8-Bit Software Online Conversion

    I would like to clear up some of the debris from issue 25. The bulk of the comments that I have so far received concern a couple of my programs. As I cannot claim they were nothing to do with me, which at this moment seems the favourite option, I suppose I shall have to make some inspired comments/excuses/explanations/ apologies. (Delete inappropriate section/s) It must not pass this point without thanks to the members who offered their comments on the programs. So - Thanks to the members who offered their comments on the programs. Fireworks sound sample demo. Seems to fail on a couple of people's machines. Try this: LOAD"firerun" GOTO 70 If this does not work, please let me know. I hold my hands out to the problem with the program not sussing out RAM banks properly, future samples will hopefully have corrected this. Out comes the manual. Diving Database. Well fancy that! I forgot the error trapping! My apologies. Try this: LOAD"Dbase" 145 ONERROR SA.FNS That should do it. I owe an apology to 0E7 who no doubt spent hours entering reams of data into the database to discover that it wasn't suitable for his needs. I must have omitted to mention that, the maximum number of records the database could handle would be about 80, maybe a few more, maybe a few less. The reason for this is that all the data is held in memory. I have now started writing disc based databases. Catalogues OK. I take the point, the presentation was rubbish. It was an experiment. There was no hard copy option, very remiss of me. The presentation was flat. Better luck next time. I hope the content was helpful though. To go back to the article for a second. Can anyone tell me where the ADFS catalogue is held if fitted to a BBC B? CPR test Yes! Sometimes the Question can have more than one correct answer. There is one point in the program that springs to mind as an example: When I originally entered the data for the program, it was my understanding that after the initial approach and assessment of the patient, after checking the respirations to discover APNEA you give 4 inflations of the lungs. However, during the program development I attended an annual re-qualifing course. I discovered that new protocols have us giving 2 inflations to start with. I was now faced with the quandary of leaving the program alone and being strictly incorrect, or amending it. If I amended it, then "First Aider's" may perceive my answer of 2 as being incorrect. What's to do? I thought. Oh well, both answers will do. So there you go, you can enter 2 or 4 as the answer to the initial number of inflations. As to the point about harming patients with the wrong treatment. I reckon that if you are sure that the patient is pulseless and therefore not breathing either, the worst thing that you can do is leave them alone! Before leaving the subject of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) I would like to remind everyone that the best way to learn CPR or any other first aid is to contact your local Ambulance service, Red Cross or St Johns. Bouncing ball demo. If I had saved the screen data so that it could have been *LOADed into memory (therefore being much quicker as suggested), then the program would have taken up too much room on the disc. The ASCII article by Steven Flintham Sorry about the format Steven, for some reason I managed to get the un-edited version on to the issue disc rather than the formatted one. As a result, the text looked a bit odd, with no wrap around. My fault. That brings me to this point: When editing an issue, space is an all important factor. 27N has suggested compacting the whole of the software collection, therefore leaving more room for more software and the all important text. Going by comments received from other members, I think that the balance has been struck. De-compacting can be a real pain. I say this having just spent the morning de-compacting 7 DFS discs from 1 ADFS for the software pool. Some members may not bother with software if it is in an archive, this would be a shame. Members are also at this very moment being asked if they would send 2 discs if it was considered necessary. So maybe in future the DFS version would be on 2 discs, DFS owners would then get the same software as ADFS owners. Two points raised by issue 26: Text from other formats Daniel Shimmin mentioned about transfer of text between computers via discs. If anyone has a disc of PD text from ANY other machine that they want to put into ADFS or DFS format for the BBC and the 8BS mag, send it to me, and I will gladly attempt to transfer it.   Sum ov us ejucaytid pipple can spel summert wikid an yoo lot out ther carnt spel fer tofee an wen we se sumwone hoo carnt spel we larf and larf at it. But seriously, I dread spelling incorrectly incorectly. I apologise for anything speld bad. I glance at the well fingered dictionary balanced on top of my modem and make a self doubting grab for it. My daughter came home from school last week (OK OK I'm 37), and told me that she had taken a spelling test. She said that she had scored 93 out of 100. Very good I said, what did you get wrong then? She proceeded to tell me that firstly the teacher had told her that she had left the "e" out of mountainous and the "r" out of rather. So according to my daughter's teacher it's: I would rarther live in a mountaineous area. Humm.... Yes, Daniel Shimmin was correct about my tolerance, I always thought that you could spell disc and program either way, I prefer spelling them this way. I try to leave people's text alone as much as possible, warts and all. The ADFS debate. Well, that caused a bit of a stir anyhow. A recent addition to my collection of roms is ADFS utilities. This rom nullifies the complaints that I had about ADFS. I deny any association with the person that whinged on about ADFS being a load of tosh (even if it was me). Considered the benefits of HADFS? Any comments on HADFS? The PD system which allows DFS users with SWR or an EPROM to have a similar system to ADFS. Have any of the BBC B users tried this format out? If there was enough interest, it may be worth considering transferring the ADFS version of the 8BS disc to HADFS for users without ADFS. You need 16k of SWR to load the rom image, or the rom can be blown onto an EPROM. The software is PD. Here is a bit of info from the info file by Mr Harston: The HADFS system will be familiar to anyone who is used to using ADFS or Econet. It is a full hierachial filing system (ie it has subdirectories). It is a ...method of sqeezing more than 31 or 62 files onto a DFS disk. Note that HADFS does not allow you to read ADFS disks. To do this, you need ADFS as well as the 1770 FDC. HADFS is really happy using 80 track doubles sided drives, but you can also use single sided disks and 40 track disks. HADFS runs on the following machines: BBC, DFS 0.90 slight problems. BBC, DFS 1.20 Master, DFS 2.24 also with: Watford Rom/Ram board Aries-B32 sideways Ram 6502 second processor (BBC) Z80 second processor (BBC) Shadow screens are recognised on: Master computers Aries-B32 Watford 32k Ram card HADFS needs the Osword call &7F provided by Acorn DFSs to read and write to disks. Me again... Each HADFS formatted disc contains the software needed to run the system. So all you do is !BOOT up in DFS, the rest is done for you. Anyone interested in following this up, please contact me. If you haven't got the necessary 16k of SWR fitted, several people offer an EPROM blowing service. The software itself is all PD. If you just fancy a look at HADFS, contact me, and I will supply the full setup complete with very comprehensive manuals and utilities.  10 point guide for computer wives or The first seven years are the worst. by Gillian Richardson. 1. Positioning of the computer. So that the occasional conversation can be held it is advisable to place the computer desk in a highly visible place where an eye can be kept on him, rather than it being in the loft, bedroom or "computer room". Otherwise contact will be totally lost with only the occasional glimpse of a dishevelled, tired, smelly male with bloodshot eyes and sprouting bristles. Life started to improve after the computer desk was bought. Avoiding any necessity to switch off whilst eating. Our computer used to be on the dining table. Place the desk in a position where air will circulate freely, next to the door or opening window, to keep the room fresh. 2. Conversing with computer husband. Persistence is advisable, because any answers to questions asked for instance are extremely unreliable. Teaching the youngest child where BREAK is is always a good idea. Switching the power off is only to be undertaken as a very last resort as this doesn't lead to any useful conversation anyway. However it may make you feel an awful lot better. 3. Going out. Unless you are going to a computer shop, forget it. It must be appreciated that having got the person out into the wide world, he will not be able to converse in a normally accepted manner and will show severe withdrawal symptoms. 4. House and garden. What garden? Maybe the wilderness. Short jobs can be undertaken whilst discs are formatting or being backed up. Decorating is definately out. 5. Holidays. Despite what he may say, it is not essential to take the computer with you. Camping and caravanning (as long as there are no hitch up points on the site) is a good idea. Try to avoid areas of the country where you know "computer friends" live. 6. Finances. No! The 100 discs are not essential and there is no need to live on baked beans for three weeks to be able to afford them. Pay day is FRIDAY, not Wednesday. 7. Educational software. There is no need for this as the children will never get to the computer anyway. EVEN if you have 2 computers as he will invariably have both switched on, backing up on one and running a mandelbrot on the other. 8. Visitors. Only have them on the strict understanding that the computer is turned off. 9. The Telephone/bill. When he shows you the telephone bill and complains that you have spent 10 minutes chatting to your mother, highlight his calls to outer Mongolia for three hours and add them up. Encourage him to take a job where he has to leave the telephone free, then under no circumstances allow a second telephone line to be installed. If he uses a modem, talk to him whilst he is using it. 10. Handling the programming. When he leaps up in the air and wails that he has just suffered a major disaster/loss by overwriting a whole evenings work, either make a run for it or explain to him gently that he is so clever that surely he made a backup of it all somewhere. This appeals to his vanity and diverts his grief for a second to allow him to concentrate correctly. He will now not be able to admit that he was too stupid to ensure that he regularly backed his work up because the same thing has happened so many times before  Well, it amused my wife anyway.   Here is the simplest answer to your question as far (as I am concerned anyway). Place your copy of 8BS issue 23 in the disc drive. Type: LOAD":2.basread" 590.l21:LDA#0:JSR&FFEE:DEX:DEX:BPLl20: LDA#0:JSR&FFEE Be very careful to enter this line exactly. Note the lower case "l" in L20 and l21 especially. This will list basic programs from disc without printing the line numbers. Use CONTROL+B to send output to the printer before entering the file name to be listed. However, I have had a go at doing the job in a different way, and have come up with an assembler interrupt program to remove line numbers when you list a program. It has a lot of flaws really, but nearly achieves the end!     Two points of interest here: 1. I apologise for any confusion caused by myself issueing ID's to people who I thought did not have them. ID's really do help the editors when organising an issue. 2. Please use your ID on all communications with me as well as Daniel. ID's make the job of organising an issue about 5 million time more simple! (Slight over exaggeration here) The Quantities debate. Size doesn't matter so I am told, surely, the MOST important factor on the 8BS disc should be quality, not quantity. When editing a disc, I just clap stuff on until it's full, it's as simple as that. If noboby sends anything to me, then the disc fills very slowly. The point of this paragraph is: Please keep your submissions rolling in!. Even if you think that it is not up to much! Let the Editors decide. This is enough of the ramblings for the issue, thanks to your contributions, it would seem that this issue is going to be bursting with text! Bye for now.    