8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                   Crumbs!    Well, I   didn't     know that                                              From : 2J3 (Chris Richardson) Subject : Changes to the TBI pool As you all know, I am now editing 8BS issues permanently. I have decided to make a couple of changes to the TBI pool. Firstly, in the past, the pool has only been available to members. I intend to change this and make the pool available to anyone at all. The second change is the charge. Up to now the charge for anything in the TBI pool has been a nominal 10p. This will remain at 10p for members but will be one pound for non-members. For £1.00p I supply the disc and return postage. Any member may also use this option if they wish. I have no plans at the moment to separate the TBI pool and 8BS. However, I will keep this as an option for the future if use of the TBI pool does not increase. The TBI pool is increasing in size all the time. Today (23.6.93) I have added two discs of satellite pictures. There are more to come too, showing some really rough weather from a couple of years ago apparently.  From : 2J3 Subject : TBI-00 Hot off the press! Available now from the TBI pool, TBI-00 which contains 8BS info and utilities. It contains the new catalogue database, useful info, questionnaires and the brand new messaging system. The messaging system and catalogue may be featured in the next issue, but why wait? Send off for TBI-00 now!  From : 0E7 Subject : BEEBUG I expect by now you have all heard the bad news that BeeBug are to cease publication in April ( I think .) next year of their 8Bit magazine. This will leave the market place void of any 8Bit publications for the BEEB as far as I know. It would appear to force Beeb users into the position where they give up the Beeb and turn to the Arc or PC. There is one further avenue of escape still open to us all and I think I will travel along it once my BeeBug subscription is exhausted and I have the time. The escape route is to join SOLINET and hope that between 8BITPD and SOLINET there is a large enough force to keep things going for quite some time to come. But as they say the moving finger having writ moves on. It could appear that we are begining to see the end as no boubt if BeeBug sales are falling how long before Acorn abandon the Beeb? With this thought in mind for the future what would the advanced programmers/users do.What PC would they buy. If not a PC what Arc set up would they opt for. Perhaps thay would care to comment on the matter so I can start and put my house in order?  From : 2J3 (Chris Richardson) Subject: Rating questionnaire Some of you have very kindly returned to me comment files produced by RatQ, the program on issue 27. With the comment files some people have made suggestions. This has enabled me to produce version 2. Data from version 1 is compatible with version 2 (nearly, as makes no difference anyway). In the near future, I may make available the updated version.  From : 2J3 Subject:       Steven Flintham is adding the finishing touches to a messaging system for 8BS. This system consists of a text editor with which you can write messages to be forwarded to me. The system asks for the type of message that you wish to send, for instance comments, private or public messages. It will then label the file accordingly. You then send the file to me and I can then process it further. The real beauty of this system is that it uses mode 7. It can be used to just type out plain messages or the more adventurous can use all the other capabilities of mode 7, colour, double height or even a pixel editor to draw pictures. See the notes about TBI-00 just ready for release. You can send off for it now, there is no 10p charge for TBI-00! Many thanks to Mick Needham who reminded me of Duncan Websters original idea. In anticipation, many thanks once more to Steven Flintham for a rapid and excellent production.  From : 3WU (Fred Price) GEORDIE BROWNS HEART ATTACK =========================== When Geordie Brown of Backworth suffered from a heart attack he had to leave his work and he wondered if he would get back, The doctor said "YOU'L HAVE TO REST FORGET ABOUT YOUR TOOLS" and the only thing that he could do was the football pools. When he got up out of bed he was far thinner than a leek and he had to go for checkups to the doctors twice a week, Sometimes he coud'nt get his breath and that give his wife a gliff the thought that he could pass out quick had Martha worried stiff. He went down to the surgery one morning about ten and Martha just sat there worrying about his heart and then, There came a knock on her front door and there on the front step A fella said "DOES BROWN LIVE HERE" he seemed a civil kind of chap. She said "OUR GEORDIE IS'NT IN IM MARTHA WILL I DO" and the chap said "O NO I HAVE SOME FORMS THAT HE HAS TO FILL IN FOR ME, HE'S JUST WON 60,000 POUNDS HE'S GIVE THE POOLS A KNOCK" "EEE" Martha said "YOU MUST NOT TELL HIM THAT HE'LL PASS OUT WITH THE SHOCK. "HE'S GONE DOWN TO THE DOCTORS IT'S HIS CHECKUP DAY TODAY" And the chap said "OH WELL WHEN I SEE HIM I'LL BE CAREFULL WHAT I SAY, I KNOW I'LL TELL THE DOCTOR WHAT HE'S WON AND I'LL BET HE UNDERSTANDS HE'LL TELL HIM SO HE DOE'ST HAVE A DEAD MAN ON HIS HANDS." He went and seen the doctor before Geordie had been in He said "THERES 60,000 POUNDS FOR GEORDIE IN THIS WIN, HIS WIFE IS VERY FRIGHTEND THE SHOCK MIGHT KNOCK HIM OUT SO I'LL LEAVE THESE FORMS WITH YOU, YOU CAN TELL HIM WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT". So when it came to geordie's turn he heard the doctor say WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WON 60,000 POUNDS TODAY," "WELL I'D GIVE YOU HALF" said geordie" THE DOCTORS FACE WENT BLUE THEN RED" and geordie got the shock all right, "BECAUSE THE DOCTOR DROPPED DOWN DEAD" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  From : 20G (Roy Dickens) Nice to see 8-bit (issue 26) praised in July ACORN COMPUTING with a sixty line write-up in their PD section.  From : 2J3 (C.J.Richardson) Subject: The Archimedes debate. I thought I might stick my oar in. Not that I wish to enter the debate, I wish that I had all of the machines as I am sure that each offers its own advantage. This is only an observation anyway. On 25.5.93 I was watching an item on Newsnight about semi conductors and the British being at the leading edge of technology (financed by the Japanese, there you go). As the interview was taking place in the research establishment, I noticed in the background, nestled amongst all the very hi-tech looking gear, a good old BBC Master. 