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                                          To : 4G7 and 999 From : 20G (Roy Dickens) Thanks for the comments about the f KEY utils program. I have, like you, also put the INTERWORD ctrl/shift fkeys in my !BOOT. Also in the !BOOT is a ding! Instead of a beep! I use the idea by Matthew Bennion in the VOL.7 NO.12 Micro User letters section. To change the beep try ENVELOPE 1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,-126,-2,0,-1, 126,80 *FX 211, 1 *FX 212, 0 *FX 213, 180 *FX 214, 1 You should then get a ding like a bell.  To : 0E7 and 999 From : 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: Tax and Insurance program I have now updated the 'Tax&Ins' Program Fred, from 92/93 to 93/94 not a lot to change this time. (But what do they have up their sleeve for the autumn budget?! Seventeen and a half percent on our fifty pence?). May-be Chris will put the program in this issue or when he has room.  To : 0E7 and 999 From : 20G (Fred Nevin) Subject: Recycling Yes Fred I did stay the course and read your comments especially about recycling. I remember the metal railing (war effort) being taken, also from parks. Before then we were locked out by the park keeper at sunset. Once the rails had gone the parks were very busy after dusk! What about the recycling of meal/food scraps? Lots of streets had a dustbin known as a pig bin and the idea was that we all put stuff in for the poor pigs. I say poor because there was so much junk put in I'm sure it didn't do the pigs any good. It didn't do the people living near the stinking bin any good either on a hot day!  To : 3SQ (Tim Parsons) and 999 From : 20G (Roy Dickens) Congratulations Tim, your letter in the recent ACORN USER stirring it up about lack of Beeb stuff. But by their reply they don't really want to know.  To : 999 (All) From : 6EE (Mick Needham) Subject: 128 Master Acorn are discontinuing production of the Master 128, when the last 2,000, to complete existing orders, have been produced the 128 will cease production. We have it seems come to the end of an era!  To : 999 (All) From : 6EE (Mick Needham) Subject: For sale I have a lot of Beebug magazines I wish to sell, they are:- Vol.1 no.9, 10 Vol.2 no.2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 Vol.3 no.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Vol.4 no.1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 Vol.5 no.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 Vol.6 no.4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Vol.7 no.1, 2: All in good condition, 20p each plus postage, For Sale Acornsoft Forth Rom, and book, 'Forth on the BBC Microcomputer and Acorn Electron by Richard de Grandis-Harrison in perfect condition 10 for both, plus postage. For Sale Acorn Prestel Adapter (modem), complete with ROM, manual in full working order. 10 plus postage. For Sale Large collection of software, tapes, 50p each plus postage, comprise the following:- Palace of Magic, Quest, Hunchback, Star Striker, 2002, Gideon's Gamble, Frogger, Deathstar, Alien Destroyers, World Geography, European Knowledge, Galaforce, Colditz Adventure, Jetpac, Knight Lore, Atic Atac, Sabre Wulf, Nightshade, Arkanoid, Wizadore, Theatre Quiz, Science Fiction Quiz, Music Quiz, Snapper, Spinx Adventure, Countdown to Doom, Rocket Raid, Labyrinth, Revs, Erik the Viking, The Pen and the Dark, Combat Lynx, BBC Mastermind, BBC Mastermind Quizmaster, Nightworld, Lunar Rescue, Blagger, Grid Iron, Peter Scott Trilogy, Fortress, Birdie Barrage, Zalaga, Home Finance, Football Manager, Firehawks, Planes, Pinball Arcade, Gunsmoke, Castle Assault, Demolator, Snorter, The Hacker, The Horse Lord. Compilations on tape, 1.50 each, plus postage:- The Gold Collection, BBC Bonanza, The Complete BBC, Megaplay Vol. 1 Disk Software, 3 each plus postage:- Revs, Thrust, Galaforce, Spycat, Barbarian, Palace of Magic, Imogen, W.A.R., Trivial Persuit, Starquake, Psycastria. ROMs for sale, 6 each plus postage:- Caretaker and Toolkit. 153 Firth Park Road, Sheffield, S5 6WU.  To : 999 (All members) From : 2J3 Subject: 5.25" discs for 27.5p each! I have just purchased another quantity of 5.25 inch discs DS DD. That's 300 now! With no reported problems. If you want some, any quantity from 1 upwards, contact me. Send £1.00p and a first class stamp, I will send you 3 DFS formatted discs. Or send £3.25p and I will send 10 discs to you (this includes postage of 50p). Anyone interested, drop me a line. C.J.Richardson 17 Lambert Park Road Hedon Hull HU12 8HF  To : 999 (All) From : 2J3 (C.J.Richardson) Subject: For sale I have in my possession for a very limited time: "Chatterbox II" Speech Synthesis by William Stuart systems limited. With supporting software. It Plugs into the User port and makes interesting noises. Plus: "Big Ears" Speech recognition system. Plugs into Chatterbox. Includes supporting software. These items are for sale as one unit and include full instructions. I have tested it out and can guarantee that it works fine. Just £15.00 Plus p+p of about £2.00p. Contact me before the next issue deadline when I shall return it to it's present owner.  To : 999 (All) From : 19F (Theo Gray) Subject: Beeb Help Just a couple of questions I would like answered if anyone has the answers: -How can sprites with >2 colours in be defined? -Every now and then, my telly pings at me after about 1/2 hour or so of using the computer. This happens in a very random fashion, sometimes quickly, and sometimes even corrupting the screen or crashing the computer. Most of the time this doesn't end up happening, but it is annoying. Can any one help? -I recently came into ownership of "The Music System" from Island Logic, and saw in an old advert that there was a utility to transfer Music System files to Basic. After phoning the company who used to do this package, I found that they only now do the system itself. I was wondering if anyone owned the utilities disk, and if so does the BASIC utility allow tunes to be played on any BBC without the Music System? Also, does anyone know where I could get hold of one?  To : 999 (All) From : 19F (Theo Gray) Subject: PC Help I know this is a BBC magazine, but if anyone knows about PC's, could you help me with a few points: -Could someone point me to a book on programming with a PC (apart from just batch files), if it possible to do anything else with just MS-DOS? -Is it possible to design your own sprites for use in 'Program Manager' in Microsoft Windows 3.0? -I was recently thinking of upgrading my memory, and I was wondering, after looking at adverts whether the final no. in the specification of memory SIMMS (e.g. 1MB x 9 - 70, here it is 70) means the accesing time in nanoseconds or something else?  To: 999 From: 19F (Theo Gray) Re: Still for Sale and there's more than last issue, so hurry while stocks last. Why not just have a read through these bargains which are just waiting in a corner of my room to go to a good home somewhere in Britain? Why not even buy the whole lot in one go? I don't mind. I am still offering the Watford Electronics Printer ROM for £5 only (It hurts me to just give it away like this) Phone (0525)220136 if you are interested after 7:30pm weekdays. Also I have some software for sale: -On Tape- - 2 Welcome tapes (yes I know, but someone might want them) - 50p each - Shapes (under 5's) - 50p - Monsters ) - Missile Base ) - Meteors ) - 75p each - Snapper ) - Bumble Bee ) - Missing Signs ) - Table Adventures ) - Cranky ) - £1 each - Frankenstein 2000 ) - Palace of Magic (+Map) - £2 - Football Manager - £2 - Masters of the Universe Super Adventure - £2 - Play it again Sam 2: Repton 3, Crazee Rider, Galaforce, Codename:Droid - £2 - The Gold Collection: Jetpac, Knight Lore, Night Shade, Sabre Wulf, Pirate Adventure, Voodoo Castle, Strange Odyssey, Buckaroo Banzai, Temple of Terror - £3 - BBC Bonanza: Psycastria, Ultron, Thunderstruck, Contraption, Wizzy's Mansion, Last of the Free, Space Ranger - £3 - ABC - This is very good word processor which allows all the normal features of a wordprocessor with good extra graphics to help you along the way (with ABC to view file converter) - £3 -On Disc- - Ziggy - £2.50 - Knitwear Designer - £4 - Mini Office II - £6 All are originals in original boxes with instructions ( NOT incl. postage) £30 for the lot (incl. postage) -Books- - 35 Educational Programs For the BBC Micro - Ian Murray - Writing Educational Programs for the BBC and Electron: A Practical Guide - Dave Carlos/ Tim Harrison - Help Your Child: Computing, the first step - Caroline Hughes - Disk Systems for the BBC Micro - Ian Sinclair (a very useful guide to disk systems, carefully explaining them, and the jargon associated) - Micro's are Fun & Projects for Programs from the ladybird computing series - 30 Hour BASIC: Standard Edition - Clive Prigmore  To : 999 (All) From : 4G7 (J. R. Hay) Subject: A & B Computer Magazines Further to my enquiry for copies of certain mags. I have now received all the copies up to June 1988, except for Vol.1 Issue 2. Can anyone say when the Mag. ceased publication?  To : 999 (All) From : 4G7 (J. R. Hay.) Subject: Inter-Base Programming. A recent issue of Micro Mart carried an ad. from Martin T. Pickering, indicating that he had for sale a book he had written on Inter-Base programming. It transpires that the book was about to be published but is now being distributed on disc with worked example programs at £10 (incl. p & p.), although there are a limited number of copies of the manual, printed and bound (spiral) at a cost of £14.95. In addition to this 250 page book Mr. Pickering has a number of other programs, connected with Inter-base and Inter-word which are on rom format - Inter-base - The XMenu Rom, Inter-Mail - The Letter Manager Rom (ADFS only), Select - The Rom Manager Rom, Wordwise Mail - a facility for Wordwise Plus 1.4 or later. All enquiries should be addressed to Martin T. Pickering, 10 Bollin Close, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 9TZ. Telephone: (0270) 761928 (between 8pm & 9pm). Having printed out the disc I found it full of interest and the subject very clearly explained.  To : 999 (All) From : 4G7 (J. R. Hay ) Subject: Aries B-12 Rom Board Just to advise that I have now succeeded in acquiring a used B-12 Rom Board to complement my existing B-32 Shadow Ram Board. Grateful thanks to those whom I know have been keeping an open eye for me.         