8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                    8 BIT SOFTWARE                                                          Constructive comments on programs published by 8BS are always welcome. Here are a few: From : 27N (John Ilsley) Program: Various AMAZING!.... Some pokes actually work! First lot of pokes to ever work!... The game 'GUESS WHO' Well, as I see it, it would have been alright if us only users of computers in the family or families who's parents are still, even now frightened of computers, could have played against the computer!... Any future plans?. I reckon it is a good game, though playing against myself, I tended to cheat! Space commander Quite a good game, doesn't need much input from the user. I class this game as a game to send you into a pleasant deep sleep. In the nicest sort of way. I enjoyed this game and played it for a good 15 mins. Nice and simple. Paras Too small, too quick, Keys are not very good, and the boat and man moves two characters (mode 7 that is) at a time! Battle ship Give this guy a medal!.... Fantastic, a large improvement on the previous version. But couldn't the computer check it'self to see if the colour of the pixel under the cross was yellow or blue? I enjoyed this game so much, I lost track of the time I was playing it for. I feel the computer does cheat, I lost!. Zarch Simple, but good, the printout even worked, If a little slow at printing.  From : 0E7 Program: Various Paras If the boat is on the lefthand side of the window and the para falls out of the aircraft down the righthand side of the window then with my Master there is no way I can get the boat across to pick up the para quickly enough, as the response to the key press is too slow. Something somewhere needs speeding up or slowing down to give the player a chance to win.. Battleships I have no fault to find with the programme as such as it is the best version of this game I have seen. However I would like to make a point on the basic design of the game as such. When I was at school and we were supposed to be doing Private Study then the Battles were fought. The way we used to play it in my opinion was superior to any of the computer games I have seen. We used to insert a single letter in a square for the type of battle wagon it was to represent. A=Aircraft carrier B=Battleship etc. This made the game harder to play and it lasted longer. Surely this would make it easier to write a programme than to have an Aircraft Carrier take up 4 to 5 squares and the input would be easier for the players as they would not have to state vertical or horizontal would it not? Mortgage This appears to be a very good piece of programming but I would like to raise the following point. Unless I am missing something this programme is excellent as long as the interest rate is constant throughout the mortgage. However as we all know they go up and down like yoyo's. Therefore it would appear to be impossible to foretell the amount that is to be paid over the full period mainly becuse no one knows.Sorry if this appears to be stating the obvious.I agree however that it will be a good guide as to what the total payment will be if one assumes there will be no future change in the rate. Perhaps if this was made clear in the programme information it would solve the problem. Catalogue printer This will not run on my MASTER in ADFS. I get the message 'bad command at line 700'. Wordsearch solver 1 & 2 I like both of these programmes and they will be a big help to people doing word search puzzles but only when the words are known. How about when the words are not known? Can we have a programme of similar standrds to solve that problem please? ..Editor.. 0E7 doesn't ask for much!! This one should be a doddle. Baggies you enter the dictionary though Fred!!  From : L1L Program: Various. Issues 23 24 & 25 Convert A vast improvement on the original. Quite useful here in Australia with our Metric based system, but still with many things measured in so-called Imperial units. eg. miles per gallon - kilometres per litre feet and inches - metres and centimetres Monthp A good little utility. Couldn't a simple routine be implemented to calculate the first day of the year instead of the program asking the user to input it. Lettbox Quite impressive simple lettering styles to add that something different. If you have a Model B with the Graphics Extension Rom then you can see the uses of the boxes also. Simply turn on the GXR with GXR-ON <RET>, press <BREAK>, then *DRIVE 2 <RET>, CHAIN"Lettbox" <RET>. Incidentally the Union Jack display also works on the Beeb with GXR. Presenting Poland Pt.2 Although a short history, it was very interesting and was not too long for young readers to become distracted - again the graphical displays maintain attention. Issue 23 of 8BS was minus the utility 'SCRAM' which can be copied from Issue 20 to enable the dispay programs to work. A nice fade routine. Looking forward to Pt.3. Samples on Issue 25 Appeared to fail on BEEB. All just sound like computer noise. Do they work on the Beeb - if so, how? Big Ben Well presented and a good menuing system. Here is some other data; London 12:00 Adelaide 21:30 Brisbane 22:00 Canberra 22:00 Darwin 21:30 Hobart 22:00 Melbourne 22:00 Perth 20:00 Sydney 22:00 Catalogue Information Was useful. More on these sort of things please. Maybe how graphics are stored in each mode and a routine, or how to write a utility, to convert between any graphics mode. Presenting Programs Pt.2 Interesting to see other peoples ideas and solutions. Also a good way to observe other peoples programming styles and tricks. Continue the series if possible. RAM Disk Excellent. This is the first implementation I have used that has worked faultlessly. The only improvement that I can think of is to make it View wordprocessor compatible, if this is possible. Picture Gallery V2 Quite useful for displaying a file if the mode is unknown. Saves a lot of time trying differnt modes. Perhaps it could be modified to cope with compressed files also. Bank Manager Quite well done. Should provide useful as an educational tool for creating and solving mathematics based problems. 3D Demo Rather impressive. Although the routines were intended for use with monochrome monitors I beleive that with the right colour combinations, that they work equally well for colour screens. An example is the use of the 3D effect in the shareware game by Lars Osterballe, 'Panthenon'. Patience I found this a very compulsive, 'just one more go', type game. I have only managed to complete it twice, having played it many times. Other card games have been implemented on the Beeb before, but they have been missing simple instructions and have been graphically boring or unstimulating to say the least. Patience has overcome these obstacles and provides a great game. Well done Carl Wheat.  From : 20G (Roy Dickens) Program: Comments Issue 26 Archimedes Debate 1,2 and 3 I'm finding these debates interesting as I have only the Beeb and thinking of upgrading. ADFS Debates Also interesting as I don't have ADFS and wonder if I should. Editor...... See Daniel's note..... Short Game Theo's game certainly shows what can be done, not only short but fast. Envelope editor and Sound envelopes These two from Chris and Silas gives us plenty to work with and study. Thanks. Joker Certainly better, now its a lot faster. The funny side of this is we cant wait for a laugh so keep the shaggy dog stories out! Mortgage calc I like these type of programs, bags of info. But may I suggest an idea to help it be a little more user friendly? Such as at line 160 if you accidentally press return without entering the 'Desired Mortgage Term' an error will show up 'Division by zero at line 230' and the whole lot packs up. If you put something like n%:IF n%<1 THEN 160: This would keep asking for an input until n% was more than zero. Better still, you could print a little message stating what the user is doing wrong. Wordserch Another clever program from Miroslaw always neat and well presented.  From : 3SQ Program: Various Dir Lock .... absolutely Brill! I can now put all my 8BS Discs onto my hard Disc in a Directory set aside for 8BS disc's, without the impossible task of having to track down the countless *DIR $ commands wherein, is it possible to make the DirLock code remain after pressing the Break key this would then make it even better. ADFS Directory Reader I have been looking for a program to do this sort of thing for ages, a very similar program from Fast Access has been proving very unreliable of late, just when I really needed it. now I have 8BS who needs Fast Access? I would now like a very similar program to do the same job on DFS Disc's, please C J Richardson can you answer my plea ? Or perhaps it is just a simple matter of changing or adding a few extra lines into the existing program ? ......Editor.... Well, maybe when I'm not so busy, but could someone else do it? It will be far simpler than the ADFS version as there are a limited number of files. All can be viewed in one mode seven screen. The file info is all stored in one place, dead easy! Go on! Go for it, get the manual out!  From : 176 Program: Various Text files I found the Environment section very much in line with what my wife and I think, the Humour amusing, the Questionnaire no bother at all. Catalogue printer I found that by using *DISC I could catalogue both sides of a DFS disc but after changing *DRIVE to *MOUNT I could catalogue only one side of an ADFS disc. In DFS, my Citizen 120D printer would not feed backwards but as sometimes, the paper sensor catches on the perforations, it was preferable to wind the paper back by hand. The condensed print was perfectly legible. .... Editor ..... ADFS formatted Large sees both sides of the disc as one! Envelopes Very lucid explanation and interesting examples. Function key utility I liked the label catalogues! ADFS Text file reader Works well. Archimedes My daughter is a School Teacher and moved from BBC B to Archimedes but now has a Master 128 (as have I). It's really a question of Horses for Courses isn't it. DFS/ADFS The follow on from this, as per Editor's Comments, is that ADFS not only accomodates more files on a disc but also allows more letters in a filename to assist in recall.  From : 4G7 Program: Function Key Programs Many thanks for the suite of programs, in particular those by R.Sharman for use with Inter-Word. Those are just what I need to save having to use the embedded command menu with all that entails. I should mention that the F /keys can only be used in conjuction with Ctrl/Shft as the functions provided by the rom will override them. I have now compiled a short program incorporating them and CHAIN it from my !BOOT file. Has anyone come up with similar one -liners for Super-script and Sub -script, also for use on Inter-Word? At line 910 of your suite, the function to atalogue a disc. This was originally published in BEEBUG Magazine Volume 6 Issue 8 - Jan/Feb 1988. and submitted by David Lee. The hint suggests that the addition of a number after *CAT will catalogue the files on that drive and that the printout will be in super-script on a label 89mm x 49mm. It does work as I use it on discs which are full, placing the labels on the disc covers, front and back. This got me started thinking of ways to utilise the function keys in conjunction with other programs in the Inter suite. I use Inter-Sheet a lot and have found that moving around the whole sheet is a wearing process, having to look up printouts to find the cell ref. of a particular section. I have now programmed the F/keys with /G (cell ref.) via a !BOOT file and this now works a treat, using Control/Shift in conjunction with the Function key. Printing out a keystrip puts the finishing touch to the idea.  From : 15A (Steven Flintham) Program: Reader A useful little utility. How about adding an option to only *TYPE those files which have the load/exec addresses typically associated with text files (&XXXX0000 and &XXXXFFFF in either the load or execution address) - this would help to avoid too many non- text files being *TYPEd. Also, what about writing a simple routine to replace *TYPE - if non-text files are *TYPEd they can sometimes switch the printer on and mess everything up. Something along the lines of: DEF PROCtype(filename$) LOCAL chan%,byte% chan%=OPENIN(filename$) REPEAT byte%=BGET #chan% IF byte%>=32 AND byte%<=126 THEN VDU byte% IF byte%=13 THEN VDU 13,10 UNTIL EOF #chan% CLOSE #chan% ENDPROC                              BLAM!                                                   