8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                                    Nectar Collector is a game consisting of 2 files which MUST be loaded into Superior Software's Repton Infinity. You MUST have Repton Infinity before you can use these files and play the game Nectar Collector. Included are two files: G.Nectar and G.Nectar2 They are levels 1 to 4 and 5 to 8 respectively. They can be loaded by pressing L on the Repton Infinity menu followed by Nectar and Nectar2. Normal Repton Infinity keys apply with RETURN acting as the Push/Stop nectar key. Also sent to me were two further files containing exactly the same screens but the difference being that you can skip levels during the game by pressing TAB. At the request of the author I have held these files back. I shall release them into the TBI pool at a later date (this means when I get chance to sort a disc out!!) Here is a letter from Alex Card: Alex Card 97 Heath View Leiston Suffolk IP16 4JN 2.8.93 ...... Nectar Collector was written using Repton Infinity by Superior Software a couple of years ago and was the runner up in their "Design a Game Competition". Nectar Collector appeared in Acorn User where the author of Repton Infinity described it as having the best animation of any game on the BBC (a bit over the top perhaps but I am still proud of it). Originally Superior planned to release it on the Play it Again Sam series but they couldn't get the game working without the full Repton Infinity program so had to give up on the idea. I have contacted Steve Hanson (MD of Superior Software) and asked his permission to offer the game to BBC PD libraries, he kindly agreed, so here it is. As I sold my BBC a while back to enter the dizzy heights of the Archimedes I am no longer able to play the game but still have fond memories of my dear old BEEB and hope that Nectar Collector will appeal to your customers. Here's an outline of the game...             Hummy has a problem, he has lots of ravenous chicks to feed and even more enemies to avoid. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to push drops of nectar into the rainbows which magically transport them to the chicks store. Fill the larder and press TAB to escape to the next level before all hell breaks loose.       The most deadly and persistant enemy, they will chase you anywhere. One sting is too much for a tiny hummingbird.     Stupid but annoying creatures that wander seemingly aimlessly but should be avoided at all costs. Block them in or drop a bat on their heads.     Harmless in themselves since they are asleep during daylight hours, but should Hummy fly underneath them they will awake and fall from their perches. Tarry too long and they'll flatten him in the process.         Beautiful but deadly.     These spinning, shiny objects may look attractive but have a nasy habit of rebounding nectar drops at Hummy so that he meets a very sticky end.     Slow but never give up. They eat nectar and lay eggs which are vulnerable for a while but quickly hatch into new spiders. Others for you to discover plus many problems to be solved.               Picking up a swat makes wasps run away like scared little bunnies as you can kill them for a short while. However the effect lasts only for a short time and then the screen will flash as they are about to turn back on you, madder than ever.     These can be pushed along in any direction. Very useful for blocking.     A map is provided for each of the eight levels. You WILL need to use them.     The raison d'etre for hummingbirds. Push the drops into the rainbows to feed the chicks. They can also be magically cotrolled so that you can stop a droplet by releasing the push key <RETURN> at any time. This is sometimes necessary.     Hummy can pollenate them by flying over them so that they turn into nectar.     No use until the Magidrop is collected.     Each level has a Magidrop on it, when collected all the buds bloom. The Magidrop is the whizzy looking one and yes there are only 4 colours used in the game!!!. You must fill the "chick's larder" with nectar. As each drop is delivered they will tweet for more until their appetites are satisfied, but beware, once the larder is full, everything hits the fan. The wasps become even more numerous and furious. All you have to do is press TAB to escape to the next level but can you do it with your adrenaline pumping, when you are all fingers and thumbs and a swarm of wasps on your tail???. Think it's easy don't you? Well let me tell you this. Nectar Collector may start off easy, but it gets progressively harder until level 8 which to my knowledge has only ever been successfully completed by one person..... ME. Nobody at Superior Software managed it, are you up to the challenge? It may look cutesy, but appearances are deceptive. I have a few requests: My name and address is included so that users can send me their comments, tell me they love it or hate it or think they have improvements for the game. I may be prepared to send the code, sprite and map files that make up the game. Also, as this is probably my only chance of being famous for 15 minutes, it'd be nice to get a bit of credit for the three months solid work that went into the game, plus the extra 3 weeks spent designing the last four levels after Steve Hanson called to tell me he planned on releasing it on the PIAS series that was never to be. I'd also like the following personal message included:- "This is for all my brothers in 6502, hope you enjoy Nectar Collector", please don't send any money but if you can beat all 8 levels you are exceptionally talented. I have moved on from the dear old BEEB but still have fond memories of it and haven't yet found a game to match EXILE on the Archie. Take the BEEB to the year 2000 and beyond. Alex Card."                                     Letter teletexted by:                                                