8-Bit Software Online Conversion

PD Libraries Update The following libraries are more or less definitely still in action (as of April 1993), and will provide info if you send them an SAE: JJF PD, 49 Hollyberry Close, Winyates Green, REDDITCH, Worcs, B98 0QT Run by James Famer, who I think also contributes software to the Public Domain himself, JJF PD seems to me to be the most promising of the new PD libraries, and hopefully will be very successful. It has similarities to the very popular BBC PD, with a choice of formats between DFS 80T SS, DFS 80T DS, ADFS M and ADFS L. Only 5.25" disks are supported. There is a fair amount of software available, with around sixty disks with usually about 300K on each, though nearly all of it is available elsewhere. Prices are nicely competitive, £1.40 each for orders up to four disks, £1.30 for between five and nine, and £1.20 each for orders for ten disks or more. There is also a free disk in exchange for new PD offer. The catalogue and intro disc is in the TBI pool as TBI-25 Different Ideas PD, Archway Cottage, The Mount, Headley, Nr. Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 8AG Supply a catalogue of around 35 disks, most are 5.25" DFS 80T only (presumably double-sided), there are a couple of ADFS L 5.25" only disks. They haven't told me how much they charge, but I believe it is £1.50 per disk. There are a number of disks in their catalogue that I haven't seen widely distributed elsewhere in the Public Domain. Headfirst Public Domain, 97 Chester Road, SOUTHPORT, PR9 7HH This library supplies disks in both 5.25 and 3.5" formats, and you can choose between DFS and ADFS. However, their DFS and ADFS versions are effectively identical, and the DFS disks they supply are only 40T (ADFS are 80T). This means that, since their catalogue menu appears on all their disks as well, there ends up being well under 100K on each disk you order (I think). However, their prices are competitive at £1.25 per disk, and they do supply an ingenious menu which lets you choose what you want then prints out an order form ready-filled-in for you. There are only eleven disks in their BBC section (and all are obviously fairly small), but a few have stuff previously unseen elsewhere, plus software by at least two 8BS members! Another plus is their free disk for any new PD offer, and also their offer of ten blank 5.25" disks for £3.50, or ten black 3.5" DD for £5.00. They also have Archimedes, Electron and Atari ST sections. "Screenteach" are not in fact a PD library. However, if you send £10 to their address in Acorn Computing, Screenteach will supply you with the official BBC Computer "Save-a-Life" program and the accompanying paperback book. (These are intended to teach ordinary people resuscitation techniques in case of heart attacks etc.) Datastream PD only supply Archimedes software. I have corresponded at length with the following libraries in the past, but am currently awaiting replies to letters from all of them and cannot confirm that they are still running: Welsh Boys PD Mad Rabbit PD BBC PD and GLM PD are still running I have written to the following libraries, enclosing SAE's, over a month ago but received no reply: Frisky Clams Re-run The Wizard Daniel Shimmin, The Queen's College, OXFORD. April 1993