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Line 1810, why 101 elements? Delete it and put Line 1945 DIM B%(selections). Thats all the elements needed for that subtle algorithm at Lines 1990 to 2060. Add en=dr to line 2030 ie ....THENen=dr:dr=dr-1:l=1 to curtail excessive looping within the FOR/en loop after a duplicated random no. has been detected. I know these points don't matter for this particular prog. but it demonstrates that even simple loops are not always what they appear at first sight. Ive done an extract from the prog to play with. CH. "Ftbl" ...... See "What's in this issue" for further details  From : 0E7 Program: Various Issue 27 On !BOOT the heading states issue 25 (Yes I looked a few times to verify this.) and on the menu header issue 27. Digitised pictures These were not of very good quality on my TV screen and being in B&W did not enhance them. Graphics curves The curves that can be obtained from mathematical formula are way beyond what the figures themselves ever did/do for me. I could watch them all day just as I can the formulae except they do not move. Graphics spin Nice masses of colour in the initial stages but it is a pity that once the colours start to revolve that we seem to loose so much colour. Train Always wanted to control one of these. Now at the press of a key it is within my power. DON'T YOU JUST LOVE BEING IN CONTROL. Mazes I have a similar prog to this out of a mag and this one is on a par. I do not think that much variation in these programmes can be achieved as the subject matter is too fixed. The only improvement I can think of to this one is that the map is in constant display so that players like myself can easily achieve what is otherwise virtually the impossible. Snake Another well worked theme that is very difficult to add any originality to. Supreme I expect that this is a SUPREME programme but far too many key options for me to be able to play without having an f-key strip and about six weeks learning time. Comic Strip I got a bit bored with the snakes but I think the end piece is the piece de resistance I would get rid of the snakes and just keep the boids and of course the car. CanCan I like the clear cut graphics and sound of this musical etude very much. Very clever but what a let down when the programme is 'RUN'. Where oh where are Les girls. I wanna see Les girls. How about it?. If that could be achieved you have a world wide winner and if they can do the CanCan Ooh la la!!!!. Time Tester This is the best of its class I have seen. What a pity I dont have sound. I would just love to hear the time. Eoff! An excellent effort you have saved me days of retyping. Sort One of many demos of this kind but of top quality. I like the menu presentation and the printout of the time taken. I find it very easy to compare different sort times with this programme which is a plus over its competitors.  From : 15A Program : Comic Strip I thought this was excellent. The only problem was that the FOR-NEXT loop around PROCtwinsnakes had its NEXT command inside PROCtwinsnakes (line 2030). Perhaps this was intentional, and it ran fine except under BASIC V on the Archimedes, which is how I noticed it. Was it just a slip, or does it do something I haven't noticed?  From : L1L ISSUES 26 & 27 Sound Envelopes Explained by the Brown Envelope Thankyou for the explanation, in simple terms. Points clarified like this are most welcome. That is, the small but initially hard to grasp concepts and ideas for the novice programmer. The Envelope Editor by C.J.Richardson was a very appropriate piece of complementary software. The inclusion of several instruments should prove quite useful to those with musical interests. Perhaps a library of instruments and sound effects could be created for the TBI pool. Guess Who A good and simple layout. A good implementation of the common board-type game. Smooth flowing gameplay also. Program Parachute A good idea but needs improvement. Can the movement of the rower be made slightly faster. As is, one cannot easily reach the parachutist even in the early stages of the game. Perhaps there could be two skill levels - one fast and one slow game. Battleships This is the best version I have seen. Having a QUIET tune running in the background for the preliminary screens, is an excellent touch and quite enjoyable. It also plays a decent game. One problem is that the computer accuses you of cheating if you accidentally say it hit your ship when it has actually been sunk. I don't know how this can be fixed but it is only a slight fault in an otherwise great game. Joker 1.10 HA! HA! I enjoyed this program. I didn't have the patience to wait for the jokes to load in the original version. Now, with greatly reduced loading time I have been able to delve into this program. A new and original idea, well done. Perhaps a future update with a whole new batch of jokes. Wordsearch Solver 1+2 These both worked on my Model B (under DFS). They complement the earlier wordsearch creation programs rather nicely. Function Key Strip Programs There are some real gems here. Good, simple and SHORT, but useful utilities. I have made use of the utility that gives the values for use in defining a graphics screen using VDU 28, . Comic Strip I liked this. It is much better than a lot of other text based humour found on computers because it makes use of the graphics capabilities of the computer. Apart from large quantities of jokes such as found in Joker, text only based jokes may as well be on paper. Raytraced pictures from Issue 27 These do look good on a TV with the colour turned down! More of such screens would be welcome. An article on exactly how such pictures are ported from other computers would also be interesting. Clock Very nicely presented and it uses SPEECH! Are there any other utilities or programs using SPEECH! lying around out there. ...EDITOR.... 3 ON CJR-01!  From : 20G (Roy Dickens) Program : Various Presenting Programs 5 More good menu programs and ideas from Steven. I like the way alternative ideas are shown and the for and against. Warrington Music. Nice collection of tunes on one menu but I think I shall have to study John Ilsley's (27N) Sound Control article a bit to quieten it down! Time Tutor. (2J3) Clever program with a lot of thought. Would be OK with a collection of programs on a disc for children commercially.                               BLAM!                                                   