8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Presenting programs Ex. 2 - Listing

10REM >Step2 20REM by Steven Flintham 30REM 40REM Wednesday 4th March 1993 50: 60MODE 7 70VDU 23;8202;0;0;0; 80PROCdisable 90PROCinit 100REPEAT 110choice%=FNmenu 120UNTIL choice%=5 130MODE 7 140PROCenable 150END 160: 170DEF PROCdisable 180*FX229,1 190*FX4,1 200ENDPROC 210: 220DEF PROCenable 230*FX229 240*FX4 250ENDPROC 260: 270DEF PROCinit 280ON ERROR MODE 7:REPORT:PRINT " at l ine ";ERL:PROCenable:END 290ENDPROC 300: 310DEF FNmenu 320LOCAL choice%,key% 330PROCtitle 340PRINTTAB(3,4);"Option 1" 350PRINTTAB(3,5);"Option 2" 360PRINTTAB(3,6);"Option 3" 370PRINTTAB(3,7);"Option 4" 380PRINTTAB(3,8);"Option 5" 390PRINTTAB(3,9);"Quit this program" 400PRINTTAB(0,11);"Use the cursor keys to move the bar and"'"press RETURN to s elect" 410choice%=0 420PRINTTAB(0,choice%+4);CHR$132;CHR$1 57;CHR$131;TAB(38,choice%+4);CHR$156; 430REPEAT 440*FX21 450key%=GET 460PRINTTAB(0,choice%+4);" " 470IF key%=138 THEN IF choice%<5 THEN choice%=choice%+1 480IF key%=139 THEN IF choice%>0 THEN choice%=choice%-1 490PRINTTAB(0,choice%+4);CHR$132;CHR$1 57;CHR$131;TAB(38,choice%+4);CHR$156; 500UNTIL key%=13 510=choice% 520: 530DEF PROCtitle 540VDU 26,12 550PRINTTAB(7,0);CHR$141;CHR$132;CHR$1 57;CHR$131;"Menu demonstration ";CHR$15 6 560PRINTTAB(7,1);CHR$141;CHR$132;CHR$1 57;CHR$131;"Menu demonstration ";CHR$15 6 570PRINTTAB(7,2);CHR$131;"(C) Steven F lintham 1993" 580ENDPROC