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Football pools - Listing

10MODE7 20REM" FOOTBALL POOLS PROGRAM 30REM" BY RUSHDEN ROY 40REM" A 'L' PLATE PROGRAMMER!! 50ON ERROR CLS: GOTO 200 60CLS 70PRINT'' 80VDU23,1,0;0;0;0; 90PRINT"   PROGRAM B Y ££££££££" 100PRINT"     k 7e757£k" 110PRINT"     s550!5u0£5" 120PRINT"   p5u7t5upp5" 125REM (Thanks to RAFAEL JAY for my name display.) 130PRINTTAB(0,10)CHR$(141)CHR$(134)" A FOOTBALL COUPON (TREBLE CHANCE)" 140PRINTTAB(0,11)CHR$(141)CHR$(134)" A FOOTBALL COUPON (TREBLE CHANCE)" 150PRINTCHR$(141)CHR$(134)" PROGRAM TO HELP YOU FIND THE RIGHT" 160PRINTCHR$(141)CHR$(134)" PROGRAM TO HELP YOU FIND THE RIGHT" 170PRINTCHR$(141)CHR$(134)" PERMUT ATION FOR THE POOLS." 180PRINTCHR$(141)CHR$(134)" PERMUT ATION FOR THE POOLS." 190TIME=0:REPEAT UNTIL TIME>300 200CLS 210PRINTTAB(0,4)"  |||||||||4" 220PRINT"    230PRINT"     240PRINT"     250PRINT" POOLS    COUPON" 260PRINT"     270PRINT" |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||" 280PRINT" |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||" 290PRINTTAB(0,14)CHR$(134)"1, For a li ttle information." 300PRINTTAB(0,16)CHR$(134)"2, This wil l give you e.g.""8 from 14""." 310PRINTTAB(0,18)CHR$(134)"3, This wil l give fictitious results." 320PRINTTAB(0,20)CHR$(134)"4, Seven co lumns of random numbers." 330VDU23,1,0;0;0;0; 340PROCSC(0,1," 0-0DRAW 1-0HOME 1-1D RAW 1-2AWAY ",5,20) 350ENDPROC 360DEF PROCSC(X,Y,A$,C,N):B$=A$+A$:FOR A=1 TO N:C=1:FOR S=1TOLENA$:FORA=1TO50: NEXT 370PRINTTAB(X,Y);CHR$(131)MID$(B$,S,LE N A$):NEXT S:NEXT A: 380VDU23,1,1;0;0;0; 390INPUTTAB(0,23)"CHOOSE A NUMBER(1to4 )THEN <RETURN> "ch 400IFch<1ORch>4:VDU7:GOTO 390 410ON ch GOTO420,650,1280,1810 420CLS:PRINT 430PRINTCHR$(129)" FOOTBALL COUPON (T REBLE CHANCE)" 440PRINT" With a football'Treble Chan ce'coupon" 450PRINT"the aim is to get eight score draws" 460PRINT"(e.g.1-1 ,2-2 etc.) in one li ne. This" 470PRINT"would pay a first dividend." 480PRINT" The best way to get complet e full" 490PRINT"cover is to do a ""ANY EIGHT FROM ...."" permutation (2 on menu). T ry also 'ANY 2 FROM...' and 'ANY 4 FROM ...'" 500PRINT" This program does not forca st results" 510PRINT"for you it just gives you ran dom ideas." 520PRINT" The random numbers (matches ) is 58" 530PRINT"which is a normal total on th e coupons." 540PRINT" The stake used is the usual on the" 550PRINT"three main coupons per line." 560PRINT" That is 1.2p , 0.33p and 0. 10p. " 570PRINT" Please dont blame me if you dont win!" 580PRINT"But if you do win then please let me" 590PRINT"know by sending a small sum t owards my" 600PRINT"long overdue upgrade!! To.... " 610PRINT" ....R.D.DICKENS RUSHDEN NN 1O OEB. Best of luck." 620PRINT" PRESS SPACE FOR MENU " 630IF GET$=" "THEN 200 640IF GET$<>" "GOTO620 650CLS:PRINT 660PRINTCHR$(134)"FIND THE RIGHT ""PER M"" FOR THE POOLS" 670PRINTTAB(0,3)CHR$(134)"a, HOW MANY SELECTIONS " 680PRINTTAB(0,4)CHR$(132)"(a, must be less than b, max.20)" 690PRINTTAB(0,5)CHR$(134)"b, FROM HOW MANY SELECTIONS ?" 700PRINTTAB(0,6)CHR$(132)"(b, must be larger than a, max 58)" 710PRINTTAB(4,7)CHR$(132)"e.g.ANY 8 FR OM 10" 720INPUTTAB(30,3)"? "a`n 730IF a`n>20 THEN GOTO650 740INPUTTAB(30,5)"? "f`n 750IF f`n>58 THEN GOTO650 760IFa`n>=f`nTHENPRINTTAB(0,7)CHR$(136 )CHR$(129)" a, MUST BE LESS THAN b, "CHR $(137):VDU7:FORT=0TO6000:NEXTT:GOTO650 770G=1:FORh=f`nTOf`n-a`n+1STEP-1 780G=G*h:NEXTh:F=1 790FORi=a`nTO1STEP-1 800F=F*i:NEXTi:@%=&E 810PRINTTAB(0,10)CHR$(134)"ANY";CHR$(1 33)a`n;CHR$(134)" SELECTIONS FROM";CHR$( 133)f`n;CHR$(134)" SELECTIONS" 820PRINT 830PRINTTAB(10,12)CHR$(134)"= ";CHR$(1 33)G/FCHR$(134)" LINES." 840@%=&2020A 850IFa`n<>8THEN890 860PRINT'CHR$(131)"Cost @ 1.2p per lin e = £";(G/F)*1.2/100 870PRINTCHR$(131)"Cost @ 0.33p per lin e = £";(G/F)*.3333/100 880PRINTCHR$(131)"Cost @ 0.10p per lin e = £";(G/F)*.10/100 890@%=&0=&E 900IFa`n=8THENPROCeight 910IFa`n=4THENPROCfour 920IFa`n=2THENPROCtwo 930PRINTTAB(0,24)" 'SPACE'for another go.'ESC'for MENU":REPEATUNTILGET$=" ":GO TO650 940END 950DEFPROCfour 960PRINTCHR$(134)"With any 4 from ";f` n;" you could put on" 970PRINTCHR$(134)"the coupon,two colum ns of ";f`n;CHR$(134)"different" 980PRINTCHR$(134)"selections (total "f `n+f`n;CHR$(134)") and write....." 990PRINT 1000PRINTCHR$(133)" ""ANY 4 SELECTIONS FROM EACH COLUMN" 1010PRINTCHR$(133)" = "G/F" X "G/F" = "G/F*G/F;" LINES =" 1020@%=&2020A 1030PRINTCHR$(133)"£";(G/F)^2*(1.2/100) CHR$(134)"OR"CHR$(133)"£";(G/F)^2*(.3333 /100)CHR$(134)"OR"CHR$(133)"£";(G/F)^2*( .10/100)" STAKED""" 1040PRINT"( E&OE. Check before you send coupon!!)" 1050ENDPROC 1060END 1070DEFPROCeight 1080PRINTCHR$(134)"With any 8 from ";f` n;" you could put on" 1090PRINTCHR$(134)"the coupon,one colum n of ";f`n;CHR$(134)"different" 1100PRINTCHR$(134)"selections and write ....." 1110PRINTCHR$(133)" ""ANY 8 SELECTIO NS FROM "f`n 1120PRINTCHR$(133)" SELECTIONS = "G /F;" LINES =" 1130@%=&2020A 1140PRINTCHR$(133)"£";(G/F)*(1.2/100)CH R$(134)"OR"CHR$(133)"£";(G/F)*(.3333/100 )CHR$(134)"OR"CHR$(133)"£";(G/F)*(.10/10 0)" STAKED""" 1150PRINT"( E&OE. Check before you send coupon!!)" 1160ENDPROC 1170DEFPROCtwo 1180PRINTCHR$(134)"With any 2 from ";f` n;" you could put on" 1190PRINTCHR$(134)"the coupon,four colu mns of ";f`n;CHR$(134)"different" 1200PRINTCHR$(134)"selections (total "f `n*4;CHR$(134)") and write....." 1210PRINT 1220PRINTCHR$(133)" ""ANY 2 SELECTIONS FROM EACH COLUMN" 1230PRINTCHR$(133)" = "G/F" X "G/F" X " G/F" X "G/F" = "(G/F)^4;" LINES =" 1240@%=&2020A 1250PRINTCHR$(133)"£";(G/F)^4*(1.2/100) CHR$(134)"OR"CHR$(133)"£";(G/F)^4*(.3333 /100)CHR$(134)"OR"CHR$(133)"£";(G/F)^4*( .10/100)" STAKED""" 1260PRINT"( E&OE. Check before you send coupon!!)" 1270ENDPROC 1280CLS 1290PRINTTAB(8,2)CHR$(134)"A FOOTBALL C OUPON TREBLE CHANCE" 1300PRINTTAB(10,3)CHR$(134)"RESULTS (DR AWS) SIMULATION" 1310PRINTTAB(15,4)CHR$(134)"(By Roy Dic kens)" 1320PRINTTAB(9,5)"This program is based on random" 1330PRINTTAB(9,6)"only, not skill.Enter the total" 1340PRINTTAB(9,7)"amount of draws betwe en 2 & 20" 1350PRINTTAB(9,8)"that you think there will be." 1360PRINTTAB(9,9)"(The score draws will show on" 1370PRINTTAB(9,10)"average about 3 to e very 1 non-" 1380PRINTTAB(9,11)"score draws)" 1390PRINTTAB(12,21)CHR$(136)" Press"CHR $(137)"A KEY to continue" 1400PRINTTAB(12,22)" Press 'ESCAPE'for menu" 1410Z=GET:sc=0:non=0 1420PRINTTAB(9,21)" " 1430PRINTTAB(0,22)" LIKELY TOTAL OF""SC ORE""&""NON-SCORE""DRAWS" 1440INPUTTAB(0,23)" Enter total bet ween 2 and 20 ? "numbX 1450IFnumbX<2ORnumbX>20VDU7:PRINTTAB(0, 23)" ":GOTO1440 1460numb=numbX 1470DIMD(numb),check$(58) 1480FORN=1TOnumb 1490REPEAT 1500D(N)=INT(58*RND(1)+1) 1510UNTILcheck$(D(N))<>"*" 1520check$(D(N))="*" 1530NEXTN 1540CLS 1550PRINT" RESULTS":PRINT" SOON..." 1560FORA=1TOnumb-1 1570FORB=1TOnumb-A 1580IFD(B)<=D(B+1)THEN1620 1590T=D(B) 1600D(B)=D(B+1) 1610D(B+1)=T 1620NEXTB:NEXTA:CLS:PRINT 1630FORN=1TOnumb 1640@%=3 1650PRINTTAB(0)CHR$(129)D(N) 1660NEXTN:PRINT 1670FORN=1TOnumb 1680nonscore=RND(4) 1690IFnonscore=1ORnonscore=2ORnonscore= 3THENPRINTTAB(4,(N))CHR$(135)"X"ELSEPRIN TTAB(5,(N))CHR$(135)"O" 1700IFnonscore=1ORnonscore=2ORnonscore= 3THENsc=sc+1 1710IFnonscore=4THENnon=non+1 1720NEXTN 1730PRINTTAB(8,13)CHR$(134)"With";CHR$( 129)58;CHR$(134)"teams on the coupon and " 1740PRINTTAB(8,14)CHR$(134)"the likely total of";CHR$(129)numb;CHR$(134)"draws, " 1750PRINTTAB(8,15)CHR$(134)"you may hav e....." 1760PRINTTAB(12,17)CHR$(129)sc,CHR$(134 );"SCORE DRAWS (X)" 1770PRINTTAB(22,18)CHR$(134)"and" 1780PRINTTAB(12,19)CHR$(129)non;CHR$(13 4);" NON-SCORE DRAWS (O)" 1790CLEAR 1800GOTO1290 1810DIMB%(100) 1820VDU23,1,1;0;0;0; 1830CLS 1840PRINTCHR$(141)CHR$(130)" R ANDOM NUMBERS" 1850PRINTCHR$(141)CHR$(134)" R ANDOM NUMBERS" 1860PRINTCHR$(134)"This part of the pro gram will give" 1870PRINTCHR$(134)"you random numbers ( 1 to 58) in " 1880PRINTCHR$(134)"seven columns." 1890PRINTCHR$(134)"If your not using sk ill in your " 1900PRINTCHR$(134)"selection of teams t hen maybe these" 1910PRINTCHR$(134)"lists will be lucky for you!!!" 1920PRINT'' 1930INPUTTAB(0,20)" HOW MANY SELECTIONS (1 TO 20)? "selections 1940IFselections<1 OR selections>20THEN PRINTTAB(19,20)CHR$(136)"(1 TO 20)?":VDU 7:FORT=0TO4000:NEXTT:GOTO1830 1950CLS 1960VDU23,1,0;0;0;0; 1970@%=&2 1980FORcol=1TO7 1990FORdr=1TOselections 2000B%(dr)=RND(58) 2010l=0 2020FORen=0TOdr-1 2030IFB%(en)=B%(dr)THENdr=dr-1:l=1 2040NEXTen 2050IFl=0THENPRINTTAB(col*5,dr)CHR$(134 )B%(dr) 2060NEXTdr:NEXTcol 2070PRINTTAB(0,21)" YOUR SEVEN COLUMNS OF "dr-1" RANDOM NUMBERS" 2080CLEAR 2090PRINTTAB(0,23)" 'SPACE'for another go.'ESCAPE'for menu":REPEATUNTILGET$=" " :GOTO1810