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  A review of a game on a disc from the pool, GLM-02. Description. This game by Lars Osterballe calls itself a BASIC ELITE. It will run on all formats, the first file contains instructions on how to make the game compatible with the Electron, basically just changeing a couple of lines for the keys. Instructions. The instructions are given at the start of the game, they inform you of the object of the game which is to achieve "Supreme" status by making kills and trading, to avenge the murder of your grandfather. The instructions then give you the keys to use, trading, equipment, status and navigation are performed by the function keys. "@" to save the game. Sound on and off ";" ":". Flight is controlled with these keys: S-down X-up ,-roll anti clockwise .-roll clockwise /slow, SPACE speed up C-docking computer, A-lazers Arrow keys-for navigation The main game is then loaded in. Firstly you are asked if you want to load a new commander. Responding "Y" prompts you for a file name, a saved log is then loaded in and your old status displayed. Otherwise you are given the default log of commander Johnson. The game. If you are at the start of the game you will be docked at the initial planet in the initial galaxy which is Etile. You may spend your initial 100 credits on any of the items available at the planet, but it is advisable to buy fuel to start with so that you can Hyperspace to another system. Select the galactic chart with f5, set the cross hair to the planet that you wish to hyperspace to using the cursor keys. Press f6, press RETURN,then press f0 twice. This was not fully explained in the instructions and caused me a little confusion at first, as I could not seem to be able to set hyperspace. You will then be thrust into a very dangerous environment. You will have to destroy a certain number of hostile space vehicles before the space station of the system you have hyperspaced to will appear. The number of hostiles depends on the tech level of the system. Docking is also a very risky procedure. If you accidentally fire on the space station, it's curtains! The defences go up and you cannot dock, you will just crash into the outer hull. Approach the space station tapping the "," key reqularly. Keep the sights in the centre of the station with the sides and top of the station square. It took me ages to realise that you need to have a fair bit of speed to get into the station, if you try to dock slowly, you don't actually seem to go anywhere. Docking is very easy once you get the swing of it. But buy a docking computer as soon as you have the 3000 credits needed. You can also boost shield re-generation with a shield generator for 900 credits. At some hi-tech systems you can buy a military lazer for better zapping power at 4500 credits, or a hyperspace drive at 6750 credits which can only be used the once. You need the hyperspace drive to jump through the galaxies of which there are three. Your mission will take you through them all twice. First of all you must attain Supreme status, rising through the ranks from Harmless, Bad, No good, All right, Tough, Dangerous, Deadly and finally Supreme. Do this by destroying the pirates that you encounter. You must trade to make money to be able to afford equipment. After you become Supreme, you will be offered missions to complete when you dock. The missions involve finding and docking at systems rangeing throughout the 3 galaxies. There are 15 missions to complete before the final message is displayed. There is a twist in the tale!! Overall impressions. The game has a similar look to Elite. Game play follows very similar lines to Elite. The pirates are all the same shape and follow similar manoeuvres, therefore combat isn't anything like as fulfilling as Elite. It is therefore easier to play than Elite once you get used to the keys (no joystick). The space stations are just a rotating box. Unlike Elite, where you have to visualise yourself in a three dimensional arena, Supreme seems to be only two dimensional. There is a bit of screen flicker, the program is in Basic. The missions are reasonably simple, just a matter of finding and reaching a system. Richardsons Rating: Overall :Excellent 5 Info :Average 2 Game idea :Excellent 5 Graphics :Good 3 Sound :Average 2 Addictability :No sleep 4 Compatibility :Master Electron BBC 3 Recommendation:get it! 7 Score 32 80% Star rating *** Rating information: As this is my first review I shall explain the standard that I have used for the rating: The first five (Overall to Sound) are scored out of 5 as follows: 0 - No comment 1 - Poor 2 - Average 3 - Good 4 - Commercial standard 5 - Excellent Addictability is scored as follows: 0 - none 1 - 2 minutes 2 - 15 minutes 3 - 1 hour 4 - No sleep Compatibility is scored as follows: One point for each machine that it works on (as far as I know) 0 to 4. Recommendation is scored as follows: 0 - Forget it Increasing urgency to: 7 - Get it yesterday This all works out to: 40 points maximum. Percentage shown as points * (100/40). Star rating: Maximum 4 stars. 1 star for each 10 points. The rating is of course only my opinion. A far more reliable rating could be achieved if several members were to send in their ratings. A more useful rating could then be calculated. I have written a disc based questionnaire which can be returned for processing. This may appear on future 8BS issues. If there is a spare corner on this issue disc I may pop it on. The file is called "RatQ". This is only for anyone interested in the program itself, please don't send any data to Daniel unless he specifically asks for it!