8-Bit Software Online Conversion

TBI POOL UPDATE Thanks again to all the members who have contributed by sending in disksful of PD software that they have obtained; it looks like the TBI section is going to continue growing indefinitely! Note that to order TBI software you must: Enclose enough extra formatted disks for the software you want Enclose an ADDITIONAL 10p for each disk you want copied (50p NON MEMBERS) Send enough return P&P to get the whole lot back to you. N.B.: if an item is listed as "DFS 80T SS" and you are using an 80T DS drive, you can order ***another*** DFS 80T SS item on the other side of the same disk, i.e. get TWO items for just one disk and 10p (50p NON MEMBERS). THE CHRIS RICHARDSON SECTION All these disks are DFS 80T DS. CJR-01 Loads of cheats, utilities etc. CJR-02 Loads of cheats, utilities etc. CJR-03 STD code database system. CJR-04 Samples disk 1 - TYB samples CJR-05 Samples disk 2 - TYB samples CJR-06 Samples disk 3 - Monty Python, StarTrek, Dire Straits CJR-07 Samples disk 4 - Spitting Image, James, Madness, etc. CJR-08 Samples disk 5 - Thunderbirds complete + controlled samples CJR-09 Samples disk 6 - Various CJR-10 Samples disk 7 - Dr Who, The Beatles CJR-11 Text-editing suite; a whole variety of programs to enable you to create Teletext articles similar to the ones seen in 8BS issues. MODE7 pictures etc. are supplied. This disk is available either as DFS 80T DS, or as ADFS L, which contains more pictures. CJR-12 Samples disk 8 - Miscellaneous, including amusing remixed speech 8BS BACK ISSUES The following are available as DFS back issues. All of them require one DFS 80T DS disk + 10p + return postage and packing. The exception is issue 16, which requires two disks + 20p + P&P, although you can order any other DFS 80T SS item to go on the reverse side of the second disk. Issue 14 Braille Translator, Music 5000 music, Repton 3 Cheat, 5-A-Side Football, Merge/Snip/PSave Utils, Periodic Table Program, Systems Server (programs/disks manager). Issue 16 Bones Demos, Mastermind Game, Buzz Aldrin Pic, Chemical Elements test, Non-Linear Equations Program/text, Slatter Game, Battleships Games, Digitised Pics. Article on Sorting Programming Techniques, Article on battery backup modifications. Issue 17 Bird Animation, Heart&Soul Tune, Memory Dump, Miles per Gallon, Polish Christmas, Search for Sanity Adventure, Satellite Havoc Game, Catalogue Saver, Utility ROM, Take On Me and STOP! music ROMs, Music 5000 music. Archimedes Review pt.1, DDFS bug info, improving BBC B speaker article. Issue 18 HADFS (ADFS-style filing system for DFS), Tree Rename for DFS, Modes 8&9, ADFS Sector Rescue. Connecting multiple drives article, other technical hints, Assembly Language tutorial pt.1, Archimedes review pt.2. Issue 19 BASIC II joke prog, old version of CJR text editor, noughts & crosses, "simon" game, "Twogames" double game, Pantheon, database prog., Klax cheat, telesoft Oil-rig game, space pics. Sound sampling article. Issue 20 8BS Questionnaire, Power Raider game, Wordsearch Creator, ECG Simulator, ROMimage builder, Loopy Loop game, SWAT demo, music, text conversion & printer utilities, Presenting Poland pt.1. 8-Bit Software procedures details, 2xCheats articles, GLM PD & BBC PD catalogues, BASIC program protection/encryption techniques, Optimising 6502 code article. The following issues are available in either ADFS L or DFS 80T DS format; arrangements are as above except that you should send an ADFS formatted disk rather than DFS if you want the ADFS version. The ADFS version normally contains extra software, and is recommended if you have a Master 128, and NOT recommended if you have a BBC B. Issue 21 Letterhead designer/high quality screendump, DIRlock utility, Advanced Archiving/Dearchiving S/W, Satellite Havoc II, Loopy Loop II, Jackpot, Letter Guess game, music, Number Converter, Econet S/W, Typing Tutor, Utilities, Fantasy Game Designer, Protected Disk Backup Prog. Questionnaire results pt.1 + discussion, Presenting Programs pt.1, Finding Cheats article, Introduction to C, Master turbo board review, Power Raider game designer instructions, Welsh Boys' PD Catalogue. Issue 22 Push-the-Bale game, Trading Simulator game, Lars Osterballe demos, Dish demo, music incl. Airwolf & Led Zeppelin, Area Calculator, Units Conversion v.1, DFS>ADFS converter, *CLONE for DFS, VIEW>plain ASCII converter, Chain Letters game, VAT calculator, LOTS of graphics screens. Discussion of Computing's past & future, Presenting Programs pt.2, Beeb vs. Arch for programming, ROM piggybacking/combining articles. THE GLM PD SECTION GLM-01 Sound Disk 6 (S06) DFS 80T SS Versions of every track from "Please" (Pet Shop Boys), plus several other tunes. GLM-02 Arcade Games 3 (A03) DFS 80T SS The excellent-quality shareware arcade-adventure "Pantheon" plus many other good games, several two-player. GLM-03 Forth Compiler (L03) DFS 80T SS Designed by Lars Osterballe for games-writing, makes an interesting change from BASIC, C or assembler. GLM-04 Misc. 2 (R02) DFS 80T SS 22 new fonts you can load in easily (*RUN), a few other things. GLM-05 Graphics 2 (G02) DFS 80T DS Seven animated digitised sequences (Star Wars etc.), some other graphical demos incl. "Life" demos. GLM-06 Sound Disk 12 (S12) DFS 80T DS Some good samples and tunes, plus Sample Tracker that allows you to play the digitised instrument sounds provided. GLM-07 GLM demo disk (D01) DFS 80T DS Various well-known demos and some useful utilities plus (very) old version of GLM PD catalogue. GLM-08 Graphics 4 (G04) DFS 80T SS GLM-09 Graphics 11 (G11) DFS 80T SS These two both contain a variety of technically impressive Lars 0sterballe demos. GLM-10 Sound disk 1 (S01) DFS 80T SS GLM-11 Sound disk 2 (S02) DFS 80T SS Both disks almost full of average music, mainly unpublished elsewhere, not many with lyrics. (Laurence Fenn - BtA 1984-5) THE BBC PD SECTION BBC-01 - DFS 80T DS BBC PD Catalogue & Sampler disk dated July '92. BBC-02 BBC PD disk 10 DFS 80T DS Agog Ago Go literary magazine, Master UtilROM, several simple games. BBC-03 BBC PD disk 16 DFS 80T DS AMX Pagemaker/Stop Press Clipart. BBC-04 BBC PD disk 37 DFS 80T DS Crazyball, Marbles, Ariadne and Patience games, several Master utilities + more. BBC-05 BBC PD disk 62 DFS 80T SS - temporarily withdrawn BBC-06 BBC PD disk 104 DFS 80T DS Numerous game cheats & solutions. BBC-07 BBC PD disk 97 DFS 80T DS AudioPak & Hawkeye (Lars 0sterballe); both require BBC B plus min.16K SRAM. AudioPak is for sound sampling, Hawkeye is a neural network (AI) demo with extensive documentation. BBC-08 BBC PD disk 135 DFS 80T DS Mirror of Khoronz Adventure, Master 512 & Viewsheet utils, SWR programming system, PD Publisher 2.0 for Master. THE YORKSHIRE BOYS SECTION TYB-01 Mixmania TYB-02 Samples Disk 01 TYB-03 Samples Disk 02 TYB-04 Samples Disk 03 TYB-05 Mixmania II Vol.1 TYB-06 Mixmania II Vol.2 TYB-07 Retribution Demo Demo All these disks require DFS 80T DS and will not run on any other format. See issue 20 for further details. If you are easily offended then DO NOT order TYB-01, TYB-05, or TYB-06. OTHER TBI DISKS AVAILABLE All these items require one DFS 80T DS disk except where marked otherwise. TBI-01 Software apparently intended for use in Adult Literacy courses (vocabulary practice etc.), possibly useful for Primary School English etc. *** DFS 80T SS *** TBI-02 Disk from Red Shift PD; games by Bazzasoft/Adrian Jackson. Some of these fail on my Master 128, and some of those that work aren't much good; there is also a D&D NPC designer as well, apparently. Worth a look though: *** DFS 80T SS *** TBI-03 *** TWO DISKS REQUIRED *** Small C compiler and notes. TBI-04 6502 Macro Assembler & Manual(also supports 65C1(0)2 commands if you have a Master). TBI-05 Maths Educational Software - Primary Education. *** DFS 80T SS *** TBI-06 Red Shift Public Domain music disk. A quite large number of tunes, mostly old stuff off (or seen on) bulletin boards). TBI-07 32016 utilities. Please state either ADFS L or DFS 80T DS. TBI-08 Harston PD HADFS disk - contains recently-updated HADFS system + manual + numerous system utilities + more. TBI-09 Harston PD fonts disk - contains huge numbers of good-quality fonts, plus software to load them and various font-related utilities + more. ***IMPORTANT*** : TBI-08 and 09 are supplied in HADFS format and require you to have the HADFS ROMimage loaded in order to read the disks. See issue 14 for an old version of HADFS to allow you to read these disks. TBI-10 Another disk of music, I'm unsure where from (it's entitled MUSIC 1), but again, mainly old tunes. However there are quite a few of them. TBI-11 AMX Stop Press Fonts and Cutouts. A total of 62 files. TBI-13 C. Ince Digitised Pictures (This now requires THREE DFS 80T DS disks, for which you get pics of U2, Faith No More and Red Dwarf, plus a few others). TBI-14 *** DFS 80T SS *** Welsh Boys' sampled sound, including the excellent Knight Rider mix and some ripped-off TYB stuff. TBI-15 360K of "Office" Clip Art. THE XBI SECTION These disks are only available to members who can read ADFS L disks. It is a way of getting a very large amount of PD software for a very small amount of money! The details of the disks from BBC PD, indicated by their catalogue numbers below, will be found in the BBC PD catalogue, included with issue 20 - I suggest you look through it and work out what you want (or just order everything; it doesn't cost that much!) XBI-01 Mad Rabbit PD's MR-17 - Big Disk of BASIC Music. About 110 tunes, well over 600K of music. XBI-02 NOT YET AVAILABLE - will hopefully be MR-18, another 110 tunes XBI-03 Massive US shareware C tutorial (BBC PD 48) + X-TEL, a MODE 7 system (screen designer etc.) originally from Red Shift PD. XBI-04 BBC PD 70, 92, 107 XBI-05 BBC PD 7, 39, 94 XBI-06 BBC PD 12, 83 XBI-07 BBC PD 38, 71, 105 XBI-08 BBC PD 49, 96 XBI-09 BBC PD 108, 109 XBI-10 BBC PD 29, 47, 62, 101 XBI-11 BBC PD 2, 33, 106 XBI-12 BBC PD 18, 54, 110 XBI-13 BBC PD Catalogue & Sampler Disk + BBC PD 55. (C&S disk currently very out of date - my fault) If you order any of XBI-04 to XBI-13, you will have to use DIRCOPY or any other similar program to copy each BBC PD catalogue item from its separate directory on the disk into the $ directory of another ADFS disk in order to use the BBC PD menus. For example, the $ directory of XBI-08 contains two directories, $.49 and $.96. $.49 contains everything from BBC PD disk 49 and $.96 contains everything from BBC PD disk 96. An option with some of the XBI PD disks is to use Hugh William's DIRlock utility from issue 21 as an alternative to copying the disks onto more blanks to run them.