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Paste - Listing

10REM PASTE Utility 20REM by M.Bobrowski 3'93 30REM for 8-BS PD 40: 50MODE7:OSCLI"*CAT":REM MODE7:*CAT C : REM for DFS users:REM MODE7:*CAT onl y 60V%=VPOS+1:VDU30:PRINTSPC120;TAB(8,0 )CHR$141"CUT & PASTE UTILITY"TAB(8,1)CHR $141"CUT & PASTE UTILITY"TAB(12,2)"Paste Program"TAB(0,V%)"Which cutout do you w ish to load" 70INPUT""F$:VDU28,0,24,39,4 80PRINT'"Enter screen MODE (0-3 or 4 or 5) ";:REPEAT:M%=GET-48:UNTIL(M%>=0AND M%<3)ORM%=4ORM%=5:PRINT;M%:step%=-16*(M% =0)-32*(M%=1ORM%=4)-64*(M%=2ORM%=5) 90IFM%<3 A$=" 3000":S%=&3000:L%=&280: H%=16:B$=A$+"+5000 FFFF3000 FFFF3000" EL SE A$=" 5800":S%=&5800:L%=&140:H%=32:B$= A$+"+2800 FFFF5800 FFFF5800" 100PRINT'"Do you wish to load a backgr ound screen as well (Y/N) ";:B%=INSTR("N nYy",GET$)DIV3:IF B%=0 PRINT"No" ELSE PR INT"Yes":INPUT'"Enter its filename : "L$ 110INPUT'"Enter a name for the screen file to be"'"saved : "S$ 120MODE M%:VDU23;8202;0;0;0;:IF B% OSC LI"L."+L$+A$ 130cutout%=OPENIN("C."+F$) 140xsize%=(BGET# cutout%+256*BGET #cut out%) 150ysize%=(BGET# cutout%+256*BGET #cut out%) 160: 170xo%=0:yo%=1024:x%=xo%:y%=yo% 180GCOL4,0:MOVE x%,y%:DRAW x%+xsize%,y %:DRAW x%+xsize%,y%-ysize%:DRAW x%,y%-ys ize%:DRAW x%,y% 190REPEAT:PROCcheck`keys:PROCmove:UNTI L INKEY(-106):*FX15,1 200xpos%=x%/H%:ypos%=256-(y%/4) 210offset%=S%+(xpos%*8)+L%*(ypos%DIV 8 )+(ypos% MOD 8) 220MOVE x%,y%:DRAW x%+xsize%,y%:DRAW x %+xsize%,y%-ysize%:DRAW x%,y%-ysize%:DRA W x%,y% 230GCOL0,7 240PROCload`cutout 250VDU30:IF S$<>"" THEN OSCLI"SA."+S$+ B$ 260END 270: 280DEF PROCcheck`keys:move%=FALSE:*FX2 1,0 290IF INKEY-73 AND y%<=1024 y%=y%+4-(I NKEY-1)*28:move%=TRUE 300IF INKEY-105 AND y%>=ysize% y%=y%-4 +(INKEY-1)*28:move%=TRUE 310IF INKEY-98 AND x%>=0 x%=x%-step%:m ove%=TRUE 320IF INKEY-67 AND x%<=1280-xsize% x%= x%+step%:move%=TRUE 330ENDPROC 340: 350DEF PROCmove:IF NOT move% ENDPROC 360MOVE xo%,yo%:DRAW xo%+xsize%,yo%:DR AW xo%+xsize%,yo%-ysize%:DRAW xo%,yo%-ys ize%:DRAW xo%,yo% 370MOVE x%,y%:DRAW x%+xsize%,y%:DRAW x %+xsize%,y%-ysize%:DRAW x%,y%-ysize%:DRA W x%,y% 380xo%=x%:yo%=y% 390ENDPROC 400: 410DEF PROCload`cutout 420FOR X%=1 TO xsize%/H% 430addr%=offset%+8*(X%-1) 440FOR Y%=1 TO ysize%/4 450?addr%=BGET# cutout% 460addr%=addr%+1 470IF addr% MOD 8=0 THEN addr%=addr%+L %-8 480NEXT Y%:NEXT X% 490CLOSE #cutout% 500ENDPROC