8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Rating Questionnaire By C.J.Richardson. The program "RatQ" will build a data file which can be sent on to me for further processing, to find out how programs are being received. If you feel anything at all about a program why not let us know? How to set up the Rating file. CHAIN"RatQ" If the datafile "RatQdat" doesn't exist on disc, the program will create one, so make sure that there is room for a small file on the disc that you are using. If you dont want to send more than 6 reviews, skip this bit: The variable Q% at the start of the program contains the number of reviews minus one. In the present program, Q% is set to 5 therefore there is room for 6 reviews, which is probably more than most people will need. However, if you wish to send more than 6 reviews, LOAD"Ratq" change the value of Q% in the early part of the program. Ensure that no datafile "RatQdat" exists on disc already, otherwise the program will hang up. Then RUN the program. How to use the rating program. CHAIN"RatQ" The program is now waiting for you to enter the name of the program you wish to review. Enter the name, anything up to 20 characters will be accepted. Use something descriptive. Including the programmer's name is helpful. If there is already an entry in the file it will be displayed. You can press RETURN to leave the entry as it is. You will now be taken through the 9 review points one by one. The default choice is highlighted in RED. Press RETURN to select the default. Press a key from 0 to 9 to change the default and move on to the next review point. You will also be able to enter a few lines of comments if you wish. When the 9 points have been chosen and you have entered a comment, you will be shown a summary of your verdict. This is not exactly how the data will be used by me but it is pretty close. There will be one difference in the way that I use the information, (concerning compatibility). The program now waits for you to press a key: Pressing 0 repeats the same review. Pressing - jumps back to the previous review. Pressing any other key moves on to the next review. When you move past the maximum number of reviews allowed by the program, you will be brought back to the first review. Similarly, if you go back past the first review, you will be taken to the last. To finish and save the data. Press ESCAPE. Confirm that you want to save by pressing "Y" (uppercase only). The data will then be saved to disc under the file name "RatQdat". Copy this file onto a disc and send back to me for further processing. Additional information. The 9 review points: The first five (Overall to Sound) are scored out of 5 as follows: 0 - No comment 1 - Poor 2 - Average 3 - Good 4 - Commercial standard 5 - Excellent Addictability is scored as follows: 0 - none 1 - 2 minutes 2 - 15 minutes 3 - 1 hour 4 - No sleep You score compatibility this way: Press "0" if it does not run on your machine, or fails in some manner. If the program does run, press the number adjacent to your machine. However, I will use the info as follows One point for each machine that it works on (as far as I know) 0 to 4. Recommendation is scored as follows: 0 - Forget it Increasing urgency to: 7 - Get it yesterday You can also enter a few comments. This all works out to: 40 points maximum. Percentage shown as points * (100/40). Star rating: Maximum 4 stars. 1 star for each 10 points. Rating example: Overall :Excellent 5 Info :Average 2 Game idea :Excellent 5 Graphics :Good 3 Sound :Average 2 Addictability :No sleep 4 Compatibility :Master 3 Recommendation:Get it yesterday 7 Score 32 80% Star rating ***