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Line number removal - Listing

10DEFFNS="LineOut" :REM Name of p rogram 20MODE0 30FORL%=0TO2STEP 2 :REM Assembler lo op 40P%=&900 :REM Memory locat ion to run from 50[ ½ Start of machin e code 60OPTL% ½ Assembler listi ng option 70LDA#0 ½ Load the A regi ster with 0 80STA&70 ½ Store the conte nts of A at memory location &70 90SEI ½ Stop interrupts to allow a change 100LDA&20E ½ Get LSB of WRCH V (routine that sends output to screen) 110STA&72 ½ Save it 120LDA&20F ½ Get MSB of WRCH V 130STA&73 ½ Save it 140LDA# interrupt MOD 256 ½ Put the a ddress of my routine there instead 150STA&20E ½ ditto 160LDA# interrupt DIV 256 ½ ditto 170STA&20F ½ ditto 180CLI ½ Set the interrupts going again 190RTS ½ Routine now in place 200.interrupt ½ My inter rupt routine starts here 210STA&71 ½ Save A (c haracter going to screen) to memory &71 220PHA:TXA:PHA:TYA:PHA ½ Save all the registers 230LDA&70 ½ Load the count into the A register 240CMP#0 ½ Is the co unt at 0 (not running)? 250BNE running ½ If not 0 then count running, jump to main loop 260LDA&71 ½ Get saved character again 270CMP#10 ½ is it the cursor down code? 280BNEout ½ If not it 's no good so jump out 290INC&70 ½ Increase the count (This starts the count going) 300JMPout ½ Leave the routine 310.running 320LDA&71 ½ Get the s aved character again 330CMP#32 ½ Is it a s pace? 340BNEnotspace 350LDA#53 ½ remove th e space by changing it to a character 360STA&71 ½ that will be removed later ( 0 to 9 ) 370.notspace 380CMP#48 ½ is the ch aracter smaller than 48 ( 0 ) ? 390BMIleave 400CMP#58 ½ or larger than 57 (9) ? 410BPLleave 420LDA#0 ½ if it's 0 to 9 and a count is running, delete it 430STA&71 440.leave 450INC&70 ½ Increase the count 460LDA&70 470CMP#7 ½ Is the co unt 7 yet? 480BNEout 490LDA#0 ½ If yes ze ro it and stop the routine running 500STA&70 510.out:PLA:TAY:PLA:TAX:PLA½ restore t he registers 520LDA&71 ½ get the c haracter to go to the screen 530JMP(&72) ½ Jump to w rite character 540] : REM End o f machine code assembler 550NEXT 560REM OSCLI"SA. CODE 900 "+STR$~P% : REM Remove REM to *RUN code later 570CALL&900 : REM Call the routine 580PRINT"TYPE LIST NOW!"