24,24,24,23,227,0,60,6 6,66,66,66,60,0,23,228,0,60,126,126,126, 126,60,0,23,229,255,255,255,255,255,255, 255,255 2310ENVELOPE 1,5,0,0,0,0,0,0,120,-5,-2, -10,63,63:ENVELOPE 2,4,4,8,128,4,8,128,1 26,0,0,-126,126,126:ENVELOPE 3,132,-1,0, 0,50,0,0,20,-1,-1,-12,100,0:ENVELOPE 4,1 ,0,0,0,0,0,0,126,-1,0,-20,126,30 2320ENDPROC 2330: 2340DEF PROCdisplay 2350VDU5,24,56;256;600;776;16,24,684;25 6;1228;776;16,26 2360x=128:FOR y=312 TO 752 STEP 44:MOVE 128,y:DRAW 568,y:MOVE x,312:DRAW x,752: MOVE 756,y:DRAW 1196,y:MOVE 628+x,312:DR AW 628+x,752:x=x+44:NEXT 2370a=65:b=48:y=744:FOR x=136 TO 532 ST EP 44:MOVE x,296:VDU a:MOVE 80,y:VDU b:M OVEx+628,296:VDU a:MOVE 708,y:VDU b:a=a+ 1:b=b+1:y=y-44:NEXT:VDU 4 2380VDU 28,2,29,37,26,12:ENDPROC 2390: 2400DEF PROCenter:LOCAL x%,y%:x%=POS:y% =VPOS:*FX11 2410REPEAT:IF FNkey=0 PRINTTAB(x%,y%)SP C2;TAB(x%,y%); 2420UNTIL INKEY-74:OSCLI"FX12":PRINT':E NDPROC 2430: 2440DEF FNkey:REPEAT:OSCLI"FX15,1":G%=G ET:UNTIL G%>64 AND G%<75:VDUG%:X%=G%-65: REPEAT:G%=GET:UNTIL G%>47 AND G%<58 OR G %=127:VDUG%:IF G%=127:=FALSE 2450Y%=G%-48:REPEAT UNTIL INKEY-90 OR I NKEY-74 2460IF INKEY-90 THEN =FALSE:ELSE =TRUE 2470: 2480DEF PROCsound1:FOR K%=0 TO 225 STEP 4:SOUND 1,-K%DIV15,K%,1:NEXT:ENDPROC 2490DEF PROCsound2:FOR K%=225 TO 1 STEP -4:SOUND 1,-K%DIV15,K%,1:NEXT:ENDPROC 2500DEF PROCsound3:SOUND 0,4,6,20:FOR Z =0TO1200:NEXT:ENDPROC 2510: 2520DATA 0,1,1,0,0,-1,-1,0 2530DATA Dinghy,1,Patrol Boat,1,Tug Boa t,1,Submarine,1,Minesweeper,2,Frigate,2, Cruiser,2,Destroyer,3,Battleship,3,Aircr aft Carrier,4 2540DATA 48,248,608,784, 676,248,1236,7 84, 48,32,1236,212 2550: 2560DEF PROCinstr 2570FOR I%=0 TO 4:PRINTSTRING$(255,CHR$ 224);:NEXT:VDU 5:MOVE 1122,30:PRINTSTRIN G$(6,CHR$224):PROCbo:PROCw(48,832,1236,1 000):PROCw(48,32,1236,784) 2580FOR I%=0 TO 172 STEP4:I%!&5AC8=I%!W %:NEXT:FOR I%=0 TO 172 STEP4:I%!&5C08=I% !(W%+&B0):NEXT 2590PROCship(172,890):PROCship(1100,888 ):GCOL 4,0:MOVE 52,870:PRINTSTRING$(37,C HR$225):VDU 18,0,1,4,28,2,29,37,8 2600CALL &900:ON ERROR VDU4:CALL&927:RE PORT:END 2610PROCtext 2620VDU 26,31,0,7:FOR I%=0 TO 2:PRINTST RING$(255,CHR$224);:NEXT:VDU 5:MOVE 160, 191:PRINTSTRING$(235,CHR$224):PROCbo:FOR I%=0 TO 2:READ a,b,c,d:PROCw(a,b,c,d):N EXT:VDU4 2630ENDPROC 2640: 2650DEF PROCbo:GCOL 0,1:MOVE 0,0:DRAW 0 ,1023:DRAW 1279,1023:DRAW 1279,0:DRAW 0, 0:ENDPROC 2660: 2670DEF PROCship(X,Y) 2680VDU29,X;Y; 2690MOVE -4,20:MOVE -100,0:PLOT 85,-88, -32:MOVE -4,-32:PLOT 85,-4,20:MOVE 4,20: MOVE 100,0:PLOT 85,88,-32:MOVE 4,-32:PLO T 85,4,20 2700MOVE -60,40:DRAW 60,40:MOVE 60,16:P LOT 85,0,28:MOVE -60,16:PLOT 85,-60,40:M OVE -40,48:MOVE 40,48:PLOT 85,40,56:MOVE -40,56:PLOT 85,-40,48 2710MOVE 0,56:DRAW 0,72:MOVE -10,64:DRA W 12,64:MOVE -50,28:PLOT 22,-20,28:MOVE 52,28:PLOT 22,20,28:PLOT 69,8,32:PLOT 69 ,-8,32 2720VDU 26:ENDPROC 2730: 2740DEF PROCw(L%,B%,R%,T%):VDU 18,0,129 ,18,0,0,24,L%-16;B%-16;R%-16;T%-16;16,26 :MOVE L%-16,B%-16:DRAW R%-16,B%-16:DRAW R%-16,T%-16:DRAW L%-16,T%-16:DRAW L%-16, B%-16:VDU 18,0,128,18,0,1,24,L%;B%;R%;T% ;16,26 2750MOVE L%,B%:DRAW R%,B%:DRAW R%,T%:DR AW L%,T%:DRAW L%,B% 2760ENDPROC 2770: 2780DEF PROCsp:LOCAL A$,B$,C$,I%:OSCLI" FX21":A$=STRING$(17," ")+"Press <SPACE B AR>":REPEAT:B$=INKEY$0:C$=LEFT$(A$,1):A$ =RIGHT$(A$,33)+C$:PRINTTAB(1,20);A$:FORI %=0TO1000:NEXT:UNTILB$=" ":CLS:ENDPROC 2790: 2800DEF PROCtext 2810PRINT"This version of the game allo ws you to play against the computer as a n opponent. The object of the game is t o sink the computer's fleet before it si nks yours." 2820PRINT'"The ships are represented as lines of squares of various length and areplaced on a ten by ten grid. The"'"g rid rows are numbered from 0 to 9 and t he grid columns are indicated with lett ers from A to J." 2830PRINT'"There are two grids on the s creen. The grid on the left hand side"' "stores the positions of your ships and the one on the right side shows the res ults of your shots.":PROCsp 2840PRINT"Each fleet consists of 10 shi ps:-"''" Aircraft carrier - 4 squares"' " Battleship"TAB(19)"- 3 squares"'" De stroyer"TAB(19)"- 3 squares"'" Cruiser" TAB(19)"- 2 squares"'" Frigate"TAB(19)" - 2 squares" 2850PRINT" Minesweeper"TAB(19)"- 2 squ ares"'" Submarine"TAB(19)"- 1 square"'" Tug boat"TAB(19)"- 1 square"'" Patrol Boat"TAB(19)"- 1 square"'" Dinghy"TAB( 19)"- 1 square" 2860PRINT'"Larger ships occupy contiguo us grid locations, and are placed either "'"horizontally or vertically. No two"'" ships will touch.":PROCsp 2870PRINT"The computer will first posit ion"'"its own ships. Then it will be ask you for the positions of your ships." 2880PRINT"It is worth remembering that each ship should be surrounded by one" '"empty square in all directions." 2890PRINT'"When all the ships are in po sition the battle begins and shots are" '"alternated until one fleet (yours orth at of your opponent) is destroyed.":PROC sp 2900PRINT"Your shots are fired by enter ing"'"the position of the target square and pressing <RETURN>."''"Positions fo r shots are, for exampleD3, which is: co lumn D, row 3." 2910PRINT'"The result of your shot will be"'"shown on the right hand grid. A mi ssis denoted by a square with rounded co rners whereas a hit is denoted by a fill ed circle." 2920PRINT'"The position of the computer 's shot is indicated each time by a cros s onthe left hand grid. Simultanously a question appears in the text window.":PR OCsp 2930PRINT"As a rule, when calculating i ts movethe computer does not look at the positions of your ships at all, so y ou will have to tell the computer if it has hit (H), missed (M), or"'"sunk (S) your ship." 2940PRINT'"When replying to a computer guess be very careful to give the corr ect response so that you are not accused of cheating. If you make a mistake or i f you try to lie, the computer will fin d you out." 2950PRINT'"At the end of each battle th e"'"current score is given.":PROCsp 2960ENDPROC